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The Organization for Transformative Works is run for fans by fans. The directors of OTW's board are all active in fandom, as are the hundreds of other people serving on committees and working as volunteers.

Board of Directors (2014)

Cat Meier (President) Cat Meier studied International Relations at American University and has since worked in a variety of completely unrelated fields including financial administration, marketing and political canvassing. She is currently co-chair of the OTW Finance Committee, which she has served on since its inception. A science fiction and fantasy reader all her life, she has been a member of online fandom since 1999 as a reader, reccer, beta reader and meta writer in fandoms ranging from historical movies to superhero comics. From 2005-2011 she served as one of the compilers of the popular fannish newsletter Metafandom.

Nikisha Sanders (Treasurer) Nikisha Sanders holds a BA in sociology and anthropology from Earlham College, where she authored a senior thesis on gender representation among queer women. She has worked as an activist for AIDS awareness and education, lobbied for LGBT rights at the local and state level as staff for the Fairness Campaign, and served as member of the board of the Kentucky coalition of Jobs with Justice. She brings experience in non-profit management and accounting to the board, and has a personal interest in outreach to fannish communities of color. She is relatively new to online fandom, joining in 2000 as an avid reader of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic; and has been writing in various television and film fandoms, including NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Harry Potter, since 2006.

Eylul Dogruel (Elections Officer) Eylul Dogruel is an artist and an MFA candidate at Marmara University, Istanbul. She has an eclectic background combining computer sciences and art. Her knowledge and interests cover a range of topics including new media, sci-fi, customer support, web technologies, and usability. Eylul is a lifelong fan and has moved through various media and gaming fandoms. She is a fanfic reader, fanart appreciator, an MMO roleplayer and, occasionally, a meta writer. Her current fandoms include Warcraft, Doctor Who and The Longest Journey/Dreamfall.

Andrea Horbinski (Secretary) Andrea Horbinski is a Ph.D. candidate in modern Japanese history with a designated emphasis in New Media at the University of California, Berkeley.  In addition to the OTW Board, she also serves on the advisory board of the Ada Initiative, which is dedicated to increasing the participation of women in open technology and culture. She was previously a Fulbright Fellow to Japan, studying hypernationalist manga in Kyoto, and was a founding member of the OTW's Internationalization & Outreach committee in 2010. She joined online fandom in 1999 after writing her middle school graduation speech on her love of Star Wars, and soon became involved in anime and manga fandom as an AMV editor and later a fan translator. She has discussed fandom, anime, manga, and Japanese history and folklore at conventions and conferences on four continents, including Otakon, Sirens, WisCon, AnimeExpo, and HASTAC, and her articles and reviews have appeared in The WisCon Chronicles vol. 6, Mechademia, and Transformative Works and Cultures.

Emerita Board Members


  • Franzeska Dickson
  • Anna Genoese


  • Julia Beck
  • Maia Bobrowicz
  • Ira Gladkova
  • Kristen Murphy


  • Francesca Coppa, PhD
  • Naomi Novik
  • Jenny Scott-Thompson


  • Rachel Barenblat
  • Hele Braunstein
  • Sheila Lane
  • Allison Morris


  • Naomi Novik
  • Rebecca Tushnet, JD
  • Elizabeth Yalkut


  • KellyAnn Bessa
  • Susan Gibel, JD


  • Cathy Cupitt, DCA
  • Michele Tepper, PhD

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