• Chat with Support (in multiple languages!)

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    AO3 Support staffers are the people who receive your tickets through the Support and Feedback form and try to respond as soon as possible to register your feature suggestion, pass your bug report on to our coders, or do their best to help you out with a problem. However, when it comes to explaining how to do things or why something doesn't seem to be working right, the formal back-and-forth emails of a Support request aren't always ideal.

    So Support will be holding an Open Chat session in our public chat room.

    They'll be available on Saturday, August 30, 13:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC (what time is that in my timezone?). Volunteers will be available to answer inquiries in Chinese, English, Finnish, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. If you can't make it to this chat, keep an eye out for the next time as Support will be doing other chats later this year.

  • OTW Fannews: Working For and Against Fans

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    In February 2014, OTW Legal submitted comments to the European Commission in regards to its copyright regulations review. Now a report is out summing up the responses. "The results are not entirely surprising and very clear: we have a strong divide among copyright stakeholders with end users and institutional users (e.g. libraries, archives, universities) strongly in favor of copyright reform and authors, collective management organizations, publishers and producers in favor of the current copyright system."

  • OTW Volunteers & Recruiting 2013 Report Now Available

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    We are pleased to announce that the Volunteers & Recruiting Committee has published its 2013 Annual Report (PDF or HTML). This is the second annual report the committee has produced, and the first one available to non-OTW personnel. Our committee handles various tasks for the OTW, the main one being to assist our committees in finding volunteers, and to process individuals into and out of the organization.

  • OTW Fannews: Getting Along

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    OTW Fannews Getting Along

    TIME's James Poniewozik examined why different media fandoms need to play nice. "Outlander the TV series is an adaptation, which Starz–like HBO or AMC or any other adapter–is making for an audience that, ideally, will be far larger than the readership alone. Can you not have a legitimate opinion on them unless you have read the source books–and unless you love the source books and are invested in a series you haven’t yet seen? Are the old fans the true fans, the authentic fans, the authoritative fans? Can you truly appreciate and understand an adaption without reading the source–or is it actually a handicap?"

  • OTW Legal Represents Fans at Roundtable

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    The OTW's Legal Committee has been representing fans in a series of discussions dubbed "The Green Paper Roundtable", which are part of the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)'s efforts to seek public comments on copyright policy issues.

    The OTW's earlier participation led to our team having a seat in these ongoing discussions to advise the NTIA/PTO on a legal framework for the creation of remixes.

  • OTW Fannews: Enduring Effects

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    OTW Fannews Enduring Effects

    An Autostraddle post explored the influence of femslash. "I didn’t find femslash until I was 17. I can’t remember the exactly when but I do remember the exactly what: Ginny Weasley and Pansy Parkinson. I noticed that Ginny seemed a lot happier and more alive with Pansy than she ever did with Harry, kind of like how teenage me was noticing that I hated being around boys but was positively radiant in a girl’s presence. You can actually track the evolution of my sexuality with the fanfiction I read and wrote: the more comfortable I became with my hugely gay life, the more hugely gay my bookshelf was, fanfiction included."

  • OTW Fannews: Cons, Cons, Cons

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    As many cons are opening their doors this month, SDCC continues to draw a lot of media attention. Vox wrote about its evolution. "Please understand: I don't think anyone is wrong to love Hall H...But when the only pursuit our films have is awesomeness, and humanity is leeched out of so many of them, it's not hard to look at all of the marketing here and wonder whether it's time to stop asking for the 90th iteration of the same old thing and, instead, hope for something new...There's a beauty and purity to the expression of love that is fandom, but Hollywood has figured out a little too well how to channel that in events like Comic-Con. We are invited, over and over again, to keep paying homage at the same temples, to the same gods. We celebrate, and we celebrate, and we celebrate, but we forget all too often to create."

  • OTW Fannews: Studying Fandom

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    The International Business Times was one of many outlets that wrote about a college course on Game of Thrones. "The students also take turns to lead classroom discussions, which touch on diverse topics including racialism, fan-fiction, gender roles and power, identity formation, incest, cultural allegory and, of course, good, evil and the grey area in between. For their final assignment, students will create their own addition to the Game of Thrones saga."

  • Looking for Elections Volunteers & Translators

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    Banner by Erin of a close-up of Rosie the Riveter's arm with an OTW logo on it and the words 'OTW Recruitment'

    We would like to thank everyone who responded to our previous call for Elections volunteers and Web Developer staffers.

    Today, we're excited to announce the opening of applications for:

    • Elections Workgroup Volunteer: Voting Process Architect - closing 18 August 2014 UTC
    • Translation Volunteer - closing 18 August 2014 UTC

    We have included more information on each role below. Open roles and applications will always be available at the volunteering page. If you don't see a role that fits with your skills and interests now, keep an eye on the listings. We plan to put up new applications every few weeks, and we will also publicize new roles as they become available.

    All applications generate a confirmation page and an auto-reply to your e-mail address. We encourage you to read the confirmation page and to whitelist volunteers -(at)- transformativeworks -(dot)- org in your e-mail client. If you do not receive the auto-reply within 24 hours, please check your spam filters and then contact us.

    If you have questions regarding volunteering for the OTW, check out our Volunteering FAQ.

  • OTW at LonCon and Dragon Con!

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    At this year's LonCon, the 2014 host of WorldCon, the OTW will be hosting a table at LonCon's Transformative Works tent. The tent will be located in the "Fan Village," which should be clearly marked on the LonCon programming map. If you're planning on attending, you'll be able to stop by all weekend to pick up org-related info and goodies and chat with staff.

    Additionally, we have volunteers scheduled to staff the location between 1:00-2:30 on Friday and 2:00 - 3:00 on Saturday, so if you stop by then, you'll be guaranteed to speak to an OTW representative. :)

    Several OTW staff members will also be presenting panels and talks at the convention. Notably, Karen Hellekson, the Chair of the Journal committee, will be a keynote speaker at the con.