• Board Resignations and Appointments for 2013

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    The OTW Board is both saddened and pleased to announce a pair of resignations from and appointments to the Board for the 2013 term.

    Board members Francesca Coppa and Naomi Novik have resigned as of the end of the 2012 term on December 15 due to the volume of their commitments. Coppa, a Board member since the OTW’s founding, is accepting a visiting professorship at the University of Pennsylvania in the spring and has resigned all of her OTW positions. Novik, a founder and past president of the OTW Board, will continue in her other OTW positions while devoting more time to new and ongoing book projects.

  • Fanlore end-of-term 2012 update

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    Dear Fanlore readers, editors, and gardeners,

    The 2012 OTW term has officially ended, and we wanted to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to Fanlore this year, talked about it with friends, offered encouragement, and made this site great. Fanlore has over 22,000 articles today; that's over 6,000 more than in July 2011, from when we have comparison data. You are all fantastic. Please go and take a look at all the great content our editors added this year!

    Some things the Wiki committee did this year to help:

    • upgraded MediaWiki
    • fought spambots
    • created new categories, templates, and infoboxes
    • dealt with identity protection and fair use concerns

    Before some of us go on holidays, a few updates on things:

  • OTW Fannews: The Year in Fanfiction

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    • The significance of Fifty Shades of Grey 's success in 2012 in expanding discussions of fanficion online and in the media continues to be overlooked in its overall coverage, as in this piece in The Guardian. Citing E.L. James' selection as Person of the Year by Publishers Weekly, the author notes the importance of the book for print sales and erotica. Yet the book was an online sensation that was converted to print, and erotica sales have suffered from a lack of industry promotion rather than a lack of content.
  • AO3 invitation requests are back (just in time for holiday gifting)!

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    It's the season of giving! So, we're pleased to announce that invitation requests are back on the AO3!

    Once upon a time (i.e. six months ago), users with Archive accounts could request a few invitations to give out, allowing them to share the Archive with friends and help form communities of like-minded fans.

  • 14 days left for 2012 donations

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    2012 is almost over, and all of us at the OTW are grateful for the tremendous support shown by our members and donors this year. If you've been thinking about donating to the OTW but haven't done so yet, you may want to take a look at your finances and see whether it would be to your benefit to do so before December 31. Donations to the OTW are tax deductible in the United States. And if you're employed, please find out if your employer offers matching donations! Every dollar you give could be worth two dollars to the OTW.

    If you donate US$50 or more, you can choose to receive a thank-you gift like our 5th Anniversary Magnet, Kudos Water Bottle, or Black Zippered Tote (pictured below).

  • Archive maintenance today - downloads will be unavailable

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    The Archive of Our Own will be undergoing some maintenance today at approximately 18.00 UTC (what time is this in my timezone?). During the maintenance period, which will last approximately two hours, downloads will not work. You will still be able to browse and read on the Archive, but will not be able to download any works. If the work proves complicated, we may also have a period of downtime (although we hope to avoid this).

  • Fanlore downtime

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    During the last few days Fanlore users may have been experiencing temporary problems connecting to the site. The reason is that we have been running out of space on Fanlore's hard disk drive. In some ways this has been a good problem to have because it indicates how the site has been growing!

    Our systems team did some short-term clean-up that should solve the problem for now but they are also planning another maintenance operation on Wednesday, December 19th at 6am UTC (What time is that where I live?) Fanlore will be offline for about an hour.

  • The past, present, and hopeful future for tags & tag wrangling on the AO3

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    The following is a post created by the Tag Wrangling Committee to address some ongoing questions and discussions involving tag wrangling on the Archive of Our Own.

    The question has been raised in various places of how sustainable the Archive of Our Own’s tag wrangling system is, and whether it will continue to be viable as AO3 continues to grow and the number of fandoms and tags increases. The AO3 wrangling committee would like to address some of the concerns we’ve heard, from AO3 users as well as wranglers (including the staff).

  • So, About those Additional Tags...

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    The following is a post created by a member of the Tag Wrangling Committee to address some ongoing questions and discussions involving freeform tags on the Archive of Our Own.


    Let's talk about those Additional Tags.

    More specifically, let's talk about the long-form descriptive tags that are frequently being placed in the Additional Tags field. I want to get some facts on the table so our users - both consumers and creators - can have this important discussion properly. Any numbers cited are as of 0100UTC, 27 Oct 2012.

    Full disclosure: Hi, I'm Sam J. I am a Wrangling staffer, a Wrangling volunteer, a Support staffer, and an Archive user. I have four horses in this race and, frankly, they're running in at least two different directions, leaving me with a varying opinion of these tags depending on when you ask me.

  • Archive of Our Own Newsletter - November-December 2012

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    Hello and Happy Holidays from the AO3! This newsletter contains all sorts of fun facts and news from the past two months - read on for updates in the world of the Archive in November and December.