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  • Guest Post: Lisa Nicholas

    By ashleyhasahat on dimanche, 24 January 2016 - 6:00pm
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    From time to time, the OTW will be hosting guest posts on our OTW News accounts. These guests will be providing an outside perspective on the OTW or aspects of fandom where our projects may have a presence. The posts express each author's personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OTW or constitute OTW policy. We welcome suggestions from fans for future guest posts, which can be left as a comment here or by contacting us directly.

    Lisa Nicholas wears many hats: pro author, freelance web designer, crazy cat lady. When she’s not doing all of that, she fangirls as roane and roane72: recently Marvel and Star Wars (again, still, and always), but she’s also been active in the Sherlock and Doctor Who fandoms. At one point she’d hoped she’d be over her lifetime crush on Mark Hamill, but has now just given in and accepted it.

    Fandom changed my life. That is the absolute, literal truth.

    I have been a geek since I was five years old, when I saw Star Wars at a drive-in theater in 1977. The movie turned me into a lifelong fan of pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy. In my teenage years, there were bands, of course. Growing up in the 80s meant I had a wealth of bands to adore and I hung their posters on my bedroom wall. So I’ve always been a passionate fan of things, but I tended to give transformative fandom a wide berth. I didn’t understand fanfic—never mind that the very first story I wrote, at the age of 11, was Mary Sue self-insert fanfic about the band Journey. (It was 1983, cut me some slack here.)

    After that story, I kept writing. I spent several years in my late 20s trying to get published. I managed to sell a couple of short stories and wrote a couple of (terrible) novels. And I was a horrible, horrible snob about fanfic. I mean, awful. I did not understand the idea of writing something you could never sell, and why on earth would you write something that deviated so far from what the creators intended? Every argument you’ve heard against fanfic, I made it. Fanfic writers were “wasting their time”, slash was weird, etc.

    Thanks to a variety of personal crises (primarily dealing with my mother’s long bout with cancer), I stopped writing. Believe me when I tell you, the world was not poorer for lack of my mediocre science fiction and fantasy. But when my life settled down, I found that I missed writing. And no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to get back into it.

    Then, in 2011, I found Tumblr. I’d just finished watching season one of Sherlock on Netflix, and season two was a few months away. I was delighted at the sheer imagination of other fans and got caught up in the excitement. I ended up watching season two live, and got sucked into the fandom. And—out of curiosity—I started reading fanfic. One of the very first things I read was abundantlyqueer’s infamous John/Sherlock fic: Two Two One Bravo Baker.

    I have, only half-jokingly, referred to this as my “road to Damascus” moment. Talk about transformative! I stayed up nearly all night reading, slept for a few hours, then grabbed my Kindle and finished reading it before I got out of bed. I suddenly got it. I got fanfic, I got slash, and oh hell I definitely got John/Sherlock.

    I started writing my own fic. Gen at first, because I had never written anything explicit before, but it didn’t take me long to move on to explicit slash. After ten years of not writing and missing it desperately, I was writing. And more than that, I was getting feedback. Enthusiastic, lovely, encouraging feedback.

    Writing as a career looked like a possibility again. Even more so when one of the fans who got in touch with me to compliment my fic turned out to be a literary agent. (I think I hyperventilated for the rest of the day. In my old writing life, I’d never gotten to the agent-hunting stage.) She told me if I ever had any original fiction I wanted to show her, she’d love to see it.

    That lit a fire under my ass. Within a year, I sent her a romance novel, and she agreed to represent me. Less than six months after that, she’d sold two of my books to Penguin. The Farther I Fall and As Lost As I Get both came out in 2015. I also started self-publishing under a variety of pennames.

    A few months before Farther came out, I was laid off from my web development job. It seemed like a sign. I started my own business, doing freelance web development part-time and writing the rest of the time.

    Without fandom, I probably wouldn’t have started writing again. I wouldn’t have found the world’s best agent. Without her, I wouldn’t have gotten published. And I wouldn’t be working for myself. That’s a hell of a lot of change, and it all started thanks to fandom. My life is on a path I never thought possible, but always wanted. I’ve since moved on to other fandoms, but nothing will likely have a greater effect on me than that glorious hiatus between season two and season three of Sherlock.

    So in celebration of International Fanworks Day, I’d like to say thanks. Thanks to all the fic writers and artists and podficcers and gif makers and knitters and podcasters and—everything else we create out of love. You reminded me what it is to love the act of creation and now? Now I feel sorry for the fans like I used to be, who don’t get fanworks in all their messy, imaginative glory. They’re missing out.

  • Save the Link Needs Your Voice

    By Janita Burgess on vendredi, 20 November 2015 - 5:50pm
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    Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

    As we announced in July, the OTW has partnered with the Save the Link coalition in an effort to prevent countries around the world from creating laws that would punish online services for linking to disfavored material or otherwise harm people’s right to use hyperlinks online.

    Using Copyright Law to Kill Hyperlinks?

    Recently, a draft communication on copyright reform in the European Union was leaked. This document reveals that the European Commission is considering new copyright rules that could restrict the ability of online platform (like the AO3, Tumblr, and other fan favorite sites) to contain links to copyrighted material, or could even make those platforms legally liable for content posted by their users. Earlier this year, the European Parliament firmly rejected a proposal that could have resulted in a new EU-wide ‘Link Tax’, and this leaked document appears to be an attempt to raise the issue once more.

    In addition to raising the issue of "ancillary copyright" (that is, extending the concept of copyright infringement beyond copying, to include mere linking to copyrighted material), the leaked document also suggests adopting stronger laws regarding "intermediary liability"--that is, laws that would make online platforms legally liable for content posted by their users.

    "If these proposals proceed unchanged, it would effectively change the Internet beyond all recognition,” said Meghan Sali, digital rights specialist for OpenMedia. “Without links to lead us around the Web, the content we want to see would be locked away. Even giant websites like Facebook and Twitter may end up censoring content if they think they’ll be liable for everything their users link to. That’s why it’s crucial for users across the globe to speak directly to the Commission and tell them to reject this reckless plan.”

    These proposals come on the heels of some worrying new laws and rulings in Germany, Spain, Russia, and Canada, and at the same time that similar efforts are being made in the US.

    What You Can Do

    Save the Link has recently launched an Internet Voice Tool to collect feedback on this issue. The European Commission has requested input from internet users, and Save the Link's Internet Voice Tool allows you to easily submit information about your own opinions and online experiences. The more feedback they receive, the more evidence they have that copyrighting links would drastically change the internet for the worse. Share your voice today!

    banner with a silhouette of a world map with various locations connected by dotted lines and the text Censoring Links Breaks the Internet Speak Out at Savethelink.org

  • Il lato più sottile del Cosplay: Fan e autore discutono di Disney Bounding

    By Priscilla Del Cima on samedi, 7 November 2015 - 5:12pm
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    Di quando in quando, OTW (Organizzazione per i Lavori Trasformativi) pubblica post di ospiti sui nostri account di informazione. Questi ospiti provvedono a dare una prospettiva esterna su OTW o su aspetti del fandom dove i nostri progetti potrebbero avere una presenza. I post esprimono i punti di vista personali di ogni autore e non riflettono necessariamente il parere di OTW né costituiscono norme di OTW. Accogliamo suggerimenti dai fan per futuri post, che possono essere lasciati in forma di commento qui o contattandoci direttamente.

    Nel post di oggi, Jennifer Reck, auto-proclamata fan della Disney, parla con Leslie Kay, creatrice del sito DisneyBound, "dove i nerd disneyani e i fanatici della moda entrano in collisione."

    Jennifer scrive: Ricordo ancora il giorno più emozionante della mia vita. (Nota per la mia famiglia: non ho detto il giorno più felice, quindi non c’è motivo di farmi presente il mio matrimonio, la nascita dei miei figli, ecc.) Ho passato mesi a pianificare ossessivamente un viaggio a Walt Disney World, passando una quantità (discutibilmente) malsana di tempo sui forum di WDW, quando sono stata colpita dal concetto di DisneyBounding.

    Ogni nerd che si rispetti apprezza la fine arte del cosplay e sbava sulle fantastiche creazioni che vengono sfoggiate ai vari Comic Con in giro per il mondo. Io, di solito, ho il mio costume di Halloween pianificato almeno tre mesi prima. I costumi sono il mio rifugio.

    Sfortunatamente, non posso indossare costumi tutti i giorni e qui è dove il Disney Bound viene in mio aiuto. Per essere parte del Disney Bounding, uno deve semplicemente indossare vestiti ispirati a un particolare personaggio Disney. Non è come fare del cosplay, quindi una persona può fare del “Bound” al lavoro, mentre è in palestra, a un primo appuntamento… avete capito, no?

    Per esempio, ho una maglietta bianca a pois neri. Ogni volta che la indosso (anche al lavoro!), ci aggiungo delle scarpe rosse, un cerchietto rosso, e una collana con pendente a forma di bicicletta. Et voilà! Sono Peggy de La carica dei 101. Quando ho bisogno di sentirmi coraggiosa, mi vesto di verde foresta con il mio pendente a forma di arco e freccia così riesco a canalizzare Merida.

    La maggior parte della gente può fare Bounding a un prezzo abbastanza economico, anche se, se siete come me e diventate leggermente compulsivi riguardo alla faccenda, potreste finire a spendere una somma sorprendente di denaro da Goodwill e Forever 21 mentre fate rifornimento di bigiotteria. Ho appena trovato degli orecchini fantastici a forma di rana--Tiana!

    Ma torniamo al mio giorno più emozionante… Non vi ho ancora raccontato la parte migliore. Poco dopo essermi preparata psicologicamente a fare un Bound su Belle, ricordo che Disney ha comprato i diritti di Star Wars. Signori e signore, quello vuol dire che la Principessa Leila è ora una principessa Disney. Giuro che potevo sentire gli angeli cantare quando mi sono resa conto che le mie due più grandi passioni si sarebbero unite in questo modo.

    Leslie Kay è il genio che ha portato DisneyBound alla comunità di nerd Disney, e per questo le sarò per sempre debitrice. Seguo Leslie su Tumblr e su Instagram, ma sono solo una dei suoi molti fan. Fortunatamente, ha generosamente accettato a rispondere ad alcune delle mie domande quando le ho mandato un’e-mail.

    Jenn: Adesso, ogni volta che amo uno show, anche se non è Disney, mi trovo a pianificare modi di fare del Bounding con esso. Alcune settimane fa ho visto Firefly per la prima volta. A metà del primo episodio stavo già pensando a cosa usare per fare del Bounding per Kaylee. Anche per te il Bounding si è esteso al di là della Disney?

    Leslie: Assolutamente! È divertente essere ai grandi magazzini e vedere un cappotto che potrebbe essere perfetto per Paddington Bear, o un maglione che Hermione potrebbe indossare.

    Jenn: Hai mai pensato che qualcuno stesse facendo del Bounding quando in realtà non era così?

    Leslie: C’è un gioco che facciamo a Disneyland dove individuiamo i DisneyBounds e proviamo a indovinare se stanno facendo Bounding intenzionalmente o no.

    Jenn: Come ci si sente quando la Disney mostra interesse nelle tue idee sul DisneyBound?

    Leslie: È qualcosa di surreale! Qualcosa che non mi sono mai neanche sognata succedesse quando ho iniziato DisneyBound. È fantastico!

    La mia ultima domanda si riferisce al fatto che la Disney ha davvero accettato Leslie e il Bounding. È interessante leggere di Bounding su alcuni del forum di viaggio della Disney, perché è una cosa risaputa che gli adulti non possono entrare nel parco in “costume” a meno che non ci sia una festa di Halloween. Comunque, il Bounding è molto sottile e tutti i membri del cast (termine nel linguaggio della Disney per indicare i dipendenti) ai parchi sembrano adorarlo. Una veloce ricerca su Google per DisneyBounding mostra migliaia di immagini di persone che posano nei loro vestiti Bounding, proprio di fianco ai veri personaggi.

    Sarei felicissima di incontrare Leslie di persona, così potremmo parlare per ore. Mentre riguardo questo post per l’ultima volta, sto pensando alla sua idea su Paddington Bear. Paddington mi porta a Peter Coniglio nella mia mente e per caso ho proprio un paio di bellissimi orecchini a forma di coniglio. Questo è un filo dei pensieri che mi è completamente familiare. Anche stanotte starò su fino a tardi, frugando tra i miei vestiti. Ho qualcosa che potrebbe andare bene per Wonder Woman? Vediamo… rosso, giallo, blu… Magari orecchini a forma di stella? Mi sa che devo andare ancora a fare shopping.

    Jennifer Reck è una fan Disney da tutta la vita e vuole anche che sappiate che è una Tassorosso. Gestisce il sito jennspirationts.com, dove passa tanto tempo a creare nuove art per vari fandom. (Vende anche design di t-shirt da geek su www.jennspirationts.com. Ogni tanto scrive poesia e si sfoga su www.Jennstwosteps.blogspot.com.)

    Questo post è stato tradotto dai traduttori volontari di OTW. Per saperne di più sul nostro lavoro, visita la pagina di Traduzione su transformativeworks.org.

  • Cosplay al detalle: Fan y creadora comenta sobre Disney Bounding

    By Priscilla Del Cima on samedi, 7 November 2015 - 5:11pm
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    De cuando en cuando la OTW (Organización para las Obras Transformativas) hospeda publicaciones invitadas en las cuentas de noticias de la OTW. Esxs invitadxs nos presentan una perspectiva externa de la OTW o aquellos aspectos del fandom donde nuestros proyectos puedan tener presencia. Las publicaciones expresan la visión personal de sus autorxs y no necesariamente reflejan la opinión de la OTW o constituyen parte de su política. Escuchamos sugerencias de lxs fans para futuras publicaciones de invitadxs, las que pueden hacernos llegar como un comentario desde aquí o contactándonos directamente.

    En la publicación de hoy, la autoproclamada fan de Disney, Jennifer Reck habla con Leslie Kay, creadora del sitio web DisneyBound, "donde fans nerds de Disney y geeks de la moda se encuentran."

    Jennifer escribe: Aun recuerdo el día más emocionante de mi vida. (Nota para mi familia: No dije que fuese el día más feliz así que no hay necesidad de recordarme el día de mi boda, el nacimiento de mis bebés, etc). Pasé meses planeando obsesivamente un viaje a Walt Disney World, gastando (posiblemente) un descomunal periodo de tiempo en los foros de WDW, cuando me asaltó el concepto de DisneyBounding.

    Cualquier nerd que se respete apreciará el fino arte del cosplay y se le caerá la baba al ver las maravillosas creaciones disponibles a lo largo de todas las variaciones de la Comic Con alrededor del mundo. Yo acostumbraba tener mi disfraz de Halloween planeado con al menos tres meses de anticipación. Los disfraces son mi refugio.

    Tristemente, no puedo usar disfraces todos los días y ahí fue donde DisneyBounding llegó al rescate. Para DisneyBound, simplemente usas ropa inspirada en un personaje de Disney específico. Esto no es cosplay, así que una persona puede hacer un bound en el trabajo, mientras hace ejercicio o en una primera cita... ya sabes.

    Por ejemplo, tengo una camisa blanca con lunares negros. Donde sea que la use (incluso en el trabajo), añado unos zapatos rojos, una bandana roja, y un dije de bicicleta. ¡Y ya está! Soy Perdita de One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Cuando necesito sentirme valiente, me pongo algo color verde bosque, junto con mi cadena de arco y flecha para sacar la Mérida que llevo adentro.

    Mucha gente puede hacer un bound con poco dinero, aunque, si eres como yo y lo comienzas a hacer impulsivamente, puede que termines gastando una cantidad sorprendente de dinero en ropa de segunda mano o Forever 21 para hacerte tu ajuar de joyería de disfraces.Hace poco encontré un par de aretes espectaculares de rana --¡Tiana!

    Pero volvamos a ese primer día emocionante… aún no les he contado la mejor parte. Al poco tiempo de emocionarme por la posibilidad de hacer un bound de Belle, recordé que Disney había adquirido los derechos de Star Wars. Señoras y señores, eso significa que la Princesa Leia ahora es una princesa de Disney. Juro que podía oír ángeles cantar en el momento en que mis dos pasiones se unieron de estar forma.

    Leslie Kay es la genio que trajo DisneyBound a la comunidad Disney Nerd, por lo que le quedaré eternamente agradecida. Sigo a Leslie en Tumblr e Instagram, pero tan solo soy una de sus muchxs fans.Por suerte, generosamente accedió a responder a algunas preguntas que le envié por email.

    Jenn: Cada vez que me encanta un programa ahora, aunque no sea Disney, me hallo planeando una forma de hacer un bound de él. Hace unas semanas vi Firefly por primera vez. Para la mitad del primer episodio, ya estaba planeando qué podía usar para hacer un bound de Kaylee. ¿Has hecho Bounds más allá de Disney?

    Leslie: ¡Sin duda! Es divertido ir al centro comercial y ver ese abrigo de invierno que sería perfecto para un bound de Paddington Bear, o un abrigo que Hermione usaría.

    Jenn: ¿Alguna vez has pensado que alguien estaba haciendo un Bound cuando en realidad no lo hacían?

    Leslie: Tenemos un juego en Disneyland en el que tratamos de encontrar DisneyBounds y decidir si es intencional o no.

    Jenn: ¿Cómo se siente haber capturado la atención de la compañía Disney en tus ideas de DisneyBound?

    Leslie: ¡Parece un sueño! Es algo que nunca creí que pudiera ocurrir cuando comencé DisneyBound. ¡Es tan increíble que haya ocurrido!

    Mi última pregunta tiene que ver con el hecho de que Disney haya acogido a Leslie y la práctica del bounding. Es interesante leer sobre bounding en algunos foros de viajes de Disney, porque se sabe que no permiten a los adultos entrar disfrazados a los parques temáticos de Disney, a menos que sea una fiesta del día de las brujas. Sin embargo, el bound es muy útil y a casi todos los miembros del elenco (como llaman a lxs empleadxs en Disney) de los parques les encanta. Una búsqueda rápida del término DisneyBounding en Google de inmediato lanza una cantidad impresionante de fotografías de gente posando en sus trajes de bound a la par de los personajes reales.

    Me encantaría conocer a Leslie en persona para poder hablarle por horas de horas. En el momento que pongo los detalles finales de esta publicación, reflexiono acerca de su idea de Paddington Bear, lo que me lleva a Peter Rabbit, y de repente recuerdo que tengo un maravilloso par de aretes de conejo. Este hilo de pensamiento es algo frecuente en mí. Esta noche me quedaré hasta tarde escarbando entre mi ropa. ¿Tengo algo más que podría funcionar para un bound de la Mujer Maravilla? A ver...rojo, amarillo, azul... ¿quizás unos aretes de estrella? Creo que necesito ir de compras de nuevo.

    Jennifer Reck es una fan asidua de toda la vida de Disney que también quisiera que sepas que le fue asignada la casa Hufflepuff. Opera jennspirationts.com, en la que pasa su tiempo creando arte nuevo para varios fandoms. (Vende camisetas con diseños geek en www.jennspirationts.com. De vez en cuando escribe poesía o se desahoga en www.Jennstwosteps.blogspot.com.)

    Esta publicación fue traducida por el equipo de traducción de la OTW. Si deseas saber más acerca de nuestro trabajo, visita la página de Traducción en transformativeworks.org.

  • Subtiele cosplay: Fan en bedenker bespreken Disney Bounding

    By Priscilla Del Cima on samedi, 7 November 2015 - 5:10pm
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    Af en toe verwelkomt de OTW (Organisatie voor Transformatieve Werken) gastposts op onze OTW News accounts. Deze gasten bieden een andere kijk op de OTW of andere aspecten van fandom waar onze projecten aanwezig kunnen zijn. Deze posts geven de persoonlijke mening weer van de auteur, die niet noodzakelijkerwijs overeenkomt met de standpunten van de OTW of deel uitmaakt van het beleid van de OTW. Suggesties van fans voor toekomstige gastposts zijn altijd welkom, en kunnen worden doorgegeven door hier een opmerking achter te laten of rechtstreeks contact met ons op te nemen.

    In de post van vandaag praat de zelfverklaarde Disneyfan Jennifer Reck met Leslie Kay, de producent van de DisneyBound website, "where Disney nerds and fashion geeks collide" ("waar Disneynerds and modegeeks samenkomen").

    Jennifer schrijft: Ik kan mij de meest opwindende dag van mijn leven nog goed herinneren. (Noot voor mijn familie: Ik zei niet dat het de gelukkigste dag van mijn leven was, dus je hoeft mij niet te herinneren aan mijn trouwdag, de geboorte van mijn kinderen, enz.) Ik was al maanden obsessief bezig geweest met het plannen van een trip naar Walt Disney World, had een (wellicht) ongezonde hoeveelheid tijd doorgebracht op WDW forums, en kwam toen het idee DisneyBounding tegen.

    Elke zichzelf respecterende nerd heeft veel respect voor de kunst van cosplay en droomt weg bij de schitterende creaties die je op Comic Con varianten over de hele wereld in vol ornaat kunt bewonderen. Ikzelf heb mijn Halloweenkostuum vaak al drie maanden van tevoren uitgedacht. Kostuums zijn mijn toevluchtsoord.

    Helaas kan ik niet elke dag een kostuum dragen en zo werd DisneyBounding mijn redding. Als je wilt DisneyBounden, draag je simpelweg kleding die geïnspireerd is door een bepaald Disneypersonage. Het is geen cosplay, dus je kunt gerust "Bounden" op het werk, tijdens het sporten, op een eerste date... Je begrijpt wat ik bedoel.

    Ik heb bijvoorbeeld een wit shirt met zwarte polkadots. Altijd als ik dit shirt draag (zelfs naar mijn werk!), draag ik daar rode schoenen bij, een rode haarband en een fietsketting. Voilà! Ik ben Perdita van 101 Dalmatiërs. Als ik extra moed nodig heb, draag ik bosgroen en mijn pijl en boog ketting, om mij als Merida te voelen.

    Voor de meeste mensen is Bounden redelijk voordelig, maar als je wat op mij lijkt en er enigszins door geobsedeerd raakt, kan het zijn dat je een verrassende hoeveelheid geld spendeert bij Goodwill en Forever 21 aan kostuumjuwelen. Ik heb onlangs geweldige kikkeroorbellen gevonden -- Tiana!

    Maar goed, terug naar mijn meest opwindende dag... Ik heb het nog niet over het beste deel gehad. Ik begon al enthousiast te raken over een Bellebound, toen ik mij bedacht dat Disney de rechten van Star Wars heeft gekocht. Dames en heren, dat wil zeggen dat Prinses Leia nu een Disneyprinses is. Ik durf te zweren dat ik engelen hoorde zingen toen ik mij realiseerde dat mijn twee grootste passies op deze manier zouden samenkomen.

    Leslie Kay is het brein achter de introductie van DisneyBound in de Disneynerdgemeenschap, en ik ben haar hiervoor eeuwig dank verschuldigd. Ik volg Leslie op Tumblr en Instagram, maar ik ben slechts een van haar vele fans. Gelukkig wilde ze enkele van mijn vragen beantwoorden toen ik haar een e-mail stuurde.

    Jenn: Elke keer als ik een serie bekijk, zelfs als het geen Disney is, merk ik dat ik manieren aan het bedenken ben om het te Bounden. Een aantal weken geleden keek ik Firefly voor de eerste keer. Halverwege de eerste aflevering was ik al aan het bedenken wat ik kon gebruiken om als Kaylee te bounden. Gaat Bounding voor jou ook verder dan alleen Disney?

    Leslie: Natuurlijk! Het is leuk om in een winkel te zijn en een jas te vinden die perfect zou zijn voor Paddington Bear, of een trui die Hermione zou dragen.

    Jenn: Heb je ooit gedacht dat iemand aan het Bounden was, die dat helemaal niet aan het doen was?

    Leslie: Wij spelen een spelletje in Disneyland waar we Disneybounds zoeken en dan proberen te bedenken of de Bound opzettelijk was of per ongeluk.

    Jenn: Hoe voelt het dat het Disneybedrijf interesse heeft getoond in jouw DisneyBound ideeën?

    Leslie: Het is erg onwerkelijk! Dit had ik nooit durven dromen toen ik begon met DisneyBound. Het is zo ongelooflijk cool!

    Mijn laatste vraag verwijst naar het feit dat Disney Leslie en Bounding echt heeft omarmd. Het is bijzonder om over Bounding te lezen op enkele van de Disneyreisfora, want het is algemeen bekend dat volwassenen de parken niet in kostuum mogen betreden, tenzij het een Halloweenfeestje is. Maar Bounding is erg subtiel en alle castleden (zo noemt Disney zijn medewerkers) in de parken lijken het geweldig te vinden. Als je DisneyBounding op Google invoert, vind je direct ontelbare afbeeldingen van mensen die naast de echte personages poseren in hun Boundoutfits.

    Ik zou Leslie dolgraag persoonlijk ontmoeten, zodat ik uren en uren met haar zou kunnen babbelen. Terwijl ik de laatste hand leg aan deze post, denk ik aan haar Paddington Bear idee. Paddington doet mij denken aan Peter Rabbit, en ik heb toevallig een paar grote konijnenoorbellen. Zo werken mijn gedachten eigenlijk altijd. Het zal weer laat worden vanavond, omdat ik te lang tussen al mijn kleren aan het snuffelen ben. Heb ik iets dat zou werken voor Wonder Woman? Even denken... rood, geel, blauw... Misschien oorbellen in de vorm van een ster? Ik denk dat ik weer moet gaan shoppen.

    Jennifer Reck is al van jongs af aan fan van Disney en wil graag dat je ook weet dat ze werd gesorteerd in Huffelpuf. Ze leidt jennspirationts.com, waar ze veel tijd doorbrengt met het creëren van nieuwe kunst voor verschillende fandoms. (Ze verkoopt geeky T-shirt designs op www.jennspirationts.com. Af en toe schrijft ze een gedicht of blaast ze stoom af op www.Jennstwosteps.blogspot.com.)

    Deze nieuws post was vertaald door de vertalingsvrijwilligers van de OTW. Om meer te leren over ons werk, bezoekde Vertalingspagina op transformativeworks.org.

  • Неуловимый косплей: фанат и создатель обсуждают Disney Bounding

    By Priscilla Del Cima on samedi, 7 November 2015 - 5:08pm
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    Время от времени OTW (Организация трансформационных работ) публикует гостевые посты на новостных аккаунтах OTW. Эти посты представляют взгляд со стороны на OTW и на те части фандома, которых касаются наши проекты. В этих постах выражены личные представления автора, они могут не совпадать со взглядами OTW и не отражать ее политику. Если вы хотите предложить кого-то в качестве автора гостевого поста, мы будем рады услышать вас, оставьте комментарий к этому посту или свяжитесь с нами лично.

    В сегоднящнем посте самопровозглашенный фанат Дисней Дженнифер Рек поговорит с Лесли Кей, создателем DisneyBound, сайта, "где сjikbcm фанаты Диснея и фанаты моды."

    Дженнифер пишет: Я до сих пор помню самый волнующий день в моей жизни. (Заметка для семьи: я не говорила, что это самый счастливый день, так что не надо напоминать мне про свадьбу, рождение детей и т.д. и т.п..) Я месяцами одержимо планировала поездку в Диснейуорлд, провела (пожалуй) нездоровое количество времени на диснеевских форумах, когда столкнулась с идеей DisneyBounding.

    Любой приличный фанат ценит изящное искусство косплея и любит поглазеть на удивительные произведения, продемонстрированные на Комик Конах по всему миру. Свой костюм для Хеллоуина я обычно готовлю минимум за три месяца до праздника. Костюмы - мое убежище.

    К сожалению, каждый день носить костюмы мне не удается, и вот где DisneyBounding приходит на помощь. Согласно DisneyBound, ведь можно просто носить одежду, вдохновленную одним из персонажей Дисней. Это не косплей, так что человек может придти в "костюме" на работу, на тренировку, на первое свидание, понятно, к чему я клоню.

    Например, у меня есть белая рубашка в черный горошек. Когда я одеваю ее (даже на работу!) с красными туфлями, красным ободком и подвеской с велосипедом, вуаля! Я - Пэдди из 101 далматинец. Когда хочу почуствовать себя храброй, я одеваюсь в цвета зеленого леса и добавляю подвеску с луком и стрелами, чтобы Мерида меня воодушевила.

    Это, в принципе, недорогое хобби, но если вы, как и я, немного маниакальны, то можете оставить в Goodwill и Forever 21 немало денег, когда закупаетесь костюмными украшениями. Недавно я нашла классные сережки-лягушки -- Тиана!

    Вернемся к моему самому волнующему дню… Я еще не дошла до самой интересной части. Быстро настроившись на Белль, я вспомнила, что компания Дисней купила права на Звездные войны. Дамы и господа, это значит, что принцесса Леа - теперь одна из диснеевских принцесс. Я вам клянусь, что усышала пение ангелов небесных, когда поняла, что два моих увлечения слились в одно.

    Лесли Кей - гений, познакомивший диснейские фанатские сообщества с DisneyBound, за это я перед ней в вечном долгу. Я подписана на Лесли в Tumblr и Instagram, но я просто одна из множества ее фанатов. К счастью, когда я послала ей электронное сообщение, она согласилась ответить на несколько моих вопросов.

    Дженн: Теперь по любому шоу, которое мне нравится, даже если это не Дисней, я начинаю планировать "костюм". Пару недель назад я впервые посмотрела Светлячок. Первая серия еще не закончилась, а я уже раздумывала, как мне воплотить Кейли. А для вас DisneyBounding вышел за рамки Disney?

    Лесли: Несомненно! Это занимательно, когда в магазине можешь наткнуться на идеальное пальто медвежонка Паддингтона или свитер, который бы одела Гермиона.

    Дженн: Бывало ли такое, что вы думали, человек одет в Bounding, а оказалось, что нет?

    Лесли: Проводя время в Диснейленде, мы играем в игру, где пытаемся найти людей в DisneyBounds и решить специально ли они так оделись или случайно.

    Дженн: Каково это, когда вашими идеями DisneyBound заинтересована сама компания Дисней?

    Лесли: Это невероятно! Начиная DisneyBound, я о таком и не мечтала. То, что это случилось - просто замечательно!

    В моем последнем вопросе упоминается тот факт, что компания Дисней полностью приняла Лесли и ее идею. Это интересно - читать о DisneyBounding на форумах поездок в Диснеуорлд, ведь все знают, что взрослым запрещен вход в парки в костюмах, если это не вечеринка на Хеллоуин. Но Bounding не так бросок, как косплей, и все члены состава (так Дисней называет своих работников) любят это. А если вбить в Google "DisneyBounding", вы найдете бесчисленное количество фотографий людей в "костюмах", позирующих рядом с настоящими персонажами.

    Я бы хотела встретиться с Лесли лично и поболтать с ней пару (десятков) часов. Вот я заканчиваю работу над этим постом и обдумываю ее идею о медвежонке Паддингтоне. От Паддингтона переключаюсь на кролика Питера, у меня как раз есть хорошая пара сережек-кроликов. Я уже привыкла к таким поворотам мысли. Сегодня опять засижусь допоздна, копаясь в одежде. Есть ли у меня хоть что-нибудь подходящее для Чудо-женщины? Посмотрим… Красный, желтый, синий... Может, сережки-звезды? Кажется, опять пора в магазин.

    Дженнифер Рек, пожизненный фанат Дисней, хочет сообщить вам, что она распределена в Пуффендуй. Она ведет jennspirationts.com, где проводит много времени, создавая новый арт для нескольких фандомов. (Она продает футболки с фанатскими дизайнами на www.jennspirationts.com. Время от времени она пишет стихи или выпускает пар на www.Jennstwosteps.blogspot.com.)

    Этот новостной пост переведен волонтерами-переводчиками OTW. Чтобы больше узнать о нашей работе, посетите страницу "Переводы" на transformativeworks.org.

  • Cosplay in höchster Vollendung: Fan und SchöpferIn diskutieren Disney Bounding

    By Priscilla Del Cima on samedi, 7 November 2015 - 5:07pm
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    Von Zeit zu Zeit hostet die OTW (Organisation für transformative Werke) Gastbeiträge in ihrem OTW News Account. Diese Gäste repräsentieren die Ansicht von Außenseitern über die OTW, oder über Aspekte des Fandoms in denen unsere Projekte präsent sind. Diese Beiträge sind die persönlichen Ansichten der AutorInnen und spiegeln nicht unbedingt die Ansichten der OTW oder deren Richtlinien wider. Wir freuen uns über Vorschläge von Fans zu künftigen Gastbeiträgen. Diese können hier als Kommentar hinterlegt werden, oder kontaktieren Sie uns direkt.

    Im heutigen Gastbeitrag spricht der selbst ernannte Disneyfan Jennifer Reck mit Leslie Kay, Schöpferin von DisneyBound einer Website, "wo Disney-Nerds und Mode-Freaks zusammenprallen."

    Jennifer schreibt: Ich erinnere mich noch an den aufregendsten Tag meines Lebens. (Hinweis für meine Familie: Ich sagte nicht, es war der glücklichste Tag, daher müsst Ihr mich nicht an meinen Hochzeitstag, die Geburt meiner Kinder usw. erinnern.) Ich hatte monatelang wie besessen einen Ausflug nach Walt Disney World geplant und dabei eine (wohl) ungesund lange Zeit in den WDW Foren verbracht, als mir die Idee zu DisneyBounding kam.

    Jeder anständige Nerd schätzt die hohe Kunst des Cosplay und lechzt nach den unglaublichen Kreationen, die auf den verschiedenen Comic Cons weltweit ausgestellt werden. Ich habe mein Halloweenkostüm normalerweise bereits drei Monate im Voraus geplant. Kostüme sind mein Rückzugsort.

    Leider kann ich nicht jeden Tag Kostüme tragen, und so ist DisneyBounding meine Rettung. Für DisneyBounding wird einfach die Kleidung getragen, die durch einen bestimmten Disney-Charakter inspiriert ist. Das ist kein Cosplay im eigentlichen Sinne, daher kann jemand auf der Arbeit “bounden" während des Sports, bei einem ersten Date, Ihr versteht den Grundgedanken.

    Zum Beispiel habe ich ein weißes Shirt mit schwarzen Punkten. Wann immer ich es trage (sogar zur Arbeit!), füge ich rote Schuhe, ein rotes Stirnband und eine Fahrrad-Halskette hinzu. Abrakadabra! Ich bin Perdita aus 101 Dalmatiner. Wenn ich mutig sein muss, trage ich waldgrün, zusammen mit meiner Pfeil-und-Bogen Halskette, so dass ich Merida sein kann.

    Die meisten können recht preiswert “bounden”, aber wer mir ähnelt und ein bisschen süchtig ist, kann bei Goodwill und Forever 21 eine erstaunliche Menge Geld für Modeschmuck lassen. Ich habe kürzlich ein paar fantastische Frosch-Ohrringe gefunden - --Tiana!

    Zurück zu meinem aufregendsten Tag...Ich habe den besten Teil noch nicht erzählt. Nachdem ich kurz wegen eines Belle-Bounds total aufgeregt war, erinnerte ich mich daran, dass Disney die Rechte an Star Wars gekauft hatte. Meine Damen und Herren, das bedeutet, Prinzessin Leia ist jetzt eine Disney Prinzessin. Ich schwöre, ich hörte Engel singen, als mir klar wurde, dass meine zwei größten Leidenschaften auf diese Weise zusammentreffen würden.

    Leslie Kay ist das Genie, das DisneyBound und die Nerdgemeinschaft zusammen gebracht hat, und dafür stehe ich für immer in ihrer Schuld. Ich folge Leslie auf Tumblr und Instagram, aber ich bin nur einer ihrer vielen Fans. Glücklicherweise hat sie zugestimmt, einige meiner Fragen zu beantworten, als ich ihr eine E-Mail schickte.

    Jenn: Jedes Mal, wenn ich jetzt eine Show liebe, auch wenn es nicht Disney ist, ertappe ich mich dabei, wie ich Pläne mache, mit ihr zu “bounden”. Vor einigen Wochen sah ich das erste Mal Firefly – Der Aufbruch der Serenity . Schon nach der Hälfte der ersten Episode plante ich im Geiste, was ich benutzen könnte, um als Kaylee zu “bounden”. Geht “bounding” für Dich über Disney hinaus?

    Leslie: Auf alle Fälle! Es macht Spaß, in einer Einkaufspassage einen Mantel zu entdecken, der perfekt für Paddington Bär wäre. Oder einen Pulli, den Hermine tragen würde.

    Jenn: Hast Du jemals gedacht, jemand würde “bounden”, obwohl das nicht der Fall war?

    Leslie: Wir haben ein Spiel, das wir in Disneyland spielen: Wenn wir “DisneyBounds” entdecken, versuchen wir zu erraten, ob es absichtliche “Bounds” sind oder nicht.

    Jenn: Wie fühlte es sich an, als die Disney Gesellschaft Interesse an Deinen Ideen für “DisneyBounds zeigte?

    Leslie: Das ist total unwirklich. Ich hätte mir nie träumen lassen, dass so etwas passiert, als ich mit “DisneyBounds” anfing. Es ist total cool, dass es passiert ist!

    Meine letzte Frage bezieht sich auf die Tatsache, dass Disney Leslie und “Bounding” wirklich begrüßt hat. Es ist interessant in Disney Reiseforen über “Bounding” zu lesen, da überall bekannt ist, dass Erwachsene die Parks nicht kostümiert betreten dürfen, außer zu Halloween Partys. Aber “Bounding” ist subtil und alle Crew-Mitglieder (Disney-Sprache für Angestellte) in den Parks scheinen es zu lieben. Eine schnelle Google-Suche zu “DisneyBounding” bringt sofort unzählige Fotos von Menschen, die in ihrer “Bounding-Kleidung” direkt neben den realen Charakteren posieren.

    Ich würde Leslie gerne persönlich treffen, damit ich stundenlang mit ihr quatschen kann. Während ich letzte Verbesserungen an diesem Post mache, denke ich an ihre Idee mit Paddington Bär. Paddington bringt mich auf Peter Rabbit, und ich habe gerade ein tolles Paar Kaninchen-Ohrringe. Das ist ein vertrauter Gedankengang für mich. Heute werde ich wieder lange aufbleiben und meine Garderobe durchwühlen. Habe ich irgendetwas, das für Wonder Woman passen würde? Lass sehen … rot, gelb, blau… Vielleicht Sternen-Ohrringe? Ich glaube, ich muss wieder einkaufen.

    Jennifer Reck ist ein lebenslanger Disneyfan. Sie möchte es auch gerne bekanntgegeben haben, dass sie Hufflepuff zugeteilt wurde. Sie betreibt jennspirationts.com, wo sie viel Zeit damit verbringt, neue Kunst für verschiedene Fandoms zu kreieren. (Auf www.jennspirationts.com verkauft sie T-Shirts, die Geek-Herzen höher schlagen lassen. Ab und zu schreibt sie Gedichte oder reagiert sich auf www.Jennstwosteps.blogspot.com ab.)

    Dieser Newsbeitrag wurde von freiwilligen ÜbersetzerInnen der OTW übersetzt. Um mehr über uns und was wir tun herauszufinden, schau auf der transformativeworks.org-Seite des Übersetzungsteams vorbei.

  • Cosplay em sua forma mais sutil: fã e criadora discutem Disney Bounding

    By Priscilla Del Cima on samedi, 7 November 2015 - 5:06pm
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    De tempos em tempos, a OTW (Organização para Obras Transformativas) recebe posts escritos por convidadxs em nossa página de notícias, oferecendo uma perspectiva diferente sobre a OTW ou em aspectos do fandom em que nossos projetos estejam presentes. Esses posts expressam o ponto de vista pessoal de cada autorx e não necessariamente refletem as visões da OTW ou constituem a política da organização. Nós aceitamos sugestões de fãs para publicações futuras por convidadxs, que podem ser deixadas como comentários nesse post ou enviadas diretamente para nós.

    No post de hoje, autoproclamada fã da Disney, Jennifer Reck, conversa com Leslie Kay, criadora do site href="http://disneybound.tumblr.com/LeslieKay">DisneyBound, “onde nerds de Disney e fashion geeks se encontram.”

    Jennifer escreve: Eu ainda me lembro do dia mais emocionante da minha vida. (Nota para minha família: eu não disse que foi o dia mais feliz, então vocês não precisam me lembrar do dia do meu casamento, nascimento dos meus filhxs etc.) Eu passei meses planejando obsessivamente uma viagem pro Walt Disney World, passando uma quantidade de tempo (possivelmente) pouco saudável nos fóruns do WDW, quando encontrei o conceito de DisneyBounding.

    Qualquer nerd aprecia a arte do cosplay e baba nas criações incríveis que são expostas em diversas Comic Cons ao redor do mundo. Geralmente, eu tenho minha fantasia de Halloween planejada com pelo menos três meses de antecedência. Eu adoro fantasias.

    Infelizmente, eu não posso usar fantasias todos os dias e é dessa forma que DisneyBounding vem me salvar. Para fazer DisneyBound, uma pessoa simplesmente usa roupas que são inspiradas por um personagem da Disney. Não é um cosplay, então uma pessoa pode “se fantasiar” (bound) no trabalho, enquanto se exercita, num primeiro encontro… Você entende o espírito da coisa.

    Por exemplo, eu tenho uma blusa branca com bolinhas pretas. Sempre que a uso (até mesmo no trabalho!), eu coloco sapatos vermelhos, uma faixa de cabelo vermelha e um cordão com pingente de bicicleta. Pronto! Eu sou Perdita de 101 Dálmatas. Quando eu preciso me sentir corajosa, eu visto verde musgo com meu cordão com pingente de arco e flecha para poder me sentir a própria Merida.

    A maioria das pessoas pode fazer bounding de forma bem barata, a não ser que você seja como eu, um tanto compulsivo, e acabe gastando uma quantidade surpreendente de dinheiro em brechós e Forever 21 estocando bijuterias temáticas. Recentemente eu encontrei usn brincos de sapos maravilhosos-- Tiana!

    De volta ao meu dia mais emocionante… Eu ainda não contei sobre a melhor parte. Logo depois de ficar muito empolgada com o bounding da Bela, eu me lembrei que a Disney tinha comprado os direitos de Star Wars. Senhoras e senhores, isso significa que agora a Princessa Leia é uma princesa da Disney. Eu juro que podia ouvir anjos cantando enquanto eu percebia que duas das minhas maiores paixões haviam se unido dessa forma.

    Leslie Kay é a gênia que trouxe DisneyBound para comunidade de fãs da Disney, e por essa razão eu sempre estarei em dívida com ela. Eu sigo Leslie no tumblr e no Instagram, mas eu sou apenas uma de muitos fãs. Felizmente, ela concordou em responder algumas das minhas perguntas quando a enviei um email.

    Jenn: Toda vez que eu amo um show agora, mesmo que não seja da Disney, eu me pego planejando formas de reproduzir o figurino. Algumas semanas atrás eu assisti Firefly pela primeira vez. Na metade do primeiro episódio eu já estava pensando no que eu poderia usar para me vestir de Kaylee. O bounding vai além da Disney para você?

    Leslie: Com certeza! É bem divertido estar no shopping e encontrar um casaco que seria perfeito para o ursinho Paddington, ou um suéter que Hermione usaria.

    Jen: Você já pensou que alguém estava fazendo bounding quando na verdade a pessoa não estava?

    Leslie: Nós temos uma brincadeira quando estamos na Disneylândia em que encontramos DisneyBounds e tentamos decidir se eles são intencionais ou não.

    Como foi a experiência de quando a própria Disney se interessou nas suas ideias de DisneyBound?

    Leslie: É bem surreal! Foi algo que eu jamais sonharia que pudesse acontecer quando comecei com DisneyBound. É tão legal que isso aconteceu!

    Minha última pergunta faz referência ao fato de que a Disney realmente abraçou Leslie e bounding. É interessante ler sobre isso em alguns dos fóruns de viagem da Disney, porque adultxs não podem entrar nos parques “fantasiadxs” a não ser que seja uma festa de Halloween. Entretanto, Bounding é bem sutil e todos os membros do elenco (linguagem da Disney para seus empregados) parecem amar. Uma pesquisa rápida no google por DisneyBounding traz inúmeras fotos de pessoas posando em suas roupas de Bounding ao lado dos personagens reais.

    Eu adoraria conhecer Leslie em pessoa para que pudesse conversar com ela por horas e horas. Enquanto eu dou os últimos toques a este post, estou pensando na sua ideia do urso Paddington. Paddington me leva a pensar no Peter Rabbit e por acaso eu tenho um par de brincos de coelhinhos fantásticos. Essa é uma linha de pensamento familiar para mim. Esta noite ficarei acordada até tarde novamente, vasculhando pelas minhas roupas. Será que tenho algo que ficaria bom para Mulher Maravilha? Vejamos… Vermelho, amarelo, azul… Talvez brincos de estrela? Acho que preciso fazer compras novamente.

    Jennifer Reck é fã da Disney sua vida inteira e também quer que você saiba que ela foi selecionada para a Lufa-Lufa. Ela gerencia jennspirationts.com, onde passa muito tempo criando nova arte para diversos fandoms. (Ela vende designs de camisetas geek no www.jennspirationts.com. De vez em quando ela escreve poesia ou desabafa em www.Jennstwosteps.blogspot.com.)

    Esta notícia foi traduzida pela equipe voluntária de tradução da OTW. Para saber mais sobre o nosso trabalho, visite a página da Tradução no site transformativeworks.org.

  • Cosplay at its subtlest: Fan and creator discuss Disney Bounding

    By Janita Burgess on samedi, 7 November 2015 - 5:04pm
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    Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

    From time to time, the OTW hosts guest posts on our OTW News accounts. These guests will be providing an outside perspective on the OTW or aspects of fandom where our projects may have a presence. The posts express each author's personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OTW or constitute OTW policy. We welcome suggestions from fans for future guest posts, which can be left as a comment here or by contacting us directly.

    In today's post, self-proclaimed Disney fan Jennifer Reck talks to Leslie Kay, creator of the DisneyBound website, "where Disney nerds and fashion geeks collide."

    Jennifer writes: I still remember the most exciting day of my life. (Note to my family: I didn’t say it was the happiest day so there’s no need to remind me of my wedding day, the birth of my kids, etc.) I spent months obsessively planning a trip to Walt Disney World, spending an (arguably) unhealthy amount of time on WDW forums, when I was struck by the concept of DisneyBounding.

    Any self-respecting nerd appreciates the fine art of cosplay and drools over the amazing creations on full display at Comic Con variations throughout the world. I typically have my Halloween costume planned out at least three months in advance. Costumes are my refuge.

    Sadly, I don’t get to wear costumes every day and this is how DisneyBounding comes to my rescue. To DisneyBound, one simply wears clothes that are inspired by a particular Disney character. This isn’t cosplay, so a person can “Bound” at work, while exercising, on a first date...you get the idea.

    For example, I’ve got a white shirt with black polkadots. Whenever I wear it (even to work!), I add red shoes, a red headband, and a bicycle necklace. Presto! I’m Perdita from One Hundred and One Dalmatians. When I need to feel brave, I wear forest green along with my bow and arrow necklace so I can channel Merida.

    Most folks can Bound quite cheaply, although if you’re like me and get a bit compulsive about it you might end up spending a surprising amount of money at Goodwill and Forever 21 as you stock up on costume jewelry. I recently found some awesome frog earrings--Tiana!

    Back to my most exciting day...I still haven’t told you about the best part. Shortly getting psyched up about a Belle Bound, I remembered that Disney bought the rights to Star Wars. Ladies and gentlemen, that means Princess Leia is now a Disney princess. I swear I could hear angels singing as I realized my two biggest passions would come together in this way.

    Leslie Kay is the genius who brought DisneyBound to the Disney Nerd community, and for that I am forever in her debt. I follow Leslie on Tumblr and Instagram, but I’m just one of her many fans. Luckily, she generously agreed to answer a few of my questions when I sent her an email.

    Jenn: Any time I love a show now, even if it’s not Disney, I find myself planning ways to Bound it. A few weeks ago I watched Firefly for the first time. Halfway through the first episode I was mentally planning what I could use to bound as Kaylee. Has Bounding stretched beyond Disney for you?

    Leslie: Absolutely! It's fun to be at a mall and spot a coat that would be perfect for Paddington Bear, or a sweater which Hermione might wear.

    Jenn: Have you ever thought someone was Bounding when they really weren’t?

    Leslie: We have a game that we play at Disneyland where we spot DisneyBounds and try to decide if they are an intentional Bound or not.

    Jenn: What’s it like to have the Disney company take an interest in your DisneyBound ideas?

    Leslie: It's very surreal! Something I never dreamed of having happened when I started DisneyBound. It's so cool to have happen!

    My last question references the fact that Disney has truly embraced Leslie and Bounding. It’s interesting to read about Bounding on some of the Disney travel forums, because it’s pretty well known that adults are not allowed to enter the parks in “costume” unless it’s a Halloween party. However, Bounding is very subtle and all the cast members (Disney-speak for employees) at the parks seem to love it. A quick Google search of DisneyBounding instantly brings up countless pictures of people posing in their Bounding outfits, right next to the real characters.

    I would love to meet Leslie in person so I could chat her up for hours and hours. As I put the last touches on this post, I’m thinking about her Paddington Bear idea. Paddington leads to Peter Rabbit in my mind and I just happen to have a great pair of bunny earrings. This is a familiar train of thought for me. Tonight I’ll be up late again, rummaging through all my clothes. Do I have anything at all that would work for Wonder Woman? Let’s see...red, yellow, blue... Maybe star earrings? I think I need to go shopping again.

    Jennifer Reck is a lifelong Disney fan who also wants you to know that she sorted into Hufflepuff. She runs jennspirationts.com, where she spends a lot of time creating new art for various fandoms. (She sells geeky t-shirt designs on www.jennspirationts.com. Every once in awhile she writes poetry or vents on www.Jennstwosteps.blogspot.com.)

  • OTW Secures DMCA Exemption Renewal and Expansion Victory

    By Janita Burgess on mercredi, 28 October 2015 - 4:18pm
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    On October 27, the U.S. Copyright Office announced its ruling on the DMCA exemptions that allow U.S. noncommercial remixers like vidders to make fair uses without worrying about liability for "circumventing" copy protection on the movies and TV shows they pay for. The full ruling includes exemptions for a number of other fair and noninfringing uses as well, including uses of clips by teachers and students. It can be found here. https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2015-27212.pdf.

    The new version of the vidding exemption, which goes into effect immediately, permits people to circumvent copy protection to obtain short portions of films, television shows, and other videos for the purpose of making noncommercial videos that criticize or comment on the original work. The exemption explicitly permits the use of "screen capture" technology and also permits circumvention of copy protection on DVDs, digital transmissions, and Blu-Ray discs if necessary to produce a high level of quality content.

    The U.S. Copyright Office examines exemption petitions and renewals every three years. The OTW and its ally, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, have been working on this particular exemption renewal and expansion since September, 2014. In 2009 and 2012, we secured exemptions that allowed vidders to circumvent the encryption on DVDs and digital transmissions. In this round, we asked the Copyright Office to renew those exemptions and expand them include Blu-Ray. We extend special thanks to all the vidders who responded to our calls for stories and explanations of how this exemption matters to what they do.

    The exemption process, and the exemption itself, are needlessly complicated, but we're pleased that we have once again received and expanded an exemption to protect U.S. vidders and other fair users. The exact language allows circumvention for:

    "Motion pictures (including television shows and videos), as defined in 17 U.S.C. 101, where circumvention is undertaken solely in order to make use of short portions of the motion pictures for the purpose of criticism or comment in the following instance: …

    (ii) For use in noncommercial videos (including videos produced for a paid commission if the commissioning entity’s use is noncommercial),

    (A)Where the circumvention is undertaken using screen-capture technology that appears to be offered to the public as enabling the reproduction of motion pictures after content has been lawfully acquired and decrypted, or

    (B) Where the motion picture is lawfully made and acquired on a DVD protected by the Content Scramble System, on a Blu-ray disc protected by the Advanced Access Control System, or via a digital transmission protected by a technological measure, and where the person engaging in circumvention reasonably believes that screen-capture software or other non-circumventing alternatives are unable to produce the required level of high-quality content."

    The OTW will continue to fight for your legal rights to make noncommercial, transformative fanworks! Contact us at legal@transformativeworks.org.


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