• DIY Media 2010: Fan Vids

    .fcoppa keskiviikkona, 24 marraskuuta 2010 - 7:01pm

    Oh and P.S. - Part One of the fan vidding segment of the 2010 DIY show is now available at Henry Jenkins' blog.

  • Jonathan McIntosh Talks About Fan Vidding

    .fcoppa perjantaina, 19 marraskuuta 2010 - 6:00pm

    Political remix artist Jonathan McIntosh, in an interview with Henry Jenkins done as part of an exhibition of DIY video currently ongoing at Henry's blog, discusses what he's learned from fan vidders and how its affected his political remix work.

    (Vidding will be featured next week, so stay tuned.)

  • October Drive - Celebrating our Vidding Roadmap!

    .allison morris maanantaina, 25 lokakuuta 2010 - 7:54pm

    The final project we have time to talk about during this drive is one of the newest and, we think, one of the most exciting. Our Vidding Roadmap. What's that? An economy pack of assorted awesome things -- initiatives that will serve a purpose beyond vidding, and which we believe will educate, advocate, and entertain. It includes a portal for learning about vidding, aimed at the curious, whether they are coming from inside fandom or from outside; a safe, stable place to store vids for the future; a way to share multimedia fanworks; and integration of multimedia into the Archive of Our Own.

    The educational Vidding Community Resource Site is in development right now. The Dark Archive is also getting very close to reality. Video embed functionality for the AO3 is being coded and tested as we speak.

    The Torrent of Our Own (TO3), however, is a more complex project. We are developing a bittorrent tracker for fair-use transformative fanworks, including fan vids, fic trailers, political remix, AMVs, machinima, and other forms of transformative digital media. This is a way to share our work with each other that isn't an afterthought to someone else's aims. A way that is designed for us, built by us, and owned by us. Running on our servers, with our advocacy behind it. After all, the vidding community has been increasingly disrupted by inaccurate content-filtering systems, the commercial failure of small streaming sites, bullying cease and desist letters, and wrongful DMCA takedowns. The TO3 will provide a stable, scalable home for vids; because torrents work best when there are high levels of collaboration and participation, we can open the network to any and all forms of fair use digital video and audio.

    Our Vidding Roadmap, all of its parts, is a big project. It's one we believe there is a pressing need for. Preserving our work, advocating for its legitimacy, and building for the future.

    Donate to the OTW now.

  • 24/7 DIY 2010: Collective Action program posted online

    .fcoppa keskiviikkona, 13 lokakuuta 2010 - 11:39pm

    The 24/7 DIY Video Summit organized by USC's Institute for Multimedia Literacy has produced a new feature-length program of the latest in DIY video, including fanvids, amvs, prvs, machinima, lip dubs, literal videos, videoblogs, and YouTube videos. The show, 2010: Collective Action was shown at the Hammer Theatre in L.A. on October 5, 2010 and featured a keynote talk by Henry Jenkins. The video program is now online and parallel events are being scheduled at locations around the country.

    Vidding fandom is represented in the program by kiki_miserychic's "I'm on a boat," Obsessive24's "Piece of Me," and Hollywoodgrrl's "Art Bitch." A fuller program of vids, as well as of each of these other genres - amvs, prvs, etc. - will appear on Henry Jenkins' blog over the next few months. OTW Board member and Vidding Committee chair Francesca Coppa curated the vidding section; Tim Park curated the anime music videos; Jonathan McIntosh curated the political remixes.

    24/7 DIY 2010: Collective Action from IML @ USC on Vimeo.

  • Calling All European Vidders!

    .Helka Lantto tiistaina, 28 syyskuuta 2010 - 6:10am

    Written by Natacha Guyot

    The organizers of 2008's Vidukon are currently trying to put together a second European vidding convention. If you think you might attend such a convention (or be willing to help them put it on!) please fill out their poll. Help is crucial and is encouraged from both vidders and vid-watchers.

    OTW's international staff are excited about this opportunity for gathering vidders on the European side of the ocean. International vidders will benefit from such an event, even if they are actually creating in 'mainstream' fandom. No matter how the Internet has made 'worldwide' access easier for many, vidders' presence can still remain scattered.

    A second European vidding convention would be a chance for vidders to discover others' works, and through vids, new fandoms. (For instance, French shows like Clara Sheller or David Nolande became known through vids; vids about the first brought about discussion with Brazilian fans, and a vid about the second sparked some American watchers’ interest, and a lot of conjectures about the TV series itself.)

    Gathering people, works and history on an international scale remains an important goal for the OTW and its various projects, from the Archive of Our Own to the various parts of the Vidding Roadmap. We are committed to building a community and archive for fic, art, and vids that goes beyond fandom and language boundaries. You can help us make this happen by volunteering.

  • Links Roundup for September 11, 2010

    .fcoppa lauantaina, 11 syyskuuta 2010 - 3:43pm

    * Miguel A. Pérez Gómez of the University of Seville has written what we think is the first Spanish-language academic article on vidding, Fan-Made Vids: Una introducción al vidding, los song vids, el recut, los mash-ups, el fan edit y otros artefactos audiovisuales. The full-text is available online.

    * YouTube Ads Turn Videos Into Revenue. The New York Times reports that increasingly, marketing and ad revenue is trumping copyright fears at big entertainment companies. They're letting clips and other videos stay up rather than issuing takedowns. While this may be good news for fans (depending on how you view advertising on your not-for-profit content), the article also notes that YouTube continues to be interested in developing "professional, long-form content" and is increasingly less interested in hosting amateur video.

    * Bookforum (registration is free) reviews Lewis Hyde's new book, Common As Air. Anxiety Over Influence: Copyright extensions are depriving the culture at large. Hyde is the author of 1983's The Gift, a book whose concept of "gift culture" is very popular among fans. Bookforum describes Hyde's new book as, "a resourceful call to arms... against the encroaching power of copyright fascism." The review is terrific and well worth the two seconds it takes to register at the site. (Thanks to mikesgrrrl for the link.)


    hele torstaina, 9 syyskuuta 2010 - 1:43pm


    26 de julio, 2010

    Las Declaraciones Artísticas No Comerciales Son Legítimas, Protegidas

    New York, N.Y.
    La Organización para las Obras Transformativas anuncia su éxito en la protección de los fanvids y otras formas de remezclado transformativo de video. Hoy, la Biblioteca del Congreso de los Estados Unidos de América publicó su muy esperado dictamen aceptando una exención al Digital Millennium Copyright Act para los realizadores de remezclado de video no comercial, que incluye fanvids, videos musicales de anime (amv) y remezclados políticos. La OTW trabajó junto a la EFF en la exención propuesta, presentando una respuesta con testimonio en vivo enfocado al vidding, un tipo de cultura del remezclado que reutiliza y comenta sobre fuentes mediáticas populares.

    Esta decisión representa una victoria significativa para los realizadores de fanvid y otros artistas del remezclado. Anteriormente, profesores de estudios fílmicos sostuvieron la única otra excepción de la DMCA para ripping de DVD. Ahora, los realizadores de video no comercial tienen permitido eludir las tecnologías de la DMCA en orden de hacer una declaración artística.

    “Esta declaración lleva la atención a donde debería de estar, en el uso justo de trabajos existentes, en vez de imponer normas contra-intuitivas e ininteligibles sobre como los artistas del remezclado pueden obtener sus materias primas”, dijo Rebecca Tushnet, miembro de la Junta de la OTW y profesora del centro de leyes de la Universidad de Georgetown. “ La oficina de derechos de autor reconoce que el remezclado no comercial es un tipo importante de uso justo”.

    “Vidding y otras formas de remezclado de video son formas de expresión”, dijo Francesca Coppa, miembro de la Junta de la OTW, directora de estudios fílmicos y profesora asociada de inglés en el Colegio Muhlenberg. “ Si nosotros queremos promover una educación multimedia, necesitamos que las personas hablen el lenguaje de los medios masivos sin criminalizarlos. Esta exención es crucial para los artistas del remezclado.”

    “Esta es una victoria para la comunidad de fans y para todos aquellos interesados en la libertad de las obras transformativas. Los fans creadores y los artistas del remezclado son parte de esta discusión dinámica con medios, personalidades y eventos populares”, añadió el miembro de la Junta de la OTW, Allison Morris. “Estamos orgullosos de que la Biblioteca del Congreso, reconociera la importancia de esta discusión”

    Establecida en 2007, la Organización de Obras Transformativas (OTW) es una organización sin fines de lucro, creada por fans para servir sus intereses al proveer acceso a y preservando la historia de sus trabajos y su cultura en su infinidad de formas. La OTW cree que dichos trabajos son transformativos y que los trabajos transformativos son legítimos.

    # # #

    Contacto con los medios

    Francesca Coppa
    Organization for Transformative Works

  • Torrent of Our Own Graphics Challenge Follow-Up!

    .allison morris keskiviikkona, 8 syyskuuta 2010 - 12:17am

    We've heard some feedback that our post about the Graphics Challenge for OTW's Torrent of Our Own (TO3) was unclear. We've already received some amazing work, but we'd like to remedy any confusion. Here's what we mean:

    We want images, audio, or video from you that celebrates and generates excitement about fan-made images, audio, and video! We will use your contributions to raise awareness of the TO3 and promote vidding and audio/visual transformative culture. Think of it as campaign materials -- like the images you see on posters, badges, bumper stickers and logos - we're asking you to help the TO3 to win the coolness election.

    We have some examples for you! Here are a few in use to promote OTW and OTW projects:

    OTW icon. Logo in red over black text of quotes supporting OTW.
    Archive of Our Own icon referencing Penguin Books
    by lim
    Fanlore is my fandom icon.
    by Laura Shapiro
    OTW German membership icon. Logo in red and the word Mitglied

    Other examples are things like icons created to promote a fest (an example), graphics created to celebrate a type of format (an example), or banners created to reflect the theme of a challenge (an example).

    This meta vid submission we received totally captures the passion of vidding! It's a vid made up of clips from other vids the author created - with a narrative on what vidding is and why it's important.

    The Wonders I've Seen - Aruna7

    By request, Aruna7 has provided a transcript of her narration:
    Vidding isn't simply an easy way to fight with your computer, even if it can last for hours or day, as you struggle with ghost frames and other things of the like.

    This is about expressing your views or enthusiasm, or frustration with characters.

    Vidding is a work of imagination, [of] emotion.

    This is about sharing what you love no matter how mainstream or obscure it can be.

    Vidding can expand narrative possibilities or even rewrite the whole story.

    This is about connecting with people, viewers and collaborators.

    Vidding is about the love of fandom, creations made by fans for fans.

    And this is an international art.

    Ne l'oubliez pas. [translation: don't forget it.]

    But then you will never know the wonders I've seen. [Farscape audio quote]

    We want your icons, wallpapers, banners, and vids so that we can use them in our rally crying for the TO3! Your graphics will provide a visual connection that evokes the spirit and goals of the TO3, as well as why we're so damn excited about it. And of course you'll receive credit!

    Submit something soon! Just email with your work in whatever format you think we can reasonably expect to be able to open and show people, and in whatever size or file dimension you desire.

  • DMCA Follow-up Answers

    .allison morris keskiviikkona, 1 syyskuuta 2010 - 3:48pm

    A number of bright and beautiful questions cropped up after we posted about the DMCA Exemption for Vidders. We've gathered up the handiest discussion, for clarification on what this ruling will mean for the community.

    Our position: Fanvids are critical commentary

    For the purpose of vidding, critical is a synonym for analytical, in the sense of constructing a "reading" of the source text. A shipper vid--one that celebrates the love between two characters, or creates a deeper relationship between them, or emphasizes the relationship between them, or sometimes even constructs it out of almost nothing--is a reading of the text that changes how you see it, or re-prioritizes the values of the original. Slash is almost always a critical reading, and implicitly a political one. Lots of vids are about emphasizing characters who aren't central, giving them their own screen time, making them the main character for three minutes. All of these are making critical commentary in the sense of making an analytical reading!

    The Copyright Office did not rule that any particular vid was a fair use; however, it cited a number of vids as examples of the kinds of remix that are likely to constitute fair use.

    The Exemption doesn't cover music

    While the ruling isn't about music, it is still really important: it means that copyright holders can't use the DMCA to stop a fair use defense before it's out of the gate. Vis a vis YouTube and private companies, they will always be permitted to have their own rules: they can decide that they won't host vids that have a lot of green in them. But that doesn't make green vids illegal, and it doesn't make vids illegal either.

    Are ripped clips legal?

    Under the exemption, it does not violate the DMCA to rip clips from DVDs that you lawfully acquire for the purpose of making a noncommercial remix as long as you reasonably believe that you need to rip in order to get clips of the necessary quality. Once you have the clips, what you do with them, such as posting your vid online, is governed by fair use. If you're asking about services like YouTube, etc.: they are private companies who can make their own rules: they can decide not to host anything they don't want to host. We are hoping that this ruling will cause them to relax a bit about their own rules, but it's important to note that this is not the same thing as illegal.

    What does this mean for copyright, fair use, and vids on YouTube?

    Private companies like YouTube can take things down for whatever reasons they want, and they mostly claim to be complying with copyright, though sometimes it's that they literally don't want to bother to make the distinction between a fair use and just a pirated copy of something (likely to be less fair, though there are some arguments for straight copying as having some fair uses also). So most of the time, if you actually make a person see a vid, they agree that it's a fair use: YouTube takedowns are mostly done by computer, now, and computers can't tell the difference (or can't yet: the EFF has made some good suggestions for reprogramming computers so that they can tell the difference between a transformative work and a straight up clip).

  • Give us your icons, your graphics, your remixed media yearning to break free!

    .allison morris keskiviikkona, 11 elokuuta 2010 - 6:53pm

    You know what's awesome? The plans for the OTW's Torrent of Our Own (TO3)!

    What's that? Good question! Part of the Archive of Our Own, the Torrent of Our Own is a private bittorrent tracker for distributing transformative audio-visual works like fan art, vids, fic trailers, AMVs, political remixes, podfic and other audio, machinima, and other digital fanworks.

    What does that mean? It means the OTW is working on a way to share fan-made images, audio, and video that's dedicated to fannish creative works (and thereby awesome). (Read more about the TO3 and our other multimedia-related projects.)

    ... No, wait! What we actually meant to say is awesome: CONTESTS! FANNISH CREATIVITY! TRANSFORMATIVE WORKS!

    Merging the awesomeness, we're having a contest to celebrate our hopes, dreams, and goals for the TO3: We want your graphics (or vids!) and we want them in by September 19th! Awesomeness squared means we're asking for meta graphics about visual transformative culture. "Draw all the things!" "I Can Has Art Nao?" "Vidding Is Hard!"

    OTW TO3 Graphics Challenge

    Copy & paste to help us promote the challenge!

    Just email with your work in whatever format you think we can reasonably expect to be able to open and show people, and in whatever size or file dimension you desire - wallpapers, icons, buttons, banners - anything goes! (Even a vid? Well, who are we to stop you?)

    You'll receive our undying gratitude and be entered to win our fancy OTW merch - we'll be asking our community to vote for the top 3 entries between 22 and 29 September. Third place wins OTW stickers and buttons, second place wins OTW stickers, buttons and a water bottle and our first place winner will receive OTW stickers, buttons, a water bottle and custom buttons and/or iron-ons (winner's choice) commemorating the win!

    The fine print: Submissions will be displayed with attribution. Submitted work may become an official OTW graphic, shareable and modifiable with credit. Graphics that are transformative are fair game for the contest, so anything goes, but we can't make submissions that include unauthorized images or that are specific to a single fandom into official OTW graphics. (Your original art, public domain images, or images licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 are fine, though!) We're always thrilled to accept graphics celebrating the OTW and any of our projects, though only those focused on visual fanworks qualify as entries in this particular contest.


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