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  • OTW Fannews: Global Fandom

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    • The story of female volleyball fans in Iran was covered by many sites, including France24. "[T]hese sporting events are only for male eyes, since the 'morality police' — a special police force that seeks to fight 'moral corruption' and to combat those who violate Islamic law — have been systematically preventing women from attending volleyball tournaments since 2005. However, this prohibition does not apply to foreign women." While some women were able to get into games with the aid of foreign fans and by wearing the other team's jerseys, 50 women were arrested for attempting entry. As one woman said, "I don’t want to have to resort to ruses in order to support my team. I want to be able to walk into a sports stadium proud of my identity as an Iranian woman and a fan of my national team."
    • SysAdmin Day!

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      Graphic by Aga of the OTW logo and the logos for AO3, TWC, Open Doors and Fanlore

      On SysAdmin Day, the OTW wants to salute the work of systems administrators everywhere for the hard (and sometimes thankless) work that they do. Celebrated for the first time in 2000, SysAdmin Day takes place on the last Friday in July.

    • OTW Fannews: On fanfiction

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      • Blogger Christopher Olah took a look at some statistics. "In the following post, we will visualize the Harry Potter, Naruto and Twilight fandoms on We will also use Google’s PageRank algorithm to rank stories, and perform collaborative filtering to make story recommendations to top users." The post includes a look at languages, ships, slash and more.