About volunteering for the OTW

The Organization for Transformative Works (OTW) is a web-based nonprofit that runs on the talent, energy, and dedication of a network of volunteers from all over the world. Together, we manage a diverse range of projects to support the development of transformative works, from our legal advocacy to our academic journal, from the preservation of fan history to preserving fanworks themselves, and of course, the many gears that keep the Archive of Our Own available to fans.

If you're interested in joining us, you're in the right place! Please see below for all open positions within our committees, each with an individual description and application. We encourage you to browse through the listings and apply for any roles which match your qualifications and interests.

If there are no positions listed below, then we thank you for your interest, but are not looking for volunteers at this time. If you'd like to support OTW's work with your time, please consider sharing your fandom knowledge on Fanlore, one of the organization's fandom preservation projects.

The Organization for Transformative Works’ Code of Conduct applies to all OTW volunteers. If you have further questions, please see our Volunteering FAQ, or contact the Volunteers & Recruiting Committee here.

Currently Recruiting

  • AD&T Quality Assurance & Testing Subcommittee Testing Volunteer

    The Accessibility, Design, & Technology committee (AD&T) is the guiding body that coordinates software design and development on behalf of the Organization for Transformative Works. AD&T is committed to developing high quality, accessible products that support the goals of the OTW while providing opportunities for professional and personal growth for its members. The main project concerning AD&T right now is the Archive of Our Own.

    Quality Assurance & Testing (QA&T) is a subcommittee of AD&T responsible for testing bug fixes and new features before they go live, overseeing release and issue management tasks, and maintaining relevant documentation.

    We are currently looking for motivated testers to join our team of volunteers and help us test new code before deploys. Applications for this role will be accepted until 20 October 2014 or until 50 applications have been submitted.

  • Communications Staff: Wiki Liaison

    Communications staffers are responsible for the distribution of information internally to OTW personnel and externally to the general public, the media, fans, and other fannish organizations. Communications is also typically the first point of contact for someone interested in or wanting help from OTW.

    The position of Wiki liaison would be a good fit for someone who has an interest in fan history, would like to moderate a twitter account, and has about 5 hours of available time each week. If you would like to help us create and share news about Fanlore, this is the position for you! Applications for this role will be accepted until 20 October 2014

  • Strategic Planning Staff

    The Strategic Planning Committee is looking for new staff members! We need someone interested in strategic planning, writing, and data processing who is willing to jump in with both feet. We're a
    professional, collaborative committee of people who believe in supporting each other through our work, and we want someone who is excited about the idea of being part of an environment of support,
    creativity, and critique. We are willing to train the right person in the OTW's processes, practices, and tools if you're willing to commit your time and energy to us!

    Applications for this role will be accepted until 20 October 2014.