• OTW Board to Hold Public Meetings

    By Claudia Rebaza on Friday, 6 June 2014 - 3:53pm
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    Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Board'

    As mentioned in the May newsletter, the OTW board would like to announce two recent decisions that we hope will help with accessibility and transparency of our work, and bring more opportunities for both our staff and volunteers, as well as the public, to communicate with us.

    Open Board Meetings

    Effective from June 7, 2014, open section of the board meetings will be held in our Public Discussion chatroom. This will ensure that all volunteers can join the proceedings, as well as interested members of the public. In the future, the hours for the meetings may rotate, both to accommodate the schedules of our directors, as well as to make meeting attendance more accessible for volunteers and fans alike. When rotation times have been determined, they will be announced.

    At the moment and for the foreseeable future, meetings will be held on Saturdays at 18:00 UTC (what time is that in my timezone?).

    For anyone unable to attend meetings, minutes are available on our website within a month of the meeting (as the minutes must first be approved before posting).

    Anyone who would like to suggest an agenda item for the open section of the Board meetings may do so by sending Board a message through the contact form on the OTW website.

    Office hours

    We are establishing “Office hours” for directors. Each director will be available 2 hours a week in the same Public Discussion chatroom. Below is the current weekly schedule for directors:

    Andrea: TBD in September
    Anna: 23:00 UTC – 01:00 UTC on Tuesdays
    Cat: TBD in July
    Eylul: 18:00 UTC- 20:00 UTC on Thursdays
    Sanders: 05:00 UTC-07:00 UTC on Tuesdays

    We hope that this additional time will be an opportunity for volunteers and staffers to get to know directors individually in a more informal setting, as well as have a chance to ask questions and bring issues to our attention in a casual setting. Office hours have begun this week.

  • Franzeska Dickson resigns from OTW Board

    By Claudia Rebaza on Monday, 2 June 2014 - 4:05pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    After almost two years as a Director, we are sorry to announce that Franzeska Dickson will be stepping down from Board service. She is leaving due to personal issues, and while we hate to see her go, we’re pleased she’s taking care of herself and putting her needs first.

    We realize the number of directors is very low right now, and the Board will be holding an internal meeting in June to discuss related topics with staff and volunteers. These will include plans for this year’s elections, the possibility of appointments, and what people would like to see happen with the Board. The Board will have updates on this once the meeting has been held and they have had time to synthesize the ideas from OTW staff and volunteers.

    In the meantime, the OTW would like to take this opportunity to thank Franzi again for her work as Director and for her dedicated service to the organization.

  • Yuletide Archive Move Complete!

    By Claudia Rebaza on Sunday, 18 May 2014 - 4:48pm
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    Open Doors is proud to finally welcome the Yuletide Archive for 2003-2008 to the Archive of Our Own!

    In this post:

    Background explanation

    In late March, we announced that the early Yuletide archive would be moved to the Archive of Our Own.

    Our senior coders have now completed the import, and all works can be found in the relevant Yuletide Collection on the AO3.

    How will I be notified about my work being imported?

    If the email address you used on still works, you should have already received an email from the Archive inviting you to claim your works.

    If you’ve lost access to the email address you used on, and haven't already contacted the Open Doors committee, use this contact form to let us know the change and we'll forward the claim email. If you've posted the stories elsewhere, or have an easy way to verify that they're yours, that's great; if not, we will work with the Yuletide Mods to confirm your claims.

    How do I claim my works?

    The claim email includes a link to the claim page, where you can add your work to your logged-in AO3 account, or create an AO3 account. Once you’ve claimed your work, you’ll be able to edit the work and AO3 tags like any other work you've created.

    I have already added my work to the AO3

    If you used the AO3's Import tool to import your work from the Yuletide website, or you asked us to transfer comments, a duplicate of the work will not be imported.

    However, if you uploaded the work manually and didn't contact Open Doors with your work links before the import, a duplicate was produced with comments from the original archive. Once redirects are set up (scheduled within the next week), the original Yuletide URL will point to this duplicate work.

    If you would like to redirect the Yuletide URL to a particular work on AO3, please delete the imported copy and then contact Open Doors to let us know the original Yuletide URL and the URL of the AO3 work it should be redirected to, in the format

    Yuletide URL:
    AO3 URL to Keep:

    (Once you delete the imported copy, the redirect will break, but we will use your links to fix it as quickly as we can!)

    Unfortunately we are unable to transfer comments now that the import is complete (see below under What about tags, comments and gift notifications? for further information).

    What about tags, comments and gift notifications?

    The original Yuletide archive only includes ratings and fandom names; Yuletide fandoms were automatically converted to AO3 Canonical tags upon import. You are welcome to change or add fandom tags and other tags to your work once you have claimed it.

    Unfortunately we were only able to transfer comments to existing AO3 works if we were notified prior to the import. While manually adding old comments is not allowed, AO3 coders are working on a merge tool that will allow users to combine the comments (as well as other stats: hit counts, kudos, etc.) while keeping a single work body. If you would like to wait for this tool, we recommend including a link to the preferred copy in the duplicate work's Summary to redirect viewers until the merge tool is complete. If you would still like to delete the imported duplicate, we can provide a reference copy of the Yuletide comments page for your work, though these comments may not be manually imported to the AO3.

    Works contain a message "For [Name]". If the recipient has an AO3 account, you’ll be able to assign it to them once you have claimed your work. (Note that their name on the original Yuletide archive and their AO3 name might be different; we advise against assigning it unless you’re sure of their AO3 account name. Try checking this post on the Yuletide Admin LiveJournal community to see if your recipient has posted their AO3 name!)

    I used the Import feature or contacted Open Doors before the import, but my work imported again anyway

    An import bug caused some works to be imported again despite either having been imported using the AO3 import tool or updated by Open Doors. We were able to delete these duplicates and re-import comments for affected works, which sent an import notification to all affected authors; the works listed in those notifications were all works that received re-imported comments.

    I don’t want my work on the AO3

    After you receive the claim email, you can choose to delete or orphan your work. (If you want to delete your work because it's a duplicate, see I have already added my work to the AO3! above.

    The Yuletide Archive mods would much prefer that you orphan your stories (i.e., remove your account association and/or name) rather than delete them. Orphaning of your works on the AO3 does not mean they expect you to orphan them everywhere, however. You are of course, as always, welcome to post your Yuletide stories anywhere else you want to, with whatever attribution you prefer.

    Deletion of your work from the Yuletide Collection will leave you ineligible for participation in future years. If you have any questions about future eligibility, please direct them to the Yuletide mods at yuletideadmin [at]

    I have other questions!

    If you have further questions, visit the Open Doors FAQ page, contact the Open Doors committee, or leave a comment on this post and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

    Are you a Yuletide participant or do you otherwise enjoy the challenge? Share your memories on Fanlore and keep its story going for future generations—contributions are welcome from all fans! (New to wiki editing? No worries, just visit this page.)

  • Category Change Final Announcement

    By Claudia Rebaza on Friday, 16 May 2014 - 4:19pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    The Category Change workgroup is ecstatic to present the final version of how fandom browsing will work in the Archive of Our Own in the future.

    This includes deep changes in the way current ‘media categories’ are organized – that is, a heavily reworked grouping of fandoms. You can view current categories in the Fandoms by Media page in the Archive.

    This proposal was elaborated based on internal input and the feedback obtained from Archive users, as well as ensuing discussion within the workgroup. You can learn more about the creation of the workgroup and the issues it arose from in our introductory post.

    Continue reading on AO3 News

  • The OTW Merchandise Store is coming!

    By Claudia Rebaza on Wednesday, 23 April 2014 - 5:34pm
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    Red ballpoint pen with OTW logo in white

    The OTW's Development & Membership Committee is working on a permanent OTW merchandise store. It’s our goal to give fans of the OTW and our projects (like AO3 and Fanlore) ways to show your love, give back to the organization, and get swag! When it’s ready, the merchandise store will be available online for anyone to buy without needing to become an OTW member.

    So we need all of you to tell us what kinds of products you’d like to purchase! Would you wear a Fanlore t-shirt? Have you always wanted an AO3 kudos mug? What about an OTW umbrella or a poster with all our projects listed? Whether it's a product you want, or something you'd want on that item, the sky’s the limit!

    You can leave comments here or, as always, drop us an email at devmem [at]

    Check out the OTW’s new donation premiums!

    Although the merchandise store isn't up and running yet, you can already get OTW swag by making a donation of US$50 or above. Even though our membership drive is over, you can donate at any time of year. Here’s a few of the reasons there’s no better time to become a member of the Organization for Transformative Works — new premium rewards for you to select!

    Black tote bag with OTW logo in redDark grey tumbler and straw with OTW logo in red

    Red ballpoint pen with OTW logo in white

    If you decide to become a recurring monthly contributor to the OTW, you can still get premiums! Email the Development & Membership committee and tell us which premium you want your recurring donations to count toward. When your monthly donations have reached the premium amount, we’ll send you cool stuff!

    And thanks for supporting the OTW!

  • Comment period open for FAQ and ToS Updates

    By Claudia Rebaza on Monday, 21 April 2014 - 5:00pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    Our Content Policy workgroup has been at work on some FAQ updates and Terms of Service (ToS) changes for the Archive of Our Own which have now been approved by the OTW Board. This post begins a two-week open comment period so that AO3 users can leave feedback on these changes before they are added to the current ToS and FAQ pages.

    The ToS changes are mainly small wording changes that reflect the way AO3 features have evolved from the time in which the document was originally drafted. There is one policy change that will not make a significant difference in our practices but may be of particular interest to users, which is our adoption of a DMCA policy similar to that of Wikipedia's. It takes fair use into account, but also provides us with more protection in case we are threatened by copyright trolls.

    Continue reading on AO3 News

  • OTW Legal Files Amicus Brief in Garcia v. Google

    By Claudia Rebaza on Sunday, 20 April 2014 - 5:41pm
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    Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

    In our continuing effort to protect against online censorship that would harm fans, last week, the OTW filed an amicus brief in the case of Garcia v. Google. The case involves the scope and application of the safe harbor provisions of the DMCA and section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which together prevent content hosts -- like YouTube, the AO3, and many others -- from being liable for what their users post.

    This case is partly a classic example of "bad facts make bad law," since the plaintiff -- an actress tricked into taking part in the film Innocence of Muslims -- has good reason to want the film taken down. But in response to her request, the court not only applied a tortured interpretation of copyright law (an issue addressed in many other briefs filed with the court at the same time), but also ignored important anti-censorship "safe harbor" laws.

    The court forced Google to not only to take the film down, but also to ensure that it is never re-posted. In so ruling, the court ignored the provisions that protect content hosts from having to "police" what their users post. These safe harbors exist to prevent online censorship, and they are important to fans. Just about every site that hosts fan content depends on them. Just imagine if every allegedly infringing or defamatory fanwork led to a lawsuit, or if fan sites were required to monitor their archives to make sure no one ever posted objectionable material: many of the sites fans rely on wouldn't be able to afford to operate. That's the sort of thing these laws are designed to prevent.

    For that reason, the OTW, along with Floor64 (the operator of TechDirt), filed a brief asking the court to reconsider its decision with an eye to the fact that although the decision may create a good factual result in this particular case, it makes terrible law that will harm freedom of expression on the Internet. As Techdirt explained in its post about the brief, "There is a reason why Congress was so intent on providing safe harbors, recognizing the incentives for broad censorship when you blame service providers for the actions of their users. Judge Kozinski appears to have ignored nearly all of Congress' intent in his ruling, and we're hopeful that (among the many other reasons why his ruling should be reviewed), the rest of the 9th Circuit will recognize that the original ruling has serious First Amendment implications, beyond just the basic copyright questions."

    For those interested in reading more, you can find this latest brief on our Legal Advocacy page along with past filings.

  • Bagikan video OTW!

    By Priscilla Del Cima on Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 5:05pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    Penggalangan keanggotaan OTW pada bulan April ini telah resmi berakhir, dan kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada siapapun yang telah mendukungnya. Kebaikan dan usaha anda untuk menyebarkan kabar tentang penggalangan keanggotaan ini telah membuat penggalangan ini menjadi yang tersukses! Sejak 3 April, kami telah menerima lebih dari 2.800 donasi individual yang berjumlah $63.000. Kami juga berhasil menambah sekitar 4.869 anggota OTW baru!

    Terima kasih kepada seluruh anggota, donatur, dan siapapun yang telah membantu menyebarkan kabar tentang penggalangan keanggotaan, untuk menyukseskan penggalangan keanggotaan ini! Kami juga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada seluruh staf dan relawan OTW yang mendukung penggalangan ini dengan membuat, menerjemahkan, dan mengirim konten, menjawab pertanyaan donor, mendesain grafis, mengirim email, memantau bukti donasi, dan setumpuk tugas lainnya. Terima kasih telah membuat penggalangan keanggotaan ini terlaksana dengan baik.

    Meskipun penggalangan keanggotaan sudah selesai, kami, dengan penuh terima kasih, tetap menerima donasi sepanjang tahun. Tahun ini, kami juga memiliki proyek yang sangat khusus untuk dibagi dengan anda, yang dapat anda gunakan untuk memberi tahu orang-orang alasan anda mendukung OTW.

    Berkat kemampuan Menge-Vid luar biasa dari Ash48, dan juga kontribusi dari puluhan penggemar, kami dengan bangga mempersembahkan video pengenalan tentang OTW.

    Video tentang OTW menjelaskan kepada orang-orang yang tidak mengenal fandom dan karya penggemar tentang apa yang dilakukan OTW. Video ini menjelaskan tentang karya transformatif, dan memberikan keterangan singkat tentang proyek kami serta informasi tentang apa yang dibuat oleh para penggemar.

    Kami berharap anda berbagi video ini dengan sesama penggemar dan non-penggemar. Anda dapat menemukannya di YouTube, Vimeo, dan Critical Commons, juga di situs OTW.

    Relawan penerjemah OTW juga sedang membuat subtitle untuk bahasa Arab, Katala, Cina, Belanda, Finlandia, Perancis, Jerman, Indonesia, Italia, Polandia, Portugis, Spanyol, Swedia, dan Turki. Setiap kali sebuah terjemahan selesai dikerjakan, kami akan mengirim tweet dan post di Tumblr untuk menyebarkannya.

    Kami juga ingin membuat video ini dinarasi dalam sebanyak mungkin bahasa! Bisakah anda membantu kami? Jika anda fasih menggunakan suatu bahasa (atau lebih!) selain bahasa Inggris dan ingin membantu merekam trek suaranya, silakan hubungi kami. Kami akan sangat senang menerima bantuan anda!

    Partisipasi dan kolaborasi para penggemar di seluruh dunia adalah hal yang membuat OTW dan seluruh proyeknya terus berjalan dengan baik. Terima kasih telah menjadi bagian dari kami!

  • Dela med dig av OTW-videon

    By Priscilla Del Cima on Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 5:04pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    OTWs värvningskampanj för april månad är officiellt över och vi vill tacka alla som stödde den. Er generositet och era ansträngningar att sprida budskapet har gjort detta till vår mest framgångsrika kampanj någonsin! Sedan den tredje april har vi tagit emot mer än 2.800 enskilda donationer, med en totalsumma på över US$63.000. Vi har också höjt antalet medlemmar i OTW till minst 4.869 personer!

    Tack till alla medlemmar, donatorer och alla andra som har hjälpt till att sprida budskapet och gjort denna kampanj till en så strålande succé. Vi är väldigt tacksamma för ert stöd! Vi vill också tacka alla som jobbar eller är volontärer på OTW och som stött kampanjen genom att skapa, översätta och lägga upp innehåll, svarat på frågor från donatorer, designat grafik, skickat en mängd e-mail, övervakat donatorkvitton och en massa andra uppgifter. Tack för att ni har gjort kampanjen möjlig!

    Även om själva kampanjen är över så tar vi tacksamt emot donationer under hela året. I år har vi också ett mycket speciellt projekt att dela med er, ett som ni kanske vill använda för att berätta för andra varför ni stödjer OTW.

    Tack vare Ash48s otroliga kunnande inom vids, samt bidrag av verk från flera dussin fans, är vi stolta att presentera en videointroduktion till OTW.

    OTW-videon förklarar för folk som inte är bekanta med fandom och verk av fans vad OTW egentligen gör. Det definierar transformativa verk och erbjuder en överblick över våra projekt såväl som en inblick i vad fans skapar.

    Vi hoppas att ni vill dela videon med både fans och icke-fans. Ni kan hitta den på YouTube, Vimeo, och Critical Commons, samt på OTWs hemsida.

    OTWs volontärer i översättningsteamet arbetar för närvarande på textning av videon till arabiska, kinesiska, holländska, finska, franska, tyska, indonesiska, italienska, polska, portugisiska, spanska, svenska och turkiska. När varje översättning är färdig kommer vi att skicka ut tweets och tumblr-inlägg för att göra reklam för det.

    Vi vill också gärna få berättarröster till videon på så många språk som möjligt! Kan ni hjälpa till? Om ni talar ett eller flera andra språk än engelska flytande och vill hjälpa till att spela in berättarröst, så var vänlig kontakta oss. Vi vill jättegärna arbeta tillsammans med er!

    Deltagandet och samarbetet mellan fans över hela världen är vad som håller igång OTW och alla dess projekt. Tack för att ni är en del av det!

  • قم بمشاطرة الفيديو الخاص ب OTW

    By Priscilla Del Cima on Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 4:56pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    لقد إنتهت رسمياً حملة شهر أبريل للعضوية لمُنظمة الأعمال التحويلية (OTW)، و نحن نرغب في شكر كل من ساهم في دعمها. كرمكم و مجهوداتكم في نشر الخبر هي ما جعلت هذه الحملة الأنجح من أي وقت مضى! بدأً من ٣ أبريل تلقينا أكثر من ٢,٨٠٠ تبرُع فردي ليكون المجموع الكلي أكثر بقليل من ٦٣,٠٠٠ دولار. و لقد إرتفعت عضويات OTW إلى ٤,٨٦٩ أشخاص على الأقل!

    شكراً جزيلاً لكل أعضاءنا، متبرعينا، و لكل فرد ساعد في نشر الخبر لجعل الحملة تلقي هذا النجاح المبهر. نريد أيضاً أن نشكر موظفين و المتطوعين OTW الذين دعموا الحملة من خلال إنشأ، ترجمة و نشر المحتوى، الرد على إستفسارات المتبرعين، تصميم الجرافيكس، إرسال الإيميلات، رصد إيصالات التبرُع، و الكثير من المهام الأخرى التي لا تعد و لا تحصى. شكراً لكم لجعل هذه الحملة ممكنة.

    بالرغم من أن الحملة قد إنتهت، فنحن نقبل التبرُعات مع الشكر على مدار العام. هذا العام كان لدينا أيضاً مشروع مميز نرغب في أن نشاطره معكم، و الذي يمكن أن ترغبوا في إستخدامه إذا أردتم إخبار الأخرين لماذا تقومون بدعم OTW.

    بفضل مهارات المونتاج الرائعة ل Ash48، و مساهمات أعمال المُعجبين من قبل العشرات من المُعجبين، نحن فخورون لتقديم فيديو عن مقدمة OTW.

    الفيديو الخاص ب OTW يشرح للناس الغير معتادون على الفاندومس و أعمال المُعجبين ماذا تفعل OTW. و يقوم بتعريف الأعمال التحويلية، و يقدم لمحة عامة عن مشاريعنا و كذلك فكرة عن ما يقوم المُعجبين بإنشاءه.

    نحن نأمل أن تقوموا بمشاطرة الفيديو مع المُعجبين و الغير المُعجبين على حد سواء. يمكنكم أن تجدوه على يوتيوب (Youtube)، فيميو (Vimeo)، و المشاع النقدي (Critical Commons)، و كذلك على الموقع OTW.

    متطوعون لجنة الترجمة لدي OTW يعملون حالياً على الحاشية السينمائية للفيديو للغة العربية، الكتالونية، الصينية، الهولندية، الفنلندية، الفرنسية، الألمانية، الإندونيسية، الإيطالية، البولندية، البرتغالية، الاسبانية، السويدية و التركية. عند الإنتهاء من العمل على كل ترجمة، سوف نقوم بإرسال تغريدات و مشاركات على تمبلر (Tumblr) للدعاية عنها.

    يُسعدنا أيضاً أن نحصل على فيديو مُدبلج بأكثر من لغة ممكنة! هل تستطيعوا مساعدتنا؟ إذا كنتم بطلاقة اللسان في لغة (أو أكثر!) غير الإنجليزية و ترغبون في المساعدة في تسجيل المسار الصوتي، من فضلك تواصل معنا. سنكون سعداء للعمل معكم!

    إن مشاركة و تعاون المُعجبين في كل مكان هما ما يجعلان OTW قائمة و مشاريعها مستمرة. شكراً جزيلاً لكونكم جزء منها!


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