• OTW Fannews: Finding Connections

    Claudia Rebaza - Piątek, 25 września 2015 - 4:04pm
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    Banner by Swimmies of graph paper with a magnifying glass over a check mark next to the word 'Finding' and a pen circling the word 'Connections'

    • USC News put a spotlight on a seminar connecting scifi fandom to the gay rights movement. "Gender Studies 410 will ask students to conduct original research using materials from ONE Archives at USC Libraries, the largest LGBT archive in the world." Joseph Hawkins, who teaches the class and directs the archive, discussed how writers and publishers used experiences in one area to develop activism in others. "The stories and commentary in these journals served as incubators for ideas that would lead to political organizing decades later. Sci-fi allowed readers to safely engage with thoughts about alien races with mixed genders or finding love despite their differences."
    • Milwaukee Public Radio featured an art exhibit in Racine which "explores science fiction and fantasy-based themes of Doctor Who, Star Wars, superheroes, and steampunk." The curator explains that the purpose of the exhibit of textile art is to open a dialogue between artist and audience. "Sub-Culture Craft' features art inspired from various fandoms, which creates a lighter atmosphere with open conversations expressing enthusiasm from both artists and fans alike."
    • The Daily Dot featured the work of various fan artists to explore Disney princess remixes. "While these redesigns have become so massively popular that they've been turned into parodies, the fan culture that created them remains seriously dedicated to the practice. Part of the appeal is that the nature of these subversions invites us to think about the inherently heteronormative worlds in which Disney characters live and ultimately thrive. The worlds they inhabit often look very different from our own. And if you want more representation for other kinds of people and relationships, where better to find it than fanart?"
    • At ComicMix Emily S. Whitten expounds on what years of GISHWHES activity has brought us. "Other than all of the nifty things accomplished due to Gishwhes, I think the biggest thing I take away from it is the warm and positive attitude of the competition and everyone involved. It’s encouraging and inspiring to see all of the people who have chosen to celebrate and express their fandom in a fun and inclusive way; especially because, in the end, it is always our own personal choice as to how we want to move through the world; and how we choose to put ourselves out there can have bigger consequences for change than we can ever imagine."

    What connections have you found in fan activities? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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  • OTW Fannews: Asking and Getting

    Claudia Rebaza - Czwartek, 30 lipca 2015 - 4:06pm
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    Banner by Ania of tiny stormtroopers putting out candles on a cake

    • The Daily Dot discussed Funimation's fanart stance with OTW Legal staffer Rebecca Tushnet. "'[I]t’s notable that there’s no mention of fair use...Fan art can be non-infringing fair use; elements of whether it is fair use include how transformative it is (how much new meaning and message it adds); whether it’s commercial or not; and whether it displaces a market for 'official' goods.' So it doesn't matter that they've declared they won't be going after commercially sold fanart? Not necessarily, according to Tushnet: 'It somewhat depends on what they actually do, but they are clearly claiming that fan art is in fact infringing copyright, even if they indicate they usually tolerate it. So I wouldn’t feel very reassured by this statement.'"
    • Perhaps JK Rowling's embrace of her fandom was key in a Fox Sports story about a fan whose fannishness influenced the University of Kentucky 2015 yearbook. "Towles has said that he's read each book in the series at least seven times and can 'quote the whole thing,' referring to the movies. And to take his fandom a step further, he annually celebrates Harry Potter's mythical birthday on July 31." The article concluded, "Harry Potter fan or not, you've got to appreciate the passion that led to...a yearbook titled 'Patrick Towles and the Order of Kentucky Football.'"
    • The Debrief reported on One Direction's new charity initiative, Action 1D. "Action1D is part of a brilliant wider campaign called Action/2015 which is all about the fact 2015 is the year loads of global issues begin to get resolved...What do Directioners need to do to save the world? Create pictures, videos, whatever, telling the boys what they want the future of the world to look like. Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis will then help put pressure on our leaders."
    • NPR featured a story on filmmaker Jennifer Nelson who is suing Warner/Chappell Music to make the song 'Happy Birthday' available for everyone. "If Nelson and her lawyers win, the song will be in the public domain. 'I think it's going to set a precedent for this song and other songs that may be claimed to be under copyright, which aren't," says [Nelson's lawyer]. As for Nelson, she jokes that if her lawsuit succeeds, 'People will be so sick of the 'Happy Birthday to You' song, because everybody will get to use it, finally.'"

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  • OTW Reports On Davis v. Electronic Arts & Asks for Fans' Help

    Janita Burgess - Poniedziałek, 2 lutego 2015 - 5:30pm
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    Banner by Erin of a spotlight on an OTW logo with the words 'Spotlight on Legal Issues'

    OTW Legal, together with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), filed an amicus brief (available in PDF) on Friday seeking a rehearing in the case of Davis v. Electronic Arts.

    The case concerns the relationship between the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to free expression, and states’ right of publicity laws, which limit how people's names, likenesses, and personas can be used. The brief argued that the U.S. Ninth Circuit should rehear the case because its decision in the case struck the wrong balance, favoring rights of publicity in a way that harms creators who want to make expressive works about real people.

    Under the existing decision, the brief argued, “an artist creating a work about a real person has little idea how a court might evaluate liability for the use of that person’s likeness, particularly if she cannot be certain which jurisdiction’s rules might govern the analysis.” The brief asked that the court re-hear the case in order to protect artists who want to create realistic portrayals of real people, and to shield creative expression from overreaching publicity rights.

    We will keep fans informed on future developments in this case.

    Talk Back to the U.S. Copyright Office

    In the meantime, we could use help from fans!

    A number of organizations have created a public comment form to make it easier for users to join the discussion about U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) reform. As stated on the page: "For an exemption to be granted, we need to demonstrate an 'overwhelming market need.' That's where you come in: Let's show them what thousands of people demanding their rights looks like."

    The OTW has petitioned for a renewal of a DMCA exemption for fan video makers. We would like fans to add their voices and tell the Copyright Office that they have a right to remix multimedia.

    The key exemption for the OTW is the third item on the comment list: "Remix your media (videos)". We're asking that fans write in about their need for high quality source from DVDs or Blu-Rays; sources that are only available on Blu-Ray; or sources from places like iTunes or Amazon when that's necessary to make a timely vid to participate in an ongoing fannish conversation.

    Comments are due by February 6, and will be published on the Copyright Office website.

  • OTW Fannews: Delving Into Fandom

    Janita Burgess - Wtorek, 25 listopada 2014 - 5:21pm
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    OTW Fannews Banner Delving into Fandom

    • The University of Iowa libraries, which partner with the OTW's Open Doors project, have announced a major fanzine digitization project. "10,000 science fiction fanzines will be digitized from the James L. 'Rusty' Hevelin Collection, representing the entire history of science fiction as a popular genre and providing the content for a database that documents the development of science fiction fandom."
    • At Swarthmore College, Professor Bob Rehak talked fandom studies and his article in the OTW's academic journal, Transformative Works and Cultures. "It was fascinating to see fixtures of my own media passions, such as Star Trek props and the Batmobile, filtered through the contributors’ different theoretical approaches. This sense of rediscovering the familiar is characteristic, I think, of fan studies that deepen and complexify the apparent superficialities of popular culture...Twenty years of fan scholarship have done a great deal to concretize and personalize those relationships, but object-oriented studies now promise to move us even further from the reductive idea of the media fan as gullible consumer."
    • The Prince George Citizen interviewed researcher and author Andrei Markovits about the motivation of sports fans. "[W]hile female fandom is on the rise 'it's very clear it's a gendered world,' he said. 'The emotional investment for men is so much more, but the pain [when their team loses] is also so much more,' Markovits said. 'When I was a kid, every English soccer games started Saturday at 3 p.m. Why? Because the factory gates closed at 2 p.m.... and that gave them time to get to the game. For it to become part of the hegemonic sports culture, you have to have a large group of working-class men.' However, these sports do create a mixing place for people of different social classes within society."
    • At The Daily Dot Aja Romano wrote about the Harry Potter Alliance's equality campaign. "The newest HPA project, named after one of the Harry Potter series' most beloved characters, is designed to raise a new generation of fandom activists. The Granger Leadership Academy, named after Hermione Granger, is a leadership conference taking place this weekend (October 17–19) at Auburn University. The goal is to empower people to turn their fandom into real-world activism, something that HPA founder Andrew Slack found transformative in his own life."

    Where research about fandom do you like to turn to? Write about it in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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  • OTW Fannews: Speaking Out for Fandom

    Kiri Van Santen - Piątek, 21 listopada 2014 - 5:27pm
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    Banner by Alice of a simple drawing of a human with a speech bubble containing a heart and a page of writing'

    • While quite a few articles in the media continue to portray fanwork creators as somehow abnormal, even while acknowledging their part within a larger remix culture of popular entertainment, others set fandom more positively in this cultural environment. This support has come from fans and entertainers alike.
    • The 'Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast' interviewed actress Eaddy Mays about fanfiction. "'First and foremost, the media portrayal of fanfiction infuriates me. It’s immature, among many things. It’s bullying. And it should be illegal, frankly." Mays proved herself an it-getter. “It’s when she’s talking about a book the Sterek Campaign sent her about the popular slash ship that you can see exactly how much she takes this issue to heart. She picks it up to make a point, flipping it over and noticing something written on the back for the first time...'It says, ‘Made with love.'' She has to pause, the emotion evident in her voice. 'Can you wrap it up better than that? I don’t think so. That’s it. It’s made with love. So why would you cast any dispersion on that?'”
    • Not all actors seem as in touch with slash fanworks. The Mary Sue focused on contrasting comments made by Benedict Cumberbatch and Orlando Jones in the same week, with Jones saying "'I get it—it’s another way to go but it’s no less valid than what we’re doing and it’s certainly interesting, so I really get a kick out of that. To read fan fiction and to see fan art and to watch other people’s artistry paint different colors on top of what we’re doing… how can you be mad at that? That’s just completely awesome!'"
    • At Bustle, Emma Lord wrote about getting over her embarrassment with fanfic and countering common arguments. "[W]hen did any form of writing get deemed 'lazy'? We’re actively creating something, whether or not it will be widely consumed or appreciated. We’re testing ourselves as writers all the time, trying to see if we can keep the original author’s characters true to themselves, or if we can find ways to surprise and intrigue readers who are into the same fandoms we are. That is the polar opposite of lazy!"

    Who have you seen standing up for fanworks? Write about them in Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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  • OTW tukee verkkoneutraliteettia

    Jocelin Potash - Wtorek, 9 września 2014 - 4:29pm
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    This is the battle for the net. Team Cable is spending millions to destroy the open internet. Stop them.

    Osana sen sitoutumista fanien oikeuteen luoda ja jakaa faniteoksia, OTW (Transformatiivisten teosten järjestö) on mukana useissa käyttäjien digitaalisia oikeuksia koskevissa hankkeissa. Vaikkakin työmme keskittyy pääasiassa tekijänoikeuslakiin, pääsyyn faniteoksiin vaikuttavat monenlaiset eri lait ja säädökset ympäri maailmaa.

    Internetin syntyhistorian johdosta Yhdysvalloissa tehdyillä päätöksillä tapaa olla suuri vaikutus myös muiden maiden kansalaisten pääsyyn verkkoon. Kaikki Internetin saatavuutta säätelevät lait voivat myös vaikuttaa Archive of Our Own – AO3 (Omassa Arkistossa) ylläpidettyihin teoksiin, Fanloressa saatavilla olevaan tietoon, sekä päivittäiseen työhömme faniteosten säilyttämiseksi ja fanikulttuurin tukemiseksi. Tämän johdosta OTW kokee, että sekä organisaation että yksittäisten fanien on tärkeää olla mukana tämänhetkisessä taistelussa (englanniksi, täällä asiasta EFFIn sivuilla suomeksi) verkkoneutraliteetin (englanniksi) säilyttämisen puolesta.

    Huomenna, 10. syyskuuta, joukko organisaatioita ja verkkosivustoja osoittaa tukeaan verkkoneutraliteetille ja kannustaa ihmisiä toimintaan lisäämällä sivuilleen bannerin, jossa on klassinen “ladataan”-symboli. Nämä organisaatiot kehottavat käyttäjiään Yhdysvalloissa lähettämään USA:n telehallintovirasto FCC:lle, kongressille ja Valkoiseen taloon kommentteja, joissa tuomitaan kaapeli- ja telekommunikaatioyhtiöiden yritykset kohdella Internetin sisältöä eriarvoisesti riippuen siitä, mistä se on tulossa tai minne se on menossa.

    Internetin Hidastus (Internet Slowdown) alkaa kello 04.00 UTC 10. syyskuuta ja päättyy kello 03.59 UTC 11. syyskuuta (mihin aikaan minun aikavyöhykkeelläni?) Näistä “latausbannereista” huolimatta, me emme aio vaikuttaa sivuston suorituskykyyn osana tätä protestia. Jo tiedossa olevat ongelmat sen sijaan voivat aiheuttaa teosten tai kirjanmerkkien tilapäistä katoamista.

    Jos sinulla on kysymyksiä, kommentoi tähän postaukseen, niin voimme jakaa vastaukset muiden käyttäjien kanssa. Ja jos olet Yhdysvaltain kansalainen, ota yhteyttä kansanedustajaasi ja pyydä häntä tukemaan verkkoneutraliteettia.

  • L‘OTW soutient le principe de la neutralité du Net

    Ridicully - Wtorek, 9 września 2014 - 4:29pm
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    C'est la bataille pour le Net. Les opérateurs de télécommunications sont en train de dépenser des millions pour détruire l'internet libre. Stoppons-les.

    L’Organization for Transformative Works - OTW (Organisation d’œuvres transformatives) appuie plusieurs causes entourant les droits digitaux des utilisateurs dans le cadre de notre engagement près des fans pour créer et partager œuvres aficionados. Alors que nos efforts se concentrent principalement sur le droit d'auteur, la capacité d’accéder aux œuvres peuvent être affectés par une série de différentes lois et règlements produits par les gouvernements à travers le monde.

    Compte tenu de l'histoire du développement de l'Internet, les décisions des États-Unis tendent à avoir un large impact sur ​​l'accès des oeuvres, même pour celui n’habitant pas ce pays. N’importe quelle loi affectant l’accès à Internet peut aussi avoir un effet sur les travaux hébergés par l’’Archive of Our Own – AO3 (Notre Propre Archive), les informations disponibles sur Fanlore, et notre travail journalier de conservation des travaux d’aficionados et en soutenant la culture aficionados. C’est pour cela que l’OTW croit que c’est important de s'impliquer dans la bataille en cours pour préserver le principe de la neutralité du Net à la fois pour notre organisation et pour les fans étant dans cette culture.

    Demain, le 10 Septembre, un certain nombre de sites en ligne et d’organisations montreront leurs soutiens à la neutralité du net en affichant une bannière avec une représentation symbolique de "loading" (“téléchargement”) en vue de promouvoir un appel à l'action. Les organisations participantes demandent à leurs utilisateurs aux États-Unis d’envoyer des commentaires à la Commission fédérale des communications (US Federal Communications Commission ou FCC) et au gouvernement des États-Unis, disant qu’ils ne soutiennent pas les efforts des entreprises de câblodistribution et de télécommunications pour traiter les contenus de l’internet différemment selon son origine ou son destination.

    Ce mouvement, connu sur le net comment “Internet Slowdown”, commencera à 04:00 UTC le 10 Septembre et continuera jusqu'à 03h59 du 11 Septembre (Quelle heure est-il dans mon fuseau horaire?). S'il vous plaît, soyez conscient que même quand les utilisateurs voient les bannières de "loading" (“téléchargement”), le service du site ne sera pas affectée dans le cadre de cette manifestation, mais doivent néanmoins affronter les problèmes déjà existants avec l’indexation du site pouvant entraîner la disparition temporaire d’oeuvres ou de marque-pages. S’il vous plaît, si vous avez des questions, laissez-les comme des commentaires ici afin que nous puissions être capables de partager nos réponses avec d'autres utilisateurs. Et, s'il vous plaît, si vous êtes un résident des États-Unis, contactez vos représentants et faites-leur savoir que vous voulez qu'ils soutiennent la neutralité du net.

  • OTW Ağ Tarafsızlığını Destekliyor

    Ridicully - Wtorek, 9 września 2014 - 4:26pm
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    This is the battle for the net.

    OTW (Transformatif Eserler Derneği) hayran eserlerinin yaratılması ve paylaşılması hakkını savunurken kullanıcıların dijital haklarını etkileyen birçok sorunu yakından takip ediyor. Her ne kadar bizim çalışmalarımız ağırlıklı olarak telif hakkı kanunları üzerine olsa da, eserlere erişim sağlayabilme olanağı dünyanın her yerinde farklı devletler tarafından yapılan farklı kanun ve düzenlemelerden etkilenebiliyor.

    İnternetin gelişimi dikkate alındığında Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nin kararlarının erişim konusunda ABD'de yaşamayanları da etkileyen geniş bir etkisi olduğu görünüyor. İnternet erişimini etkileyen tüm kanunlar AO3'te bulunan eserleri, Fanlore'da mevcut bilgileri ve hayran eserlerini koruma ve hayran kültürünü destekleme ile ilgili günlük işlerimizi etkileyebilir. OTW bu yüzden ağ tarafsızlığının korunması için şu anda verilen mücadelenin hem derneğimizin hem de bireysel olarak hayranların müdahil olması gereken önemli bir konu olduğuna inanıyor.

    Yarın, 10 Eylül günü, bir grup kuruluş ve web sitesi insanları eyleme davet etmek amacıyla sembolik olarak üzerinde "yükleniyor" işareti bulunan banner'ları sitelerinde sergileyerek ağ tarafsızlığını desteklediklerini gösterecekler. Katılımcı kuruluşlar ABD'deki kullanıcıların ABD Federal İletişim Komisyonu (FCC), Kongre ve Beyaz Saray'a yorumlarını ileterek, kablolu ve telekomünikasyon şirketlerinin bilginin gittiği ve geldiği yere bağlı olarak internet içeriğine farklı muamelede bulunma çabalarını desteklemediklerini belirtmelerini istiyor.

    Internet Slowdown (İnternet Yavaşlatması) 10 Eylül 04:00 UTC'de başlayacak ve 11 Eylül 03:59'a kadar devam edecek. (benim zaman dilimimde saat kaça geliyor?) "Yükleniyor" banner'larını gördüğünüzde bu protesto için sitenin çalışmasını etkilemediğimizi şimdiden belirtmek istiyoruz. Ancak site indekslemesi ile ilgili hâlen devam eden sorunlarımız eser ve yer işaretlerinin geçici olarak listelerden kaybolmasına neden olabilir.

    Cevapları diğer kullanıcılarla da paylaşabilmemiz için sorularınızı buraya yorum olarak bırakmanızı rica ediyoruz. ABD'de yaşıyorsanız lütfen temsilcilerinizle irtibata geçin ve ağ tarafsızlığını desteklediğinizi onlara iletin.

  • De OTW Ondersteunt Netneutraliteit

    Ania Kopertowska - Wtorek, 9 września 2014 - 4:26pm
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    This is the battle for the net.

    De OTW (Organisatie voor Transformatieve Werken) ondersteunt een aantal issues omtrent digitale gebruikersrechten, als onderdeel van onze toewijding aan het recht van fans om fanwerken te maken en te delen. Hoewel we ons voornamelijk concentreren op de wet omtrent copyright, kan de toegankelijkheid van werken aangetast worden door een verscheidenheid van verschillende wetten en regels van regeringen wereldwijd.

    Gezien de geschiedenis van de ontwikkeling van het internet, hebben beslissingen gemaakt in de Verenigde Staten vaak een grote invloed op toegankelijkheid, zelfs voor mensen die niet in de Verenigde Staten wonen. Elke wet die van invloed is op internettoegang kan ook een effect hebben op werken die door AO3 gehost worden, op informatie die op Fanlore beschikbaar is en op ons dagelijkse werk van het bewaren van fanwerken en het ondersteunen van fancultuur. Hierom vindt de OTW dat de huidige strijd om netneutraliteit te behouden een belangrijke slag om aan mee te doen is is voor zowel onze organisatie als onze individuele fans.

    Morgen, 10 september, zal een aantal organisaties en online sites hun steun voor netneutraliteit tonen door een banner met een symbolisch “laden” symbool te tonen, om een oproep tot actie te promoten. Deelnemende organisaties vragen hun gebruikers in de VS om commentaar te sturen naar US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), het Congres en het Witte Huis, waarin staat dat zij geen steun geven aan de pogingen van kabel en telecommunicatie bedrijven om inhoud van internet anders te behandelen afhankelijk van waar het vandaan komt of heen gaat.

    The Internet Slowdown begint om 04:00 UTC op 10 september en loopt tot 03:59 UTC op 11 september (welke tijd is dat in mijn tijdzone? Als je banners ziet met “laden”, weet dan dat wij de site prestaties niet beinvloeden als onderdeel van dit protest. Echter, we hebben nog steeds bestaande problemen met het indexeren van de website waardoor werken of bladwijzers tijdelijk verdwijnen uit lijsten.

    Als je vragen hebt, laat ze dan hier in de comments achter zodat we ze kunnen delen met andere gebruikers. Ben je een inwoner van de VS, neem dan contact op met je vertegenwoordigers en laat ze weten dat je wil dat zij netneutraliteit steunen.

  • OTW 支持网络中立

    Ridicully - Wtorek, 9 września 2014 - 4:22pm
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    为了坚持同人爱好者的创作权及分享作品的权利,OTW(OTW 再创作组织)支持某些关于网络用户的数字版权原则。虽然我们大多的工作专注于著作权法,用户能获取创作的权利也受到各国相关法规的影响。

    基于网络的发展历程,美国法律政策对网络访问性具有广泛的影响力,甚至连非美国居民也受影响。任何能影响网络访问性的法律也可能影响 Archive of Our Own - AO3(AO3 作品库)所储存的作品,Fanlore(Fanlore 百科)上的资讯,及我们为了保存同人作品及支持同人文化的日常工作。因此,OTW 认为近期关于确保网络中立性争论是一个很重要的论题,值得我们组织和个人同人爱好者们的参与和关注。

    明天,9 月 10 日,许多组织和在线网站将表明他们对网络中立的支持,并在网站上展示一条横幅含有象征性的 “等候载入” 标志,鼓励民众采取行动。参与活动的组织将请求位于美国的用户向美国联邦通信委员会 (FCC) 和白宫发表对于网络中立的意见,表示他们不赞成有线电视公司和电信运营商根据网络信息的来源和去向采取不同的对待方式。

    网络减速活动由协调世界时 9 月 10 日 04:00 至 9 月 11 日 03:59(我的时区是几点?)当您看到 “等候载入” 的横幅,请注意我们并没有为这项抗议活动而降低网络的实际运行速度,但我们的现有网站索引问题依然存在,可能导致作品或书签暂时从列表里消失。



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