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  • OTW Fannews: Coming Together

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    Jared Padalecki

    Bustle‘s Emma Lord focused on the successful protest of a fanfiction ’comedy’ act at WonderCon as part of discussing misconceptions about fanfic writers that she’s tired of. “WonderCon recently had to pull Chris Gore’s ‘Fan Fic Theater’ panel, in which he was going to read out loud actual fan fiction and make fun of it for sport. Like many fellow authors, I took to Twitter to question what the panel was for, and within thirty seconds of my incredibly civil tweet asking what was up, I’d been blocked by Chris Gore himself…It didn’t take long for the convention to cancel the whole thing, because duh, WonderCon, you can’t make fun of the very audience for your event and expect them to not get defensive about it.”

  • Ebooks Tree and Fanwork Content

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    The OTW began receiving reports on Monday, April 13, that a site called Ebooks Tree was hosting downloadable files of works posted to the Archive of Our Own, and that they were charging for access to these files. Since then our Legal team has been investigating the entities involved and our Accessibility, Design, & Technology Committee has been finding out what had been done with AO3 content and how.

  • OTW Elections Open Chat April 25

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    The Elections Committee is looking to get an early start on the 2015 election season with an Open Chat! As a new committee, we want to give everyone a chance to get to know us and what we do.

    The chat will be held in the Public Discussion room on April 25 at 21:00 UTC (what time is that for me?) and will last for 90 minutes.