• OTW Legal at San Diego Comic-Con

    By Claudia Rebaza on Saturday, 19 July 2014 - 4:16pm
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    Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

    San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) the world-famous, multi-fandom convention is about to kick off and the OTW will be there!

    The Organization for Transformative Works, together with deviantART, will be hosting a panel titled “Comic-Con How-To: Fans, Love, and the Law” on Saturday, 26 July. The speakers will be Betsy Rosenblatt and Heidi Tandy from OTW Legal, and Josh Wattles from deviantART. They’ll be discussing the legal issues surrounding fanworks, so bring your questions about fair use, cease and desist letters, and any other legal issues that have come up in your fannish activities.

    The panel will take place in Room 2 from 3:30-4:30.

    For those interested in the Comic-Con schedule description:

    "Fan art, fanfic, and fan video are delightful passions and like all such things, if they go too far, someone might get angry. DeviantART and the Organization for Transformative Works, together holding the largest collection of fanworks in the universe based on any intellectual property within any media, will bring out their lawyers to explain how you can go to sleep at night, dream the dream of fans, and never have to hide under the bed. “Lawyer Up” with Betsy Rosenblatt and Heidi Tandy from OTW Legal and Josh Wattles from deviantART."

    For fans not at SDCC this year, the OTW Legal Committee is always open to your questions, so feel free to contact them.

  • Events Calendar for July 2014

    By Angela Nichols on Tuesday, 1 July 2014 - 5:30pm
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    Banner by caitie of curtains opening to show a stage with the words OTW Events Calendar

    Welcome to our Events Calendar roundup for the month of July! The Events Calendar can be found on the OTW website and is open to submissions by anyone with news of an event. These can be viewed by event-type, such as Academic Events, Fan Gatherings, Legal Events, OTW Events, or Technology Events taking place around the world.

    • The Almost Human fandom believes that Fox's decision to cancel Almost Human was disappointing, but they want to send the boys out in a blaze of creativity! The Almost Husbands Fic Challange is a mini Jorian fic and art challenge, with open posting throughout July. Slash and close friendship pieces welcome.

      More about Almost Human on Fanlore

    • Westercon is the "West Coast Science Fantasy Conference" held annually in the western part of the United States. Westercon 67 will take place in Sacramento, California from 3-6 July 2014. In addition to workshops and panels, the program features special guests, a masquerade and costume ball, an art show, musical events, and a writers workshop.

      More about Westercon on Fanlore

    • Readercon is an annual conference or convention devoted to "imaginative literature" — literary science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the unclassifiable works often called "slipstream." Readercon features over 150 writers, editors, publishers, and critics, attracting prominent figures from across the U.S., and international. They are joined by some 600 of their most passionate and articulate readers for a long weekend of intense conversation. Readercon 25 is 10-13 July 2014 in Burlington, Massachusetts.

      More about Readercon on Fanlore

    • Wolf's Bane The UK's second Teen Wolf convention, will be in Birmingham 11-13 July. The weekend will be complete with Guest Talks, Photo and Autograph sessions, Evening Entertainment and lots of fun! Guests include Holland Roden, JR Bourne, Daniel Sharman, Adam Fristoe, Seth Gilliam, Charlie Carver, and Max Carver.

      More about Teen Wolf on Fanlore

    • DashCon is an event on where Tumblr fans can gather and meet. Tumblr is a community so full of love, support, and creativity, and DashCon will be a place where they collaborate and connect outside of their laptops in Chicago 11-13 July 2014.

      More about Tumblr on Fanlore

    • System Administrator Appreciation Day is held to show appreciation for the work of systems administrators and other IT workers. It is celebrated on the last Friday in July. The first System Administrator Appreciation Day was celebrated on 28 July 2000. There are many suggestions for the proper observation of the holiday, the most common being cake and ice cream, so if you're reading this, thank your SysAdmins!
    • Comic Con International returns to San Diego, California for its 45th year. This mult-media, multi-genre, multi-fandom convention features panels involving celebrities, entertainers, and creators from a diverse range of entertainment. Special events, autograph signings, an exhibition hall, and screenings of films and television episodes occur throughout the 4-day event. San Diego Comic-Con will run from 24-27 July.

      More about Comic Con International on Fanlore

    Calls for Papers this month come from:

    • “Manga Futures: Institutional and Fannish Approaches in Japan and Beyond” Manga Studies is now emerging as an important field of scholarship and criticism within Japanese Studies and Cultural Studies. Today’s students are not simply consumers of manga. They live in a convergent media environment where they occupy multiple roles as fans, students and “produsers” (producers + users) of Japanese cultural content. Many students are engaged in “scanlation” and “fansubbing” sites as well as the production and dissemination of dōjin (fan-produced) work. These practices contribute to manga’s global appeal, influence and ease of access, but also raise ethical and legal issues, not least infringement of copyright.

      Invited proposals include, but are not limited to, the following themes: Fan appropriations of and contributions to manga culture in Japan and beyond, Ethical and legal challenges in the production and consumption of manga, Institutional support for or criticism of manga culture, The use of manga in Japan studies and Japan language pedagogy, The future of “manga studies” – theory and methods.
      Due date for proposals: 13 July 2014

    Help out a researcher!

    This month we have received a request for research participation from Barbara Galiza, a masters student of Digital Culture & Society at King's College London. She is writing a thesis on the evolution of digital platforms used for fandom and is looking for participants to answer a survey. Her study was approved by the college's Research Ethics Office.

    If you have any questions about her research, she may be contacted at barbara.galiza [at] kcl.ac.uk. Her supervisor is Btihaj Ajana who may be reached at btihaj.ajana [at] kcl.ac.uk and by telephone at +44 (0)20 7848 1011, or by mail at:

    King's College London
    Room 222, 26-29 Drury Lane
    London WC2B 5RL

    The research results will be presented at the Digital Research in Humanities and Arts conference in September and her completed dissertation will be published online and shared with the OTW.

    If you have requests for research participation, please view our policy for inclusion at our website.

    The OTW encourages anyone to submit an event that's not already listed, and to check out the calendar throughout the year!

  • 与支持团队在线交谈(支持多语言!)

    By LilyC on Sunday, 22 June 2014 - 7:30pm
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    Banner by caitie with 'otw chat' at its center and emoticons and other symbols in word bubbles surrounding it.

    Archive of Our Own(AO3 作品库)的支持团队负责与作品库相关的用户问题。无论是接收、答覆您的意见和反馈,登记您的建议,或是转交您的故障报告给我们的程序员,我们都尽心尽力地为您解决问题。然而,有些较复杂的操作步骤或无法解决的问题很难在电子邮件里给您完整的答覆。


    活动时间为协调世界时 (UTC) 的 6 月 29 日周日下午 1 点至 6 月 30 日凌晨 1 点( 我的时区是几点?)。志愿者将会回答 中文、芬兰语、德语、印尼语、葡萄牙语、西班牙语和瑞典语的提问。如果您无法参加此次聊天,请留意下次活动时间,支持团队将在今年下半年举办其他聊天活动。

    如果您在使用 AO3 作品库的过程中遇到问题,想要尝试某些新设备,或是希望得到某项功能的说明,欢迎来到我们的聊天室与我们面对面交流!


    我们并未准备陈述或是资料——这方面我们已有常见问题教程管理员帖。此次聊天的目的是交流 ,而非灌输 。我们欢迎您进入聊天室打个招呼,但如果您能进来对我们说 “嗨,我的作品已经完结了,可为什么还是显示为连载中呢?!”,那就更好了。

    作为支持团队,我们专门帮助用户解决程序漏洞和类似问题,将之转告我们的程序员和系统团队,帮助他们使这个网站持续运营。也就是说,关于政策上的问题超​​出了支持团队雇用的工作范围(只是开玩笑——我们没有一个人获得工资!)所以,如果您对 AO3 或是 Organization for Transformative Works(OTW 再创作组织)的政策有疑问或想对此评论,无论是正面或是负面的建议,支持团队的聊天活动并不是一个合适的管道与我们分享这些信息。如果您确实想和我们聊聊政策问题(例如 AO3储存同人分析文的方案,标签系统的理论问题,类别变更等),我们可以指引您到相关的管理员贴链接,或是告诉您联系方式,您可以将反馈直接投告给负责此类问题的小组团队。



    即时聊天最适合 “我该如何……?” 或是 “为什么……?” 这类问题。


    • 我想组织一项挑战赛,但我不清楚该怎么做。
    • 相关以上一点,我提交了一项匿名挑战赛的作品,作品存档在哪?!
    • 我想要发布作品,但所见即所得编辑框无法创造出我想要的排版格式。我该怎么利用自定义面板添加样式?
    • 我想在 AO3 发布很多过去的作品——最简单完成这目标的方式是什么?

    我们非常乐意​​帮助您解决任何此类问题,以及您遇到的其他困难,或是与您谈谈您打算在 AO3 作品库中尝试的新功能。

  • Chattaile Käyttäjätuen kanssa (useilla eri kielillä!)

    By LilyC on Sunday, 22 June 2014 - 7:27pm
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    Banner by caitie with 'otw chat' at its center and emoticons and other symbols in word bubbles surrounding it.

    Kun lähetät tukipyynnön Support and Feedback -lomakkeen eli palautelomakkeen kautta, siihen mahdollisimman nopeasti vastaaminen ja toimintotoiveen rekisteröinti, ohjelmointivirheen raportointi tai ongelman selvittäminen on niiden käyttäjätuen jäsenten vastuulla, jotka tekevät töitä Archive of Our Own - AO3 -sivuston (Oma Arkisto) parissa. Viralliset käyttäjätuen sähköpostit eivät kuitenkaan aina ole paras mahdollinen tapa selittää, miksi jokin asia ei toimi tai miten jonkin asian kanssa pitäisi menetellä.

    Tämän vuoksi Käyttäjätuki järjestää Avoimen Chatin julkisessa chat-huoneessa, jonka voit avata tästä linkistä: https://fanarchive.campfirenow.com/a547a.

    Tuki on tavattavissa 29. - 30. kesäkuuta, alkaen sunnuntaina klo 13 (klo 16 Suomen aikaa), ja päättyen maanantaina klo 01 (klo 04 Suomen aikaa) (mihin aikaan minun aikavyöhykkeelläni?. Vapaaehtoisemme voivat vastata kysymyksiin espanjaksi, indonesiaksi, kiinaksi, portugaliksi, ruotsiksi, saksaksi ja suomeksi. Jos et pääse osallistumaan tällä kertaa, ei hätää: Käyttäjätuki järjestää chatteja myös myöhemmin tänä vuonna.

    Jos sinulla on ongelmia AO3:n käyttämisen kanssa, tarvitset apua jonkin uuden kokeilemisessa tai haluaisit jonkun selittävän toimintoja sinulle, käy chatissa kysymässä meiltä suoraan!

    Jotta kaikki sujuisi hyvin, hieman ohjeistusta Käyttäjätuelta

    Emme ole valmistelleet hienoa esitystä tai monistepinoa--meillä on jo rutkasti UKK:ita (englanniksi), tutoriaaleja (englanniksi) ja ylläpidon tiedotteita (englanniksi) sitä varten. Reaaliaikaisen chatin tarkoituksena on puhua teidänkanssanne, ei esitelmöidä teille. Olemme iloisia, jos piipahdat vain sanomaan hei, mutta vielä iloisempia olemme, jos piipahdat sanomaan hei ja ihmettelemään, miksei teoksesi suostu näkymään sivustolla kokonaisuudessaan.

    Meidän tehtävämme Käyttäjätukena on auttaa ohjelmointivirheiden ja muiden ongelmien kanssa ja välittää tiedot niistä ohjelmoijille ja Ylläpidolle, jotka pitävät sivuston toiminnassa. Tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että meille ei makseta palkkaa käyttöehtoihin ja sisältöön liittyviin kysymyksiin vastaamisesta. (Vitsi vitsi--eihän meille makseta lainkaan palkkaa!) Käyttäjätuen chat ei siis ole oikea paikka kysymyksille tai palautteelle koskien AO3:n tai OTW:n (Transformatiivisten teosten järjestö) käyttöehtoja. Jos haluat keskustella jonkun kanssa käyttöehdoista (metasisällöstä AO3:ssa, avainsanojen filosofiasta, kategoriauudistuksesta jne.), voimme osoittaa sinulle asianmukaisen ylläpitotiedotteen tai yhteystiedon, jotta palautteesi tulee perille sinne, missä siihen voidaan vastata.

    Lisäksi varaamme oikeuden olla vastaamatta julkisessa chatissa kysymyksiin, jotka vaarantavat käyttäjien yksityisyyden (mikäli vastauksena on esimerkiksi sähköpostiosoite tai muuta henkilökohtaista tietoa). Näissä tapauksissa neuvomme käyttämään palautelomaketta ja olemme yhteydessä sähköpostitse.

    No nyt kun tämä on selvää, mistä me sitten voimme kysellä?

    Chat on paras paikka kysymyksille, jotka alkavat “miten voin tehdä” tai “miksi tämä (ei)”.

    Saatat esimerkiksi olla pohtinut seuraavaa:

    • Haluaisin perustaa haasteen mutta en ole varma, miten toimia.
    • Haasteista puheen ollen, mihin anonyymiin haasteeseen lähetetty teokseni oikein katosi?!
    • Haluan käyttää muotoilua, jota Rich Text Editor ei anna minun käyttää. Miten teen sen käyttämällä work skin -toimintoa?
    • Haluan lisätä monta vanhempaa teostani AO3:een -- mikä olisi helpoin tapa tehdä se?

    Autamme mielellämme näiden ja minkä tahansa muiden kysymysten kanssa, jotta pääset käyttämään AO3:a juuri niin kuin haluat.

  • Chatta med Supporten (på flera språk!)

    By LilyC on Sunday, 22 June 2014 - 7:24pm
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    Banner by caitie with 'otw chat' at its center and emoticons and other symbols in word bubbles surrounding it.

    Medarbetarna inom Support för Archive of Our Own - AO3 (Vårt Eget Arkiv) är dom som tar emot de ärenden som du har skickat in via formuläret för support och feedback. De försöker arbeta så snabbt som möjligt för att registrera ditt förslag på funktioner, föra vidare din rapport om buggar till våra kodare, eller göra sitt bästa för att hjälpa dig med dina problem. Emellertid, när det gäller att förklara hur man gör vissa saker eller varför något inte verkar fungera ordentligt, så är de formella e-mailen som skickas fram och tillbaka till Support inte alltid den bästa metoden.

    Därför kommer det att hållas en öppen chattsession i vårt publika chattrum på denna adress: https://fanarchive.campfirenow.com/a547a.

    Supportens medarbetare kommer att finnas tillgängliga söndagen den 29:e juni kl. 13:00 UTC fram till den 30:e juni kl. 01:00 UTC (vilken tid är det i min tidszon?). Volontärer kommer även att finnas tillgängliga för att svara på frågor på finska, indonesiska, kinesiska, portugisiska, spanska, svenska och tyska.. Om du inte kan komma till den här chatten, håll ögonen öppna för nästa! Support kommer nämligen att ha fler chattar senare i år.

    Om du har problem med att använda Arkivet, vill ha hjälp när du prövar något nytt, eller behöver en förklaring av en av våra funktioner, får du gärna dyka upp och prata med oss personligen!

    Några riktlinjer från Support, bara så att saker flyter på utan problem

    Vi har inte någon snygg presentation eller något material förberett -- det finns ett flertal FAQ, manualer och administratörsinlägg för sådant. Poängen med chatten är att tala med dig, inte inför dig. Det är trevligt om du dyker upp och säger "hej", men det är ännu bättre om du dyker upp och säger: "Hej, vad är det för fel på mitt verk som vägrar listas som ‘komplett’ trots att det är det?!".

    Som Support så är vår funktion att hjälpa användare med buggar och problem och föra vidare rapporter till Kodare och System, som är de grupper som faktiskt håller igång sidan. Det betyder att policyfrågor ligger långt över vår lönegrad. (Skojar bara -- ingen av oss får betalt!) Så, om du har frågor eller kommentarer när det gäller någon policy för AO3 eller OTW (Organisationen för Transformativa Verk), vare sig det är positiv eller negativ feedback, så är Support-chatten inte rätt plats för dem. Om du vill tala med någon om policyfrågor (meta-perspektiv på Arkivet, filosofiska problem med taggningssystemet, kategoriförändringar, osv.) kan vi hänvisa dig till ett lämpligt administratörsinlägg eller en kontaktadress, så att du kan lämna feedback direkt till de personer som hanterar det område som din fråga gäller.

    Dessutom: om det verkar som att svaret på en fråga skulle kunna kränka någon användares integritet (om svaret till exempel kräver en e-mailadress eller någon annan personlig information) kan det hända att vi inte vill svara via chatten. I sådana fall hänvisar vi användaren som frågar vidare till ett Support-formulär så att vi kan kommunicera via e-mail.

    Så, nu när vi har rett ut det där, vad är det vi ska prata om?

    Chatten är bäst för frågor av typen "Hur kan jag…?" eller "Varför händer…?"

    Till exempel kanske du har undrat:

    • Jag skulle vilja starta en utmaning, men jag är inte säker på hur jag kan göra det jag vill...
    • Apropå det, vad hände med mitt verk som jag lade upp som svar på en anonym utmaning?!
    • Jag vill göra inlägg med formatering som RTF-redigeringen inte tillåter. Hur kan jag ta hjälp av en stilmall?
    • Jag vill lägga till en hel massa av mina äldre verk till AO3 -- vad är det enklaste sättet att göra det på?

    Vi hjälper dig gärna med alla av dessa frågor, och vad som helst annat som du har problem med eller som du vill försöka göra med Arkivet.

  • Chat with Support (in multiple languages!)

    By Claudia Rebaza on Sunday, 22 June 2014 - 7:11pm
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    Banner by caitie with 'otw chat' at its center and emoticons and other symbols in word bubbles surrounding it.

    AO3 Support staffers are the people who receive your tickets through the Support and Feedback form and try to respond as soon as possible to register your feature suggestion, pass your bug report on to our coders, or do their best to help you out with a problem. However, when it comes to explaining how to do things or why something doesn't seem to be working right, the formal back-and-forth emails of a Support request aren't always ideal.

    So Support will be holding an Open Chat session in our public chat room. They'll be available on Sunday, June 29, 13:00 UTC to June 30, 01:00 UTC (what time is that in my timezone?). Volunteers will be available to answer inquiries in Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. If you can't make it to this chat, keep an eye out for the next as Support will be doing other chats later this year.

    If you're having a problem using the Archive, want help trying something new, or would like an explanation of one of our features, please drop in and talk to us in person!

    Some guidelines from Support, just to keep things running smoothly

    We don't have a fancy presentation or material prepared--there are plenty of FAQs, tutorials, and admin posts for that. The point of live chat is to talk with you, not at you. We're happy for you to drop in and say "hi", but it's even better if you drop in and say, "Hi, what's up with my work that won't show as complete even though it is?!"

    As Support, our function is to help users with bugs and issues, and pass reports on to our Coders and Systems team, who actually keep the place running. This means that policy questions are way over our pay grade. (Just kidding--none of us get paid!) So, if you have questions or comments about AO3 or OTW policies, good or bad, Support Chat isn't the right place for them. If you do want to talk to someone about policy issues (meta on the Archive, philosophical issues with the tagging system, category change, etc.) we can direct you to the appropriate admin post or contact address so you can leave feedback directly for the people dealing with the area of your concern.

    Additionally, if a question looks like it might violate a user's privacy to answer (if it needs an email address or other personal information, for example) we may not be willing to work with it in chat. In those cases, we'll redirect a user to the Support Form so we can communicate via email.

    So, now that that's out of the way, what kind of things are we going to talk about?

    Live chat is best for questions of a "How do I...?" or "Why does it...?" nature.

    For example, you might have been wondering:

    • I'd like to run a challenge, but I'm not sure how to do what I want.
    • For that matter, where did my work submitted to an anonymous challenge go?!
    • I want to post using formatting the Rich Text Editor won't give me. How do I do it using a work skin?
    • I want to add a lot of my older works to the AO3 -- what would be the easiest way to do that?

    We'd be happy to help you with any of these questions, and anything else you're having trouble doing or would like to try doing with the Archive.

  • Events Calendar June 2014

    By Angela Nichols on Sunday, 1 June 2014 - 4:10pm
    Message type:

    Event Calendar Icon

    Welcome to our Events Calendar roundup for the month of June! The Events Calendar can be found on the OTW website and is open to submissions by anyone with news of an event. These can be viewed by event-type, such as Academic Events, Fan Gatherings, Legal Events, OTW Events, or Technology Events taking place around the world.

    • Archive of Our Own is the site for the Crossovering Challenge. Crossovering is a multi-fandom crossover exchange. It’s your opportunity to request crossovers between your favorite fandoms and to write them too! Sign ups are open June 4-13. If you do not have an AO3 account and would like to participate, please let the mods know before sign-ups and they can get you an invitation.

      More about Crossovers on Fanlore

    • Alpha Con on June 6th is an unofficial Teen Wolf & Vampire Diaries Convention in Vösendorf, Austria. At AlphaCon fans will have the opportunity to meet your favourite actor/actress first-hand, attend Q&A panels and themed parties, get autographs and photo shoots and participate in a few more surprises!

      More about Teen Wolf on Fanlore
      More about The Vampire Diaries on Fanlore

    • Sinpozium, aka “Sinpoz” is a multifandom Sydney slash gathering. It is a fan-run, not-for-profit weekend-long slash slumber party! Activities will include discussions, fandom pimping, games, vid watching and more. Sinpozium is open to programming ideas. You must be 18 or older to attend.

      More about Sinpozium on Fanlore

    • VuPop2: An Academic Conference Where YOU are the Hero: Interactive Fiction in Print and Online For several decades gamebooks like Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy have been finding ways to directly involve the reader in the narrative of the book and to encompass multiple possibilities within a single volume. Computer games and other digital media have brought fiction into new and infinitely variable realms. On 9 June in Villanova, PA VuPop2 conference will examine the evolution of interactive fiction and discuss ways in which it can be studied and used pedagogically.
    • Supanova is Comic-con, Australian style!
      Supernova is where the adoring public comes face to face with Supa-Star celebrities and the creative talent that inspire their imaginary worlds under one big roof. The event includes comic books, animation, science-fiction, TV/movies, toys, gaming, fantasy, technology, books, internet sites and fan-clubs, the result is an amazing atmosphere tailor made for expressing your inner geek and where getting into cosplay obvious thing to do! Notable Guest include Jon Heder, Michael Rosenbaum, Robin Hobb, and many more! Supanova will be in Sydney June 13-15 and Perth June 20-22!

      More about Supanova on Fanlore

    • EyeCon is well known for bringing our attendees the absolute most "personal" time with the stars is announcing their first ever convention devoted to the fandom surrounding the epic, ultra popular MTV series Teen Wolf! Meet and mingle with Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Adelaide Kane, and more! at Q&As, Autographs, parties, and more in Atlanta, Georgia on June 13-15.

      More about Teen Wolf on Fanlore

    • CON.TXT on June 13 in Silver Springs, Maryland id a place to gather and celebrate the joy of slash fandom. Indulge in endless conversation about your favorite guys (or girls), debate metaslash topics of great import, and squee over the pretty, all in the company of like-minded folk.

      More about CON.TXR on Fanlore

    • Cakebang: The Supernatural and Supernatural RPF Podfic Big Bang Cakebang is open to podficcers and artists. Podficcers can submit 10,000 word minimum for the Mini Bang and/or a 20,000 word minimum for the Big Bang. Artists may check out the claims post and claim any available podfic. If you wish to create art or can sign up and make note that you would like to be alerted when a new podfic is added to the list. Cakebang will be accepting new sign-ups until Friday, June 13 with posting scheduled to begin Monday, June 16.

      More about Big Bang challenges on Fanlore
      More about Supernatural on Fanlore

    • Join tens of thousands of fans as they converge on the Pennsylvania Convention Center June 19-22 at Philadelphia Comic Con to celebrate the best in pop culture. Philadelphia Comic Con brings it all - Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles, Anime, Manga & More! Guests include Cast from Marvel Films, Doctor Who, the Whedonverse, The Walking Dead, and more
    • Days of the Wolf Join Teen Wolf fans from around the in celebrating this fantastic MTV hit show on June 28-29 in Chicago. Join guests Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, JR Bourne, and Linden Ashby for on stage events, Cosplay, Music Video Contest,Gala Party, Trivia and more!

      More about Teen Wolf on Fanlore

    Calls for Papers this month come from:

    • Manga Futures Postgraduate Workshop Manga Futures is hosting a postgraduate workshop entitled, “Research and Career Futures in Japanese Popular Culture Studies”. Postgraduate students who are currently working on topics related to contemporary Japanese popular culture and are looking for an open space where they can share their knowledge and experience in their respective fields are welcome to submit a proposal on the following themes: Commonalities and differences in fandom-based creation and criticism between Japan and other countries, Ethical and legal challenges in the production and consumption of manga, The use of popular culture in Japan studies and Japan language pedagogy. The due date for proposals is 13 June 2014
    • Intellect's Fan Phenomena book series is now seeking chapters for a new volume on fandom and James Bond. Phenomena: James Bond is aimed at both fans and those interested in the cultural and social aspects of James Bond. As such the book is intended to be entertaining, informative, and accessible to a broad audience. Suggested topics include: Bond as lifestyle icon, Bond merchandise, memorabilia and collecting, Bond fans’ use of different media to create community, etc. Please send a 300 word abstract and a short bio by 30 June 2014 to be considered.

      More about James Bond on Fanlore

    The OTW encourages anyone to submit an event that's not already listed, and to check out the calendar throughout the year!

  • April Showers 2014 Roundup

    By Cherith on Monday, 5 May 2014 - 12:12am
    Message type:

    Now that April has left us for another year, we must also leave behind our April Showers fandom celebrations.

    But that doesn't mean that the fun is over! Below, we've collected the links to every fandom post we made, along with links to each fandom's AO3 and Fanlore pages, so you can make sure you didn't miss any of them. And the April Showers Recs (2014) collection has been filled with recommended works in dozens of fandoms, perfect to browse through while waiting for those May Flowers to appear.

    We'd love to thank each and every one of you who reblogged, retweeted, liked, and clicked on any of our tweets or Tumblr posts ... but that would take too long and would get in the way of your checking out all the great fandoms listed here!

    So, without further ado, here are the celebrated fandoms of April Showers 2014.

    Highest clickthroughs from ao3org

    Young Wizards – Diane Duane -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    Labyrinth -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    due south -- [AO3] [Fanlore]

    Highest clickthroughs from fanlore_news

    Rooster Teeth
    My Little Pony
    Dangan Ronpa

    Week One:

    1. Warehouse 13 -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    2. Dangan Ronpa -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    3. Divergent Series – Veronica Roth -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    4. "Get a Mac" Commercials -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    5. Labyrinth -- [AO3] [Fanlore]

    Week Two:

    1. Transformers: Prime -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    2. Dishonored (Video Game) -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    3. No. 6 – Asano Atsuko -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    4. Rooster Teeth -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    5. My Little Pony -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    6. Pacific Rim -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    7. French Revolution RPF -- [AO3] [Fanlore]

    Week Three:

    1. Discworld Series – Terry Pratchett -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    2. Hannibal (TV) -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    3. Young Avengers -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    4. Tatort -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    5. Legend of Zelda -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    6. Cornetto Trilogy -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    7. Nancy Drew – Carolyn Keene -- [AO3] [Fanlore]

    Week Four:

    1. Sandman (Comics) -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    2. due south -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    3. Elder Scrolls -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    4. Arashi (Band) -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    5. Frozen -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    6. Free! -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    7. Young Wizards – Diane Duane -- [AO3] [Fanlore]

    Week Five:

    1. Bioshock -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    2. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    3. Power Rangers -- [AO3] [Fanlore]
    4. Welcome to Night Vale -- [AO3] [Fanlore]

  • Events Calendar for May 2014

    By Claudia Rebaza on Thursday, 1 May 2014 - 6:22pm
    Message type:

    Banner by caitie of curtains opening to show a stage with the words OTW Events Calendar

    Welcome to our Events Calendar roundup for the month of May! The Events Calendar can be found on the OTW website and is open to submissions by anyone with news of an event. These can be viewed by event-type, such as Academic Events, Fan Gatherings, Legal Events, OTW Events, or Technology Events taking place around the world.

    • Free Comic Book Day takes place on "the first Saturday in May each year - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE to anyone who comes into their stores."

      More about Free Comic Book Day on Fanlore

    • M/M Rares

      M/M Rares is an annual fanfiction exchange for rare slash pairings. Participants write a fic at least 1000 words long focusing on a slash pairing another participant has requested. As this is an exchange, they receive a 1000+ word fic featuring a slash pairing they requested in return.

      Nominations Open: 13 April
      Nominations Close: 3 May @ 8:00pm PDT
      Signups Open: 5 May @ 8:00pm PDT
      Signups Close: 23 May @ 8:00 PDT
      Assignments Sent: No later than 30 May @ 8:00pm PDT
      Fics Due: 25 July @ 8:00pm PDT
      Fics Revealed: 1 August @ 8:00pm PDT
      Authors Revealed: 8 August @ 8:00pm PDT

      More about M/M Rares on Fanlore

    • LexiCon

      LexiCon is an open-to-all gaming convention. Visitors can learn to play new games like Gravwell, Sentinels - Vengeance, Jupiter Rising, Relic Runners, City of Iron, and BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia. LexiCon also will have family gaming events like "Learn 5 Family Games in 90 minutes" and Adult Party nights Friday and Saturday. There will also be a Magic the Gathering Tournament with $1,000 1st prize, plus lots of extras.

    • BLush Convention

      BLush Convention is a biennial not-for-profit event organized for Philippine and Asian fans of Boys' Love and Yaoi. The first event was held last 8th December 2012 at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila. This year it will take place on May 3 in Manila. It will feature panels and talks, merchandise booths, the much-anticipated butler cafe, La Vie En Rose, and more.

    • Open Doors chat with fans

      OTW's Open Doors committee will be holding two public chats on Campfire (the online chat platform the OTW uses) in order to discuss the import of the Yuletide archives to the AO3. The second will be held on May 4, 1am UTC (see when the chat is held in your timezone)

    • VidUKon 2014

      Vidukon is a fan run convention in the UK where fannish vidders and vid watchers get together to OD on vids and vid talk and have the fun times. Aside from video shows, panels and workshops will run for those interested in the whys and wherefores. A Vid Bazaar is also included in the con-suite where DVDs are up for sale or swap. You can get a spot on the table for a flat fee, payable at registration. Registration is £40 for an attending membership, which includes two and a half days.

      VidUKon is also accepting Premieres and submissions to their Vidder's Choice show - a chance for any member (attending or supporting) to show a vid of their choice during the opening evening. Deadlines for these are 11th May 2014.

      Starting in 2014, a virtual convention will be running alongside the physical convention. If you buy a supporting membership, you will be able to watch the vidshow, including Premieres, streaming, in real time, with comments enabled to discuss the shows with your fellow virtual attendees! After the convention, this will be available to everyone. They are also considering streaming some panels, depending on interest.

      More about VidUKon on Fanlore

    • WisCon

      Running since 1977, WisCon is the first and foremost feminist science fiction convention in the world. WisCon encourages discussion, debate and extrapolation of ideas relating to feminism, gender, race and class. WisCon honors writers, editors and artists whose work explores these themes and whose voices have opened new dimensions and territory in these issues.

      Special events include the Tiptree bake sale and auction, a writer's workshop and a Dessert Party, as well as a vid party. The deadline for submitting a vid is Friday, May 9, 2014, two weeks before the con.

      More about WisCon on Fanlore

    Calls for Papers this month come from:

    • Stardom and Celebrity in Contemporary India

      The forthcoming issue of Indian Journal of Comparative Literature & Translation Studies is opening submissions on "Stardom and Celebrity in Contemporary India". The informing assumption is that there is no single culture of celebrity and the issue will endeavor to highlight the co-existence of multiple domains of celebrity culture in India. IJCLTS invites original, unpublished and innovative work from across the disciplines and across the world. The extent of the essays should be between 3000-5000 words or shorter but rigorously analytic pieces (500-1500 words) whose scope is less extensive than that of an essay but which raises a pertinent point regarding celebrity culture. The pertinent master categories of India studies.

      Besides the articles, IJCLTS is looking for translations, interviews, and book reviews. Submit by 31st May 2014.

    • CFP: My Little Pony: A Transcultural Phenomenon

      "This one day conference seeks to place the 30 year long ‘My Little Pony’ series within critical, cultural and creative contexts, exploring the brand from a multi-disciplinary range of perspectives. 300 word abstracts are invited." The conference will be held at University of Brighton – Grand Parade on Saturday 28 June 2014. Please send abstracts and enquiries to Ewan Kirkland at e.kirkland [at] brighton.ac.uk.

      Deadline for abstracts: 28 May 2014

    • CFP: Queer Fan Cultures in Greater China

      Queer fandom nowadays has become a global phenomenon. The blooming of Chinese queer fandoms in the past two decades has also offered rich sites of queer representations of gender and sexuality. Yet, research explicating Chinese queer fandoms is still far from adequate. The editors seek chapter contributions that elaborate the cultural specificities, significances, transformativity, hybridity, historicity, and futurity epitomized by Chinese queer fan cultures. We are especially keen to receive manuscripts that consider the queer dimensions of gender, sexuality, desire, and fantasy from a wide range of Chinese temporal and geographical settings. We also very welcome submissions that employ interdisciplinary and/or comparative approaches.

      To submit chapter proposal submissions for consideration, please send a 1000- to 1500-word abstract with working bibliography and a CV by May 30th, 2014 to queerfandom2014 [at] yahoo.com.

    • CFP: The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Solutions and Resolutions

      Charles Dickens’s last novel, unfinished as it is, has become a call to arms to a legion of fans, academics and authors to solve the mystery and complete the uncompleted. The Victorian Popular Fiction Association will publish The Drood Inquiry, which will investigate and celebrate the many weird and wonderful responses to Dickens’s story, exploring the ways in which these solutions reflect upon the authors’ attitudes to Dickens and his legacy, and how Dickens’s story and characters exist both within the boundaries of the original text and without in the numerous spin-offs that have arisen.

      Proposals are welcome for 20 minute papers to be presented at a one day conference on the themes of the book or the insights its subsequent treatment can provide on Dickens’s reputation, as well as any discussion of theories on how the story ends. Proposals (up to 500 words) and a brief biographical note should be sent by 31 May 2014.

    • CFP: Golden Age or Gilded Age? Fan Cultures, Past, Present, and Future

      Fan culture has been intimately linked with mass media since the beginning of the movies in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As various technologies have pushed media evolution along – sound, color, television, and internet – fan culture has kept pace and fueled not only consumption but also developed communities. First in fan magazines, then at conventions, fan culture has spread and inspired fans to celebrate the media they loved. This love frequently leads to the development of derivative works such as fan fiction and fan editing—the expansion of existing media elements into whole new worlds.

      Is this the Golden Age of Fan Culture, as brought about by the internet’s ability to transmit media and foster communities, or is this a Gilded Age, where fan culture has gone postmodern, sometimes eclipsing the objects and subjects of fan desire? This area welcomes proposals on a diverse range of topics pertaining to fan culture, both present and historic, with a particular emphasis on visual media such as film and television.

      2014 Film & History Conference is looking for submissions of 200-word proposals by 1 June 2014.

    The OTW encourages anyone to submit an event that's not already listed, and to check out the calendar throughout the year!

  • Yuletide chat reminder

    By Claudia Rebaza on Friday, 25 April 2014 - 4:08pm
    Message type:

    Banner by caitie with 'otw chat' at its center and emoticons and other symbols in word bubbles surrounding it.

    Just a reminder that Open Doors will be holding two public chats on Campfire (the online chat platform the OTW uses) for Yuletide participants. The first will be on April 26, 4pm UTC (what time is that in my timezone?)

    Anyone who has questions about the process is welcome to join the Open Doors team at those chats, and we’ll do our best to answer you. We would also like to direct Yuletide participants to our announcement post as it has been updated with information about the import of comments. Please read the section beginning with Edited to say as we will NOT be able to add backdated comments to works after the import in May.

    For those Yuletide participants who didn't want to wait for us to import your fic to AO3 for you, Open Doors would like to encourage you to add your works to the Yuletide subcollections they belong to. It's not required, but it'd be great to keep things together! And it would make our upcoming import of the old Yuletide archive run that much more smoothly. To add multiple fics to a collection at once, here's how:

    1. While logged into your account, hover over your pseud and select “My Works”.
    2. From that page, click “Edit Works” (to mass edit works).
      Select all the story titles that you want to transfer into a given collection. Click “Edit”.
    3. In the second section of this page is the option to “Add To Collections”. Type in "Yuletide" followed by the year (e.g., "Yuletide 2008") or "New Year's Resolution" followed by the year (e.g. "New Year's Resolution 2011") and it should be appear in the autofill. Note: Don’t change anything else, or it will overwrite what was originally on the story.)
    4. Click “Update All Works” at the bottom.

    For a visual view of the above steps we have a few slides to help.

    If you have questions, or want to know how Open Doors can help your archive, shoot us an email through our contact form.


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