Links Roundup for 28 November 2011

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Here's a roundup of stories about fan creations that might be of interest to fans:

  • The Daily Dot recently featured an interview with the creators of the Rap Industry Fan Fiction Tumblr blog. "“Why rappers? Because no one writes about rappers,” Jones told the Daily Dot. There’s something “endearing to read about rappers that feel vulnerable. And I mean vulnerable in a stupid, relatable way, like saying ‘duvet’ instead of ‘bidet,’ not grand lost-love vulnerability,”" Asked about any response from the subjects of their blogs, one replied "Upon two occasions rappers have asked us to post their music videos. I do not think they understand that our site is about made up stuff." Their future plans include podfic, and hopes for a book deal.
  • One of the exhibits by a performance art group in Japan "taxidermied...rats, painted them yellow, and stuck wires in their tails." The artists explained that the exhibit was inspired by the endurance of female Pikachu cosplayers. "These super rats have developed into what they are because of human activities. Even though humans are trying to exterminate the rats, they have become an eradicable [sic] part of society. I also thought that the type of girls that hang around Center-gai are a bit similar."
  • Wizard World recently featured what they called The Best Fan Fiction on Video, a collection of fan films that somehow failed to include last year's Emmy winning Star Wars fan film, "Star Wars Uncut" which was creatively crowdsourced. Crowdsourcing has enabled the production of an increasing variety of fan films for properties such as ElfQuest and Riverdale, an Archie comics fanfilm that "was produced with the help of almost 100 Craigslist volunteers from the Vancouver film industry."

If you create fan videos or fan films or are part of rap music or Pokemon fandom, why not contribute to Fanlore? Additions are welcome from all fans.

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