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  • Help Bring Fair Use to South Africa

    By Janita Burgess on vendredi, 28 August 2015 - 4:27pm
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    Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

    South Africa is considering adopting a fair use provision in its copyright law, and supporters want to ensure that the law actually protects fair use.

    The South African government is accepting comments regarding the proposed provision until Sept. 16 (the deadline has been extended). OTW Legal will file a supporting comment, and stories from South African fans about how making and/or consuming fanworks have benefited them would be particularly useful.

    Legal has asked fans to share their positive experiences with fanworks, and your stories were amazing. Now, we want to hear from South African fans. How have fanworks enriched your life? Send your response to our Legal Committee or rlt26 [at] law.georgetown.edu.

  • OTW Guest Post: Donna Davies

    By Janita Burgess on lundi, 27 July 2015 - 4:27pm
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    Banner by caitie of an OTW-themed guest access lanyard

    From time to time, the OTW will be hosting guest posts on our OTW News accounts. These guests will be providing an outside perspective on the OTW or aspects of fandom where our projects may have a presence. The posts express each author's personal views and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OTW or constitute OTW policy. We welcome suggestions from fans for future guest posts, which can be left as a comment here or by contacting us directly.

    Today's post is an interview with Donna Davies, the writer, director and producer behind the documentary Fanarchy. The documentary explores how new affordable technology is allowing fans to threaten the Hollywood system by producing the films they want to see in quantities Hollywood can't keep up with. It premiered July 9 on Epix Drive-in.

    What inspired you to make this documentary?

    I made a documentary about the Hollywood film industry that featured some pretty high profile directors and discovered that several had made their own homemade tributes to the stories and movies they loved when they were kids. I was intrigued by the fact that these individuals were all inspired by the TV shows, books and movies they loved as children and were really still fans at heart. I wanted to look deeper into the idea of fandom as artistic inspiration.

    What is your personal history with fandom?

    I'm a fan of the old Hammer horror films, like The Curse of the Werewolf, Horror of Dracula, etc. I'm also a huge fan of Dylan Thomas. Not really a fan of superhero movies, although I did love the Super Chicken and Underdog cartoon superheroes.

    What was the biggest revelation when you were making Fanarchy?

    I was amazed by how powerful fans have become. As a result on fans and their desire to be part of the world they love, the entertainment industry has completely changed. It's become less passive than in has been in the past. It's become more of a participatory sport.

    What has the reaction to Fanarchy been, and what surprised you about that?

    I had imagined the San Diego Comic-Con crowd would relate to the film, but I didn't expect to have so much interest from the those who aren't involved in the fan community. The idea of ownership of story and copyright is clearly more relevant now then ever before in history.

    How do the philosophies of the OTW (such as that fanworks are fair use, female spaces and representations should be encouraged) fit with what you found?

    Early on in the process of making the film, I interviewed [OTW Legal Staffer] Rebecca Tushnet. Rebecca provided insight into the legal implications from the fan's perspective. I also interviewed media expert Jeff Ulin, a lawyer who had worked for Disney and Lucasfilm, where he managed worldwide distribution including the franchise sales for Star Wars. These two experts gave me insight into of the vast divide that often exists between the fans and the copyright holders.

    I was worried at the start of making the film, because, although I had dealt with fair use in previous docs, I had never pushed things this far before. Although the fan films featured in the doc have been available on the Internet, until now they haven't been broadcast on traditional television. Here's hoping I don't end up in jail.

    In all seriousness, I think we're making huge progress in the area of fair use in documentary film. I can do things today that were not possible just 10 years ago.

    As for female spaces, while fan culture is absolutely rooted in female culture, I think that has primarily been the "story" side. The "film" production side has traditionally tended to bias towards males. However with accessible distribution methods and affordable technology that is changing.

    My film is really looking primarily at fan films and TV shows, not literature or vidding. I'm totally fascinated by that side though, so maybe that's my next film!

    The main character of Fanarchy is Maya Glick, a black woman from Texas who, through the making of my doc ends up achieving her goal of making her own fan-film tribute to [Marvel character] Storm. I also feature several other female characters, including Brea Grant who, after much success acting in Hollywood films and TV shows like Friday Night Lights, Heroes, and Dexter, went on to write her own comic book, then engaged with her fans to eventually make her own feature film.

    There's also Stephanie Thorpe, who, along with her producing partner Paula Rhodes, made a loving fan tribute to their favourite childhood comic book series, Elfquest, and then used that fan film to convince the copyright holders to give them the rights to make the Elfquest TV series.

    In addition to Rebecca Tushnet, the film features other female experts such as film critic Maitland McDonagh and journalist Heidi Honeycutt.

    What are your thoughts on the monetization of fanworks?

    This is a tricky area to navigate. Some fans just want to play with the stories and characters they love. I believe that these fans should be able to do so freely. And I think that this has become more and more acceptable.

    Copyright holders are beginning to understand that these fans are not harming their franchises. It's very difficult to prove that these homages take away money from the original works. However fans still have to be careful. They have to walk a very fine line between freedom to express their fandom and directly profiting monetarily from that fandom. The fans who want to use their fan works to build a fan base can easily do so. Doing a fan film about Batman enables the filmmaker of that fan film to reach out to other fans, and gain an audience for an original film that they can legally profit from.

    Things are evolving very quickly. Some fan films are becoming so professional it is impossible to tell them from the original. Fan filmmakers who are doing these super pro films are hoping that they can eventually make a deal with original copyright holders to share in any profits that could be made from the fan works.

    They are always going to be fans who just want to do this for themselves as a labour of love on the one hand and on the other hand those who want to use the fan work as a calling card to break into a career.

    Finally, how can fans who've missed the previous airings watch Fanarchy?

    The film will be broadcast on Epix Drive-in throughout the summer. It will be available on Netflix in October.

    We're also doing the film festival circuit now and broadcasting in Canada in the fall.

  • OTW Joins Fanworks Are Fair Use

    By Claudia Rebaza on jeudi, 2 July 2015 - 4:11pm
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    Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

    Our friends at the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) have launched a new project, one that goes to the core of our mission here at the OTW and the Archive of Our Own. Fanworks Are Fair Use is a community of fan creators, readers, artists, and enthusiasts who are committed to the protection and preservation of fair use law. The HPA's goal is in line with ours here at the OTW; since 2007 we have worked to eliminate negative stigmas about fanfiction, fan art, and other fan creations and support those works and their creators in the eyes of mainstream media.

    We are pleased to come onboard and work with the HPA on this important issue.

    One of the principles of the OTW is that fanworks are legal under U.S. copyright law; earlier this year, we focused on fair use as part of Fair Use Week- the OTW FAQ explains how fair use is a lawful use of a third party's copyright, and how it protects free expression by giving people the legal right to use copyrighted material in certain ways without getting permission or paying.

    As the HPA writes, "fan works add value to the source materials on which they’re based" and "help shape and energize the culture that surrounds popular narratives."

    Join us in supporting the HPA's Fan Works Are Fair Use community - they'll be sharing information and resources throughout the year on how all of us can make sure that fair use continues to be a lawful use of copyrights. On Twitter, tumblr, Facebook and other social media sites, you can share your own #FanworksTaughtMe story with that hashtag for the project to reblog, retweet or showcase. And if you're attending San Diego Comic Con, join the Legal Committee's Betsy and Heidi on Thursday at Fandom Is Our Fandom, and Heidi and the HPA's Jack Bird on Sunday at the Potterverse Fandom Panel to learn more about #FanworksAreFairUse.

  • Things to Come at TWC

    By Kiri Van Santen on lundi, 29 June 2015 - 5:22pm
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    Banner by Alice of a book/eReader with an OTW bookmark and a USB plug going into the spine.

    The OTW's journal, Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC), will be celebrating its 20th issue this September. OTW's Communications Committee is at work planning some events to recognize the achievements of our small but extremely hard-working team that has given us several of these issues each year since its launch in 2008.

    But we would also like your help! How would you like to see TWC celebrated? As we plan for a panel discussion and posts, what topics would you like to see discussed? What kind of events would you like to take part in? Let us know!

    In the meantime, TWC has two calls for papers for future issues. The Symposium section in each issue exists for fan contributions, so even if you are not an academic, do consider submitting an essay for these issues! Or help TWC out by spreading the word.

    Special Issue CFP: Sherlock Holmes Fandom, Sherlockiana, and the Great Game (March 2017)

    "This special issue seeks to engage both academics and fans in writing about the older, long established Sherlockian fandom. We welcome papers that address all fandoms of Sherlock Holmes and its adaptations, particularly those that trace the connections and similarities/differences among and between older and newer fandoms.

    We welcome submissions dealing with, but not limited to, the following topics:

    • Questions of nomenclature, cultural distinction, class, race, gender, and sexuality.
    • The role of Sherlockian fandom and the Great Game in fandom history.
    • Academic histories of Sherlockian fandom, both organized and informal.
    • Connections between new adaptation-based fandoms and the older fandom.
    • Fan productions, e.g., pastiche, fan works, and Sherlockian writings on the Canon.
    • Influence of intellectual property law and norms on adaptations and fan productions.
    • Sherlockian publishing, e.g., MX, Titan, BSI Press or Wessex Press.
    • Community, e.g., Sherlockians on the Internet or Sherlockian “real world” gatherings.
    • Specific national fandoms, e.g., Japanese or Chinese Sherlock Holmes reception.

    Read more at their announcement on the TWC site.

    They are also looking for contributions for a special issue on Queer Female Fandom:

    This special issue is the first dedicated to femslash, and it aims to collect and put in dialogue emerging research and criticism on the subject, from histories of lesbian fandom to current fan activities around queer female characters and pairings. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

    • case studies of femslash subcultures and fanworks
    • femslash dynamics and demographics
    • platforms, archives, and communities
    • diachronic or comparative analyses
    • feminist investments in centering women
    • debates about queerbaiting and the politics of visibility
    • queer female authorship in gift/commercial economies
    • transnational circulation of queer female texts
    • yuri (girls’ love) and other non-western femslash iterations

    Read more at their announcement on the TWC site.

    And don't forget to check out the recently released issue 19, "Transnationalism, Localization, and Translation in European Fandom."

  • 번역에 주목해봅시다!

    By Annachiara Traverso on vendredi, 19 June 2015 - 5:46pm
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    140여명의 번역가<br />
150만 단어의 번역문들이<br />
2,000여개의 문서로<br />
22개의 언어와 함께!

    어째서 번역이 OTW의 중요한 업무인가요?

    번역팀은 OTW의 공적인 성과들을 전세계의 팬들에게 소개합니다. 저희는 뉴스, 도움말 페이지, 사이트의 내용, 이메일 그리고 덧글 등을 번역해 영어를 사용하지 않는 분들도 OTW를 이용할 수 있고 소통할 수 있도록 도와드립니다.

    전세계에서 지원한 500여명이 넘는 자원봉사자들이 OTW의 각종 위원회에서 활동 하고 있습니다. 매일의 일이 존재하는 단체의 원활한 진행을 위해 매일의 작업과 결과물에서 많은 부분 영어가 사용되고 있습니다.
    번역팀의 목적은 각 위원회들과 함께 각종 작업들을 여러 다양한 언어로 발표하는 데 있습니다.

    (팬작품은 번역하지 않습니다. 하시는 분들 모두에게 박수를 보냅니다만, 저희는 OTW의 공적인 작업만으로도 벅찹니다.)

    몇 가지 언어를 번역할 수 있나요? 번역팀에는 몇 명이나 있나요?

    현 시점에서는 22개 언어가 가능합니다.
    : 아랍어, 카탈로니아어,중국어,체코어,덴마크어,네덜란드어,핀란드어,프랑스어,독일어,헤브류,헝가리아어,인도네시아어,이탈리아어,스와힐리어,한국어,폴란드어,브라질의 포르투갈어, 유럽의 포르투갈어,러이아서,스페인어,스웨덴어,그리고 터키어.

    현재 번역팀은 번역과 스태프 지원을 하는 147명의 자원봉사자로 구성되어 있습니다. 각 팀들의 사이즈는 17명에 달하는 독일팀과 1명으로 된 스와힐리 팀까지 다양합니다.

    번역팀에서 일하면서 제일 좋은 것은 무엇이었나요?

    저희는 다채로운 사람들로 구성되어 다양한 것들을 번역하기 때문에 각자가 생각하는 즐거움이 다를 것이라 생각됩니다. 하지만 다수의 멤버가 남용 위원회와 함께 일하거나, 질문에 답하는 등의 경험을 통해 사용자를 직접적으로 도울 수 있을 때 큰 보람을 느끼고 있습니다.

    다른 즐거움 중의 하나는 저희 팀이 자유롭고 활동적인 그룹이라는 것입니다. 숫자가 많은 만큼 수많은 팬덤과 주제를 함께 즐길 수 있습니다. 뜨게질에서 봉춤까지, 원피스 최근화나 Faking It 드라마까지, 채팅방에서는 항상 다양한 흥미거리를 이야기할 상대가 있습니다.
    팬픽, 팬아트, 오디오북,동영상,자막,움짤,추천,메타(팬덤과 관련된 주제의 논문이나 지식에 대한 토론), 주제이벤트,등등! 팀의 멤버들은 모두 다양한 방법으로 팬문화를 즐기는 사람들입니다. (가끔은 번역에 대해서도 얘기합니다.)

    만약 내가 번역팀에 관심있다면, 어떻게 참여할 수 있나요?

    참여하세요! 저희는 언제나 새로운 번역가를 환영합니다. 어떤 식으로 활동하는지 등의 더 많은 궁금증이 있다면 번역팀의 OTW 페이지를 확인해 주세요.

    이 뉴스는 OTW의 자원봉사자가 번역했습니다. 저희에 대해 궁금하다면 번역팀의 OTW 페이지를 방문해주세요.

  • В фокусе — Переводы

    By Neru on vendredi, 19 June 2015 - 5:43pm
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    140 переводчиков перевели более 1 500 000 слов в 2000 документов на 22 языка

    Почему Переводы — это важная часть ОTW?

    Наша задача в ОTW (Организации Трансформационных Работ) состоит в том, чтобы доносить официальный контент проектов и комитетов ОTW до фанатов по всему миру. Мы переводим новости, страницы помощи, содержимое сайта, почту и комментарии, так что люди, которые не говорят по-английски, могли бы иметь доступ к работе, которую делает организация.

    Более 500 волонтеров со всего мира входят в составы различных комитетов ОTW — чтобы все мы работали сообща, большая часть повседневной работы и ее результатов исполняется с помощью английского языка. Работа переводов — оставаться на связи с комитетами, публикующими контент, чтобы мы могли информировать и на других языках.

    (Кстати, мы не переводим фан-работы. Огромное спасибо всем, кто это делает, но мы заняты официальным содержимым ОTW.)

    На сколько языков вы переводите? Сколько вас всего?

    В данный момент мы переводим на 22 языка: арабский, каталонский, китайский, чешский, датский, голландский, финский, французский, немецкий, иврит, венгерский, индонезийский, итальянский, суахили, корейский, польский, бразильский, европейский поргутальский, русский, испанский, шведский и турецкий.

    Нас 147 волонтеров: переводчиков и сотрудников-координаторов. Размеры наших языковых команд варьируются от большой немецкой группы из 17 человек до нашей новейшей команды суахили, которая состоит из одного человека.

    Что вам больше всего нравится в работе в комитете Переводов?

    Мы переводим множество разных вещей, и у нас очень пестрый коллектив, так что у каждого есть свои предпочтения, но многие из нас любят помогать пользователям напрямую, совместно с командами Нарушений и Поддержки, и отвечать на комментарии в новостных постах.

    Что замечательного в работе в Переводах — это веселая и живая группа, с такой огромной командой мы охватываем все фандомы и интересы, так что, в нашем чате вы найдете и людей, обсуждающих вязание, и тех, с кем можно поговорить о танцах у шеста, или о впечатлениях от One Piece или Faking It. В нашей среде есть авторы фанфиков, художники, подфикеры, создатели фанвидео, субтитров, гифок, авторы рекомендаций и мета, модераторы челленджей и т.д. (Ну, иногда мы и о переводах говорим.)

    Если меня заинтересовал комитет Переводов, как я могу принять участие?

    Свяжитесь с нами! Мы всегда рады новым потенциальным переводчикам. Если вы хотите узнать больше о том, как мы работаем, вы также можете посетить нашу страницу на сайте ОTW.

    Этот новостной пост переведен волонтерами-переводчиками OTW. Чтобы больше узнать о нашей работе, посетите страницу "Переводы" на transformativeworks.org.

  • Sorotan pada Penerjemah

    By Jocelin Potash on vendredi, 19 June 2015 - 5:40pm
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    140 penerjemah telah menerjemahkan lebih dari 1.500.000 kata dalam 2.000 dokumen dan 22 bahasa sejauh ini

    Mengapa Penerjemah merupakan bagian penting dari OTW?

    Peran kami di OTW adalah untuk menyalurkan konten resmi dari berbagai proyek dan komite OTW kepada para penggemar di seluruh dunia. Kami menerjemahkan postingan berita, laman bantuan, konten situs, surel-surel dan komentar-komentar sehingga orang-orang yang tidak berbicara bahasa Inggris dapat mengakses karya yang sama seperti yang diakses oleh seluruh organisasi.

    Ada lebih dari 500 relawan dari seluruh dunia membentuk berbagai macam komite dalam OTW—agar kami semua dapat bekerja bersama-sama, banyak pekerjaan harian OTW, serta hasilnya, perlu menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Pekerjaan Penerjemah adalah menjalin kontak dengan komite-komite yang menerbitkan konten supaya kami juga dapat mengumumkan konten tersebut dalam beberapa bahasa lain.

    (Omong-omong, kami tidak menerjemahkan karya penggemar! Banyak jempol bagi mereka yang melakukannya, tapi kami sudah terlalu sibuk hanya dengan menerjemahkan konten resmi dari OTW.)

    Berapa banyak bahasa yang bisa kalian terjemahkan? Ada berapa banyak penerjemah dalam komite kalian?

    Hingga saat ini ada 22 bahasa: Bahasa Arab, Katala, Cina, Ceko, Denmark, Belanda, Finlandia, Perancis, Jerman, Ibrani, Hungaria, Indonesia, Italia, Kiswahili, Korea, Polandia, Portugis Brazil, Portugis Eropa, Rusia, Spanyol, Swedia, dan Turki.

    Kami terdiri dari 147 relawan, termasuk penerjemah dan staf koordinator. Besarnya tim-tim penerjemah kami bervariasi, dari yang paling besar yaitu tim Jerman dengan 17 orang sampai tim terbaru kami, Kiswahili, yang baru memiliki satu penerjemah hingga saat ini!

    Apa bagian paling menyenangkan dari bekerja di komite Penerjemah?

    Kami menerjemahkan banyak hal, dan kami adalah kelompok yang sangat beraneka ragam, jadi setiap orang memiliki pengalaman menyenangkannya masing-masing. Tapi banyak dari kami sangat senang bisa terjun langsung membantu pengguna dengan berkolaborasi bersama tim Pelanggaran dan Dukungan, serta menjawab komentar-komentar di postingan berita.

    Salah satu hal terbaik bekerja di Penerjemah adalah bahwa kelompok ini juga sangat menyenangkan dan begitu hidup—dengan tim yang begitu besar, kami bisa membicarakan banyak fandom dan hobi, sehingga mudah menemukan orang-orang untuk membicarakan berbagai hal dari masalah merajut hingga tari tiang di ruang obrolan, atau mencurahkan perasaan mengenai apa pun, mulai dari One Piece terbaru hingga Faking It. Di dalam komite kami ada para penulis fanfiksi, fanartist, pembuat podfic, pembuat video penggemar, pembuat subtitel, pembuat gif, pembuat rekomendasi, penulis meta, moderator tantangan, dan banyak lagi! (Kadang kami juga membicarakan masalah terjemahan kami.)

    Jika saya tertarik dengan komite Penerjemah, bagaimana caranya bergabung?

    Hubungi kami! Kami selalu senang mendapat calon penerjemah baru. Jika Anda ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang bagaimana kami bekerja, Anda juga dapat melihat laman kami di situs OTW.

    Artikel berita ini diterjemahkan oleh penerjemah relawan OTW. Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang pekerjaan kami, kunjungi laman Penerjemah di transformativeworks.org.

  • Spotlight på Oversættelse

    By Neru on vendredi, 19 June 2015 - 5:37pm
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    140 oversættere har oversat over 1.500.000 ord i 2.000 dokumenter og 22 sprog indtil videre

    Hvorfor er Oversættelse en vigtig del af OTW?

    Vores rolle i OTW (Organisationen for Transformative Værker) er at bringe officielt indhold fra OTW's projekter og komitéer ud til fans i hele verden. Vi oversætter nyhedsindlæg, hjælpesider, sideindhold, e-mails og kommentarer, så folk, der ikke taler engelsk, kan få adgang til det arbejde, resten af organisationen laver.

    Over 500 frivillige fra hele verden udgør OTW's forskellige komitéer—for at vi alle kan arbejde sammen, er meget af OTW's daglige arbejde og output nødt til at være på engelsk. Oversættelses job er at være i kontakt med de komitéer, der udgiver indhold, så vi også kan få indholdet ud på adskillige andre sprog.

    (Forresten oversætter vi ikke fanværker! Stor ros til alle, der gør det, men vi har hænderne fulde med officielt OTW-indhold.)

    Hvor mange sprog kan I oversætte til? Hvor mange er der af jer?

    22 sprog i øjeblikket: arabisk, catalansk, kinesisk, tjekkisk, dansk, hollandsk, finsk, fransk, tysk, hebraisk, ungarsk, indonesisk, italiensk, kiswahili, koreansk, polsk, brasiliansk portugisisk, europæisk portugisisk, russisk, spansk, svensk og tyrkisk.

    Vi er 147 frivillige, inklusive både oversættere og koordinatorer fra staben. Vores sproghold spænder i størrelse fra det kæmpestore 17-personers tyskhold til vores nyeste hold, kiswahili, med kun én oversætter indtil videre!

    Hvad er jeres yndlingsdel ved at arbejde i Oversættelseskomitéen?

    Vi oversætter en masse forskellige ting, og vi er en meget mangfoldig gruppe, så alle har deres egen yndlingsdel, men mange af os kan virkelig godt lide den umiddelbare belønning, det giver at hjælpe brugerne direkte ved at samarbejde med Misbrug og Support-holdene og ved at svare på kommentarer i nyhedsindlæg.

    En af de bedste ting ved at arbejde i Oversættelse er, at det også er en meget sjov og livlig gruppe—med sådan et stort hold har vi mere eller mindre dækket enhver fandom og interesse ind, så du kan ligeså godt finde folk, der diskuterer strikning som poledancing i vores chatrum, såvel som folk, der har følelser om alt fra det seneste One Piece til Faking It. I vores midte har vi fic-forfattere, fan-kunstnere, podficcere, skabere af fanvideoer, fansubbere, gif-skabere, folk, der anbefaler fanværker, meta-skribenter, moderatorer af udfordringer og meget mere! (Vi taler også om oversættelse en gang imellem.)

    Hvis jeg var interesseret i Oversættelseskomitéen, hvordan kunne jeg så blive involveret?

    Kontakt os! Vi vil altid gerne høre fra potentielle nye oversættere. Hvis du gerne vil vide mere om, hvordan vi arbejder, kan du også tjekke vores side på OTW-hjemmesiden.

    Dette nyhedsindlæg blev oversat af OTW's frivillige oversættere. Vil du vide mere om vores arbejde, kan du besøge Oversættelsessiden på transformativeworks.org.

  • Enfoque en Traducción

    By Annachiara Traverso on vendredi, 19 June 2015 - 5:36pm
    Message type:

    140 traductorxs Más de 1 500 000 palabras traducidas en 2 000 documentos y 22 idiomas hasta el momento

    ¿Por qué el comité de Traducción es una parte importante de la OTW?

    Nuestra misión en la OTW (Organización para las Obras Transformativas) es llevar el contenido oficial de los proyectos y comités de la OTW a lxs fans en todo el mundo. Traducimos publicaciones de noticias, páginas de ayuda, contenido del sitio, correos electrónicos y comentarios para que aquellas personas que no hablan inglés, conozcan el trabajo que hace el resto de la organización.

    Hay más de 500 voluntarixs de todo el mundo en los diferentes comités de la OTW - mucho del trabajo cotidiano y los resultados del mismo están en inglés para lograr que el trabajo se realice en conjunto. El trabajo del comité de Traducción es mantenerse en contacto con aquellos comités que publican contenido para traducirlo a otros idiomas.

    (Por cierto, ¡no traducimos obras de fans! Muchos kudos a quien lo haga, pero estamos a manos llenas con el contenido oficial de la OTW.)

    ¿A cuántos idiomas pueden traducir? ¿Cuántos miembros tiene el comité?

    22 idiomas hasta la fecha: alemán, árabe, catalán, checo, chino, coreano, danés, español, finlandés, francés, hebreo, holandés, húngaro, indonesio, italiano, kiswahili, polaco, portugués brasileño, portugués europeo, ruso, sueco y turco.

    El equipo cuenta con 147 voluntarixs, contando tanto al equipo de traducción como a personal. Nuestros equipos de idiomas varían en tamaño, desde el enorme equipo alemán con 17 miembros hasta nuestro nuevo equipo, kiswahili, que sólo tiene una traductora, ¡hasta el momento!

    ¿Cuál es tu parte favorita de trabajar para el comité de Traducción?

    Traducimos información muy diferente y somos un grupo muy diverso, así que cada quien tiene sus partes favoritas, pero a la mayoría nos encanta la recompensa inmediata de ayudar a lxs usuarixs de manera directa colaborando con los equipos de Prevención de Abuso y Soporte Técnico y contestando los comentarios de las publicaciones de noticias.

    Una de las mejores cosas de trabajar en el comité de Traducción es que es un grupo muy divertido y animado; en un grupo tan grande tenemos casi cada fandom y pasatiempo incluido, así que es posible encontrar en el chat personas discutiendo desde tejido hasta pole dance o viéndose abrumados de sentimientos por los últimos avances de One Piece o Faking It. Tenemos en nuestras filas a creadorxs de obras, artistas, podficcers, fanvidders, subtituladorxs, a quienes hacen gifs y a quienes recomiendan obras, a quienes escriben meta y a quienes moderan desafíos y mucho más. (En ocasiones también encontramos tiempo para hablar de la traducción.)

    Si me interesara el comité de Traducción, ¿cómo podría participar?

    Esta publicación fue traducida por el equipo de traducción de la OTW. Si deseas saber más acerca de nuestro trabajo, visita la página de Traducción en transformativeworks.org.

  • Valokeilassa Käännös-toimikunta

    By Neru on vendredi, 19 June 2015 - 5:24pm
    Message type:

    140 kääntäjää on kääntänyt yli 1,5 miljoonaa sanaa 2 000 tekstissä jo 22 eri kielelle

    Miksi Käännös-toimikunta on tärkeä osa OTW:tä?

    Meidän tehtävämme OTW:ssä on välittää virallista tietoa järjestön projekteista ja toimikunnista faneille ympäri maailman. Käännämme uutiskirjeitä, tukisivuja, sivustojen sisältöä, sähköposteja ja kommentteja, jotta järjestömme tekemä työ tavoittaa myös englantia puhumattomat ihmiset.

    OTW:n toimikunnissa työskentelee yli 500 vapaaehtoista eri puolilta maailmaa, ja sujuvan yhteistyön takaamiseksi suuri osa OTW:n päivittäisestä toiminnasta ja tiedotteista hoidetaan englanniksi. Käännös-toimikunnan työ on pysytellä ajan tasalla muiden toimikuntien kanssa, jotta niiden tuottama sisältö olisi saatavilla myös muilla kielillä.

    (Muuten, me emme käännä faniteoksia! Nostamme monta hattua niille faneille, jotka näin tekevät; meillä on kuitenkin kädet täynnä OTW:n tuottaman virallisen sisällön kanssa.)

    Kuinka monelle kielelle käännätte? Montako teitä on siellä?

    Käännämme tällä hetkellä 22 kielelle: arabiaksi, brasilianportugaliksi, espanjaksi, euroopanportugaliksi, hepreaksi, hollanniksi, indonesiaksi, italiaksi, katalaaniksi, kiinaksi, koreaksi, puolaksi, ranskaksi, ruotsiksi, saksaksi, suomeksi, swahiliksi, tanskaksi, tsekiksi, turkiksi, unkariksi ja venäjäksi.

    Toimikuntamme 147 vapaaehtoisen joukossa on sekä kääntäjiä että toimikunnan jäseniä, jotka toimivat kielitiimien koordinaattoreina. Tiimien koko vaihtelee valtavasta 17 hengen saksan tiimistä uusimpaan tulokkaaseen swahiliin, jonka tiimiin kuuluu toistaiseksi vain yksi henkilö!

    Mikä on parasta Käännös-toimikunnassa työskentelemisessä?

    Käännämme paljon erilaisia tekstejä ja toimikuntaan kuuluu hyvin erilaisia ihmisiä, joten kaikilla on omat suosikkinsa. Monen mielestä käyttäjien auttaminen yhteistyössä väärinkäytöksiä ja tukipyyntöjä käsittelevien tiimien kanssa on palkitsevinta uutiskirjeiden kommentteihin vastaamisen lisäksi, koska molemmissa tapauksissa apua tarvitaan ja voidaan antaa lähes välittömästi.

    Yksi toimikuntamme parhaista puolista on se, että se on niin hauska ja eloisa joukko—koska Käännös-toimikunta on niin valtava, löytyy kaikista fandomeista ja harrastuksista ainakin yksi kiinnostunut, joten on ihan yhtä todennäköistä, että toimikunnan chat-huoneissa keskustellaan neulomisesta tai tankotanssista kuin että siellä hehkutetaan uusinta One Piece -sarjan osaa tai Faking It -jaksoa. Vapaaehtoisemme ovat fikkikirjoittajia, fanitaiteilijoita, podfikkaajia, fanivideoiden tekijöitä, fanitekstitysten tekijöitä, GIF-luojia, suosittelijoita, metakirjoittajia, haasteiden järjestäjiä ja paljon, paljon muuta. (Keskustelemme silloin tällöin myös kääntämiseen liittyvistä asioista.)

    Jos olisin kiinnostunut Käännös-toimikunnassa työskentelystä, miten pääsisin mukaan?

    Tämän uutispostauksen käänsivät OTW:n vapaaehtoiset kääntäjät. Jos haluat lukea lisää työstämme, käy tutustumassa Käännös-toimikunnan osioon transformativeworks.org-sivustolla.


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