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  • OTW Fannews: Authentic fandom

    Claudia Rebaza on Saturday, 17 May 2014 - 3:37pm
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    • An article in Connecticut College’s The College Voice insisted that there's no room for art that isn't "original", complaining about the success of cover bands. "Wicked Peach is certainly an example of this. One sophomore said her adoration for the band was because 'they play songs I like without trying to make it their own.' The Cover Band is Pop without the music. Wicked Peach is not music; it’s entertainment. They haven’t contributed a single original note to the universe, but they can certainly get 200 hundred drunk ’90s kids into a mosh pit. In their defense, at least they’re upfront about their unoriginality. With the majority of Pop music consisting of the same four chords, most contemporary music is essentially just slight variations on what’s come before."
    • "Phony" fandom remains an issue for many Deadspin readers who took offense at a profile of soccer fans. "As insufferable as the characters in the story come off, I'd much rather have a beer with them than with anyone who tells someone else they're being a fan the wrong way. This is the 22-year-old at a punk show scoffing at the 15-year-old who probably didn't even know about the band until its major-label release...The self-important fan is convinced his fandom is a signifier of something larger than liking the sport. The self-confident fan doesn't give a shit what brings other people to the sport. Be the self-confident fan."
    • A post at io9 's Observation Deck instead asked at what point you should "turn in your fan card." "I haven't really cared since about anything 'new' related to Star Wars. Pink Five was the best thing Star Wars to come out since the extended editions (and when I say that, know that I refused to buy the extended edition on video), and of course it was fan-made. I couldn't be arsed to watch more than a bit of the Clone Wars. I haven't even clicked on the recent casting announcements. But still, if I'm flipping through channels late at night and come across A New Hope on some godforsaken channel, or if I'm suddenly in the mood and grab my DVD of The Empire Strikes Back I'm transfixed again...So, I'm definitely still a Star Wars fan. I guess. From a certain point of view."
    • This review of a My Little Pony parody concludes that fandom doesn't have to be tragic. "This is probably the hardest comic I’ve ever had to give a rating to. Much like My Little Pony itself, it’s not my cup of tea, but there’s nothing particular wrong with it. It promises a parody of bronies and fandom culture and it delivers upon that just fine. I think the moral of this story is this: Regardless of your fandom, enjoy it the way you wish to enjoy it, and let others do the same. If you absolutely feel the need to argue your opinions to other members of your fandom please do so calmly and constructively and don’t bully others for disagreeing with you."

    What fandom authenticity debates have you seen? Write about them on Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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  • TWC's Top 10

    Claudia Rebaza on Thursday, 8 May 2014 - 5:00pm
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    Partial view of the TWC word cloud

    One of the OTW's projects is Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC), an open-access academic journal dedicated to fandom and fandom studies.

    But don't think that just because it's a peer-reviewed, scholarly quarterly with a bibliographic listing in the MLA bibliography of journals that the contents of TWC aren't for fans like you to enjoy!  Check out this sampling, ranked by number of DOI resolutions:

    1) "Why we should talk about commodifying fan work", by Nele Noppe. How would legalizing fanwork influence the question: should fan work be free?

    2) "Book Review: Boys' love manga: Essays on the sexual ambiguity and cross-cultural fandom of the genre"by Nele Noppe. "The focus of the book remains squarely on the fans of boys' love manga, which makes it relevant to anyone interested in fan studies."

    3) "Women, "Star Trek," and the early development of fannish vidding", by Francesca Coppa. This paper discusses how early female Star Trek fans structured the practices and aesthetics of vidding, in order to heal the wounds created by the displacement and fragmentation of women on television.

    4) "'The epic love story of Sam and Dean': 'Supernatural,' queer readings, and the romance of incestuous fan fiction," by Catherine Tosenberger. Tosenberger examines the literary, cultural, and folkloric discourses of incest and queerness as invoked by the show in order to argue that "Wincest" fan fiction is best understood not as a perverse, oppositional reading of a manly dudebro show, but as an expression of readings that are suggested and supported by the text itself.

    5) "Endless loop: A brief history of chiptunes", by Kevin Driscoll and Joshua Diaz. Driscoll and Diaz explore the confusion surrounding what chiptunes is, and how the production and performance of music connected to 80's electronic video game soundtracks "tells an alternate narrative about the hardware, software, and social practices of personal computing in the 1980s and 1990s."

    6) "Stranger than fiction: Fan identity in cosplay", by Nicolle Lamerichs. Lamerichs argues that "costuming is a form of fan appropriation that transforms, performs, and actualizes an existing story in close connection to the fan's own identity," and that "cosplay motivates fans to closely interpret existing texts, perform them, and extend them with their own narratives and ideas."

    7) "Repackaging fan culture", by Suzanne Scott. Scott argues that "the strategic definition of fandom as a gift economy serves as a defensive front to impede encroaching industrial factions" like FanLib and Kindle Worlds, and examines "the Seinfeldian roots" of the social taboo of "regifting," relative to fan culture.

    8) "Thirty political video mashups made between World War II and 2005", by Jonathan McIntosh. The creator of the famed Buffy vs. Edward remix vid explores subversive pre-YouTube remixes.

    9) "Book review: Spreadable media: Creating value and meaning in a networked culture, by Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green", by Melissa A. Click. "Readers with stakes in the tug-of-war between fans and industry will likely enjoy, and be invigorated by, the authors' arguments about spreadability."

    10) "The Web planet: How the changing Internet divided "Doctor Who" fan fiction writers", by Leora Hadas. Hadas explores how evolving participatory culture clashed with traditional fandom modes and came to a head over one Whovian fanfic archive, using the conflict there to argue that "the cultural logics of fandom and of participatory culture might be more separate than they initially appear."

    And if you want to move beyond the Top 10 articles on TWC, here's a word cloud of the most frequently used words taken from the titles of every article that TWC has published in its 6-year history.

    Would you like to help us generate even more words? Head over to Fanhackers to see how you can celebrate acafandom, meta, and more with us—or check out the TWC Submissions Guidelines for submitting your research or essay to the journal!

  • OTW Fannews: Fandom love & hate

    Claudia Rebaza on Wednesday, 7 May 2014 - 6:01pm
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    • At New Statesman, Elizabeth Minkel discussed tension between fans and content creators. "[M]aybe it’s best to think of fan/creator relations through the lens of 'mutually assured destruction', in the sense that 'they’re allowing me to do what I want, so I’ll enable them through what they want'. Just because we can see each other – and just because we can potentially even talk to each other – doesn’t mean it’s actually a good deal to directly engage with each media continues to transform the way we’s not the historical barriers in place, but perhaps instead the ones we continue to erect, out of mutual respect, that help to keep making television worth getting invested in."
    • The Columbia Chronicle looked instead at fan vs. fan. "In 2006, Grieve and a colleague conducted a study to measure how fans view opposing teams and found that when the home team lost, fans were more likely to deem visiting fans unfriendly, rude and untrustworthy than when the home team won. Fans sometimes take their negative attitudes toward rival groups too far, Grieve said, adding that some are emotionally attached to a team simply because they enjoy the confrontational nature of fandom rather than the camaraderie and socialization benefits."
    • Lizzie Yin wrote in The Global Times about how she was an anti-fan. " I'll admit that I once used to like some of my targets. From my perspective, many of the anti-fans out there have a history like me. They used to like somebody or some band, then they grew out of it, and felt embarrassed or ashamed of that past history, since they later found those people 'uncool.' Exactly like the fans, the anti-fans also spend a great amount of time, energy and resources in hating somebody, passionately."
    • At Geek Tyrant, Mick Joest complained about tests of fannishness. "[G]eeks have evolved into something well beyond the current umbrella we share. Table-top gamers may have no interest in Firefly, and the Browncoats could not give a flip less about Manga readers. PC gamers may log 100s of hours in DOTA and never watch an actual episode of the original Star Trek, and that's completely fine. It doesn't make you more or less of geek to have your hands in multiple cookie jars of fandom, and it's that kind of pissing contest of 'who's more popular' that drove many people into the less mainstream interests we share today. "

    What examples of fandom love & hate have you seen? Write about them on Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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  • OTW Fannews: Understanding fandom

    Claudia Rebaza on Monday, 28 April 2014 - 4:12pm
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    Banner by Alice with the post title over 4 symbols - lips, an ear, a thumbs up and a sheet of paper

    • Dartmouth College's Special Collections Library profiled 19th century fanfic."After the success of Charles Dickens' "Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club" in 1837, George Reynolds took the characters on a new picaresque journey in "Pickwick Abroad: or, the Tour in France" published in monthly parts from 1837-38. Our first single-volume edition from 1839 acknowledges its debt to Mr. Dickens (or 'Boz'), but also cites a review from The Age boasting that '"Pickwick Abroad" is so well done by G. W. M. Reynolds, that we must warn Boz to look to his laurels.'"
    • The very confusion over published work and what "counts" was explored by Raizel Liebler, discussing Fanfic or Canon? "The removal of Aaron McGruder from the fourth season of the Boondocks on Cartoon Network is another recent example of the difficulty for fans to figure out what 'counts' and what doesn’t. As fans of Community (during last season), fans of Gargoyles, and fans of Gilmore Girls confronted before — does a show continue to be canon when the major creative force behind it leaves? Does whether some cultural production count as canon or fanon matter whether it is officially authorized?"
    • Melbourne's Herald Sun featured a number of photos from the collection of Tom Broadbent, who explored furry fandom. He "gained the trust of Furries in the UK and spent time capturing the lives of the people inside the suit. By day they are computer programmers, engineers, mortgage brokers and fursuit makers. By night they live a life role-playing their 'fursona' — the animal they have chosen to live as, generally in private. They communicate across internet forums and meet up at conventions, keeping one thing sacred — their human identity."
    • Lady Geek Girl wrote about the LiveJournal community Fandom Grammar. "The Fandom Grammar team is made up of fans from a variety of fandoms who have made it their mission to provide friendly grammatical instruction to the internet masses. They do this in a variety of ways. One way, as I discovered, was by answering tricky grammar and style questions about fandom subjects. Aside from my Harry Potter question, they have covered such varied topics as how to effectively write lolcat speech in fanfic and how to deal with transliteration in fandoms whose source language is not English."

    What fandom explorations have caught your interest? Write about them on Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

    We want your suggestions! If you know of an essay, video, article, podcast, or link you think we should know about, comment on the most recent OTW Fannews post. Links are welcome in all languages! Submitting a link doesn't guarantee that it will be included in a roundup post, and inclusion of a link doesn't mean that it is endorsed by the OTW.

  • OTW Fannews: Wherefore fandom?

    Claudia Rebaza on Thursday, 24 April 2014 - 6:28pm
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    Banner by Lisa of grafitti with the words

    • Kristin Bezio wrote at The Learned Fangirl about responses to a post on Anita Sarkeesian, and defended critical fandom. "This commenter clearly has no concept of how popular culture reflects and shapes society, and I’m fairly certain I’m not going to be able to convince him (presumably) that it does, since he appears to be one of those people who doesn’t realize that his opinions about the universe have been constructed by his life-long exposure to media (including games) and society. Clearly his opinions were plopped into his brain by Truth Itself."
    • Rockford College Radio's The Sports Ethicist looked at fandom paradoxes. "In her paper, 'Being a Sports Fan: Paradox and Intrinsic Value,' Prof. Gwen Bradford (Rice University) defends a view of the value of being a sports fan based on the idea that it is a good thing for fans to value the good of their team winning. This, however, seems to lead to a paradox because fans do not value the same good when their team’s opponents win. Prof. Bradford and Shawn Klein discuss the value of being a fan, this paradox, and other issues arising in fandom." (No transcript available).
    • At The Effingham Daily News, Ryan Czachorski also looked at sports fandom and changing allegiances. "[L]et’s all don all our colors and logos and apparel, and keep it at that. Most people around here can root for the Cardinals, some will root for the White Sox, and I’ll root for the Cubs until they break my spirit (ETA: May 12). And when St. Louis finishes better, don’t ask me to convert. It’s just not going to happen. I mean, come on, I have a Cubs bathing suit. We’re past the point of no return here."
    • The New York Observer wrote about the demise of a site which always cast a critical eye on culture: Television Without Pity. "See, this is what you get when you take a buyout from Bravo/NBC (as TVWoP did in 2008)—the off-chance that you’ll be unplugged, and that your death will be noted in a roundup of other sites, like DailyCandy, which are also being taken offline by your parent company. We cannot overstate the importance of the site that spawned Tara Ariano and all of Previously.TV—it was the site all of my friends and I would read in college to find out about Battlestar and Buffy."

    What critical fandom posts have you seen? Write about them on Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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  • OTW Fannews: Fandom Changing & Changed

    Claudia Rebaza on Tuesday, 22 April 2014 - 4:10pm
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    Banner by Bremo of Pikachu dancing in excitement while a horde of other Pokémon characters look on in annoyance.

    • Slate was among several sites which wrote about the fanfiction-writing, Avengers-loving Ms Marvel. However, Slate also pointed out the important role fandom had in launching her. "A diverse and exuberant fan community, the Carol Corps, emerged almost overnight and began tweeting, blogging and cosplaying their love for both the character and DeConnick. (It’s worth noting that in addition to offering sharp writing and great stories, the new series let Carol trade her revealing leotard and domino mask for an actual body-covering uniform.)"
    • As The Daily Dot points out, fans will also appropriate existing heroes to address current concerns. "Most of the time, fandom’s remix culture is about taking a particular detail from a book or movie, and expanding upon it until it tells the story you wanted to hear in the first place." Captain America is an interesting example of this treatment. "There’s even an ongoing debate on Tumblr over just what aspects of Cap’s backstory would support the widespread headcanon that Steve Rogers is a feminist, socialist, socially liberal guy."
    • At Reflexive Horizons, Laz Carter writes about Pokémon and a Fandom of Nostalgia. "[T]the very ‘franchise’ model propagated by Pokémon – wherein one can consume the Pokémon universe through not only film but also animated television series, videogames, comics, trading card games, theme parks, merchandise and a plethora of other Poké-paraphernalia – means that any attempt to usefully separate one medium from the rest remains a futile endeavour that does not benefit any serious study." Carter argues that "When examining examples of ‘franchise fandom’, one must account for the fact that a consumer’s experiences of any given aspect of the product will affect their appreciation of the remainder...I argue that 2014 has seen a revival of ‘Poké-mania’, albeit a different brand of the fervour which had been evident during the peak of Pokémon’s success."
    • kpopstarz also looks at changing fandom, specifically Idol Fandom. "The beginning of 1st generation idols, H.O.T, was labeled the 'teen's idol.' However, idols are no longer the exclusive property of teen fans. As the idol market grew, idol fandoms have been overtaken by fans in their 20s and 30s...These adult fans are nothing to be trifled with, and are showing great influence. Now idol groups must not only target teens, but also focus on catering to the 2030 fans." However, these new fans show a very old pattern of behavior. "Upon conducting a survey, it was found that many fans in their 20s keep their activity on fan sites a secret. In many cases their identity as a fan was kept a secret to everyone except maybe some family members or close friends."

    What fandom developments have you been seeing? Write about them on Fanlore! Contributions are welcome from all fans.

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  • Bagikan video OTW!

    Priscilla Del Cima on Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 5:05pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    Penggalangan keanggotaan OTW pada bulan April ini telah resmi berakhir, dan kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada siapapun yang telah mendukungnya. Kebaikan dan usaha anda untuk menyebarkan kabar tentang penggalangan keanggotaan ini telah membuat penggalangan ini menjadi yang tersukses! Sejak 3 April, kami telah menerima lebih dari 2.800 donasi individual yang berjumlah $63.000. Kami juga berhasil menambah sekitar 4.869 anggota OTW baru!

    Terima kasih kepada seluruh anggota, donatur, dan siapapun yang telah membantu menyebarkan kabar tentang penggalangan keanggotaan, untuk menyukseskan penggalangan keanggotaan ini! Kami juga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada seluruh staf dan relawan OTW yang mendukung penggalangan ini dengan membuat, menerjemahkan, dan mengirim konten, menjawab pertanyaan donor, mendesain grafis, mengirim email, memantau bukti donasi, dan setumpuk tugas lainnya. Terima kasih telah membuat penggalangan keanggotaan ini terlaksana dengan baik.

    Meskipun penggalangan keanggotaan sudah selesai, kami, dengan penuh terima kasih, tetap menerima donasi sepanjang tahun. Tahun ini, kami juga memiliki proyek yang sangat khusus untuk dibagi dengan anda, yang dapat anda gunakan untuk memberi tahu orang-orang alasan anda mendukung OTW.

    Berkat kemampuan Menge-Vid luar biasa dari Ash48, dan juga kontribusi dari puluhan penggemar, kami dengan bangga mempersembahkan video pengenalan tentang OTW.

    Video tentang OTW menjelaskan kepada orang-orang yang tidak mengenal fandom dan karya penggemar tentang apa yang dilakukan OTW. Video ini menjelaskan tentang karya transformatif, dan memberikan keterangan singkat tentang proyek kami serta informasi tentang apa yang dibuat oleh para penggemar.

    Kami berharap anda berbagi video ini dengan sesama penggemar dan non-penggemar. Anda dapat menemukannya di YouTube, Vimeo, dan Critical Commons, juga di situs OTW.

    Relawan penerjemah OTW juga sedang membuat subtitle untuk bahasa Arab, Katala, Cina, Belanda, Finlandia, Perancis, Jerman, Indonesia, Italia, Polandia, Portugis, Spanyol, Swedia, dan Turki. Setiap kali sebuah terjemahan selesai dikerjakan, kami akan mengirim tweet dan post di Tumblr untuk menyebarkannya.

    Kami juga ingin membuat video ini dinarasi dalam sebanyak mungkin bahasa! Bisakah anda membantu kami? Jika anda fasih menggunakan suatu bahasa (atau lebih!) selain bahasa Inggris dan ingin membantu merekam trek suaranya, silakan hubungi kami. Kami akan sangat senang menerima bantuan anda!

    Partisipasi dan kolaborasi para penggemar di seluruh dunia adalah hal yang membuat OTW dan seluruh proyeknya terus berjalan dengan baik. Terima kasih telah menjadi bagian dari kami!

  • Dela med dig av OTW-videon

    Priscilla Del Cima on Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 5:04pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    OTWs värvningskampanj för april månad är officiellt över och vi vill tacka alla som stödde den. Er generositet och era ansträngningar att sprida budskapet har gjort detta till vår mest framgångsrika kampanj någonsin! Sedan den tredje april har vi tagit emot mer än 2.800 enskilda donationer, med en totalsumma på över US$63.000. Vi har också höjt antalet medlemmar i OTW till minst 4.869 personer!

    Tack till alla medlemmar, donatorer och alla andra som har hjälpt till att sprida budskapet och gjort denna kampanj till en så strålande succé. Vi är väldigt tacksamma för ert stöd! Vi vill också tacka alla som jobbar eller är volontärer på OTW och som stött kampanjen genom att skapa, översätta och lägga upp innehåll, svarat på frågor från donatorer, designat grafik, skickat en mängd e-mail, övervakat donatorkvitton och en massa andra uppgifter. Tack för att ni har gjort kampanjen möjlig!

    Även om själva kampanjen är över så tar vi tacksamt emot donationer under hela året. I år har vi också ett mycket speciellt projekt att dela med er, ett som ni kanske vill använda för att berätta för andra varför ni stödjer OTW.

    Tack vare Ash48s otroliga kunnande inom vids, samt bidrag av verk från flera dussin fans, är vi stolta att presentera en videointroduktion till OTW.

    OTW-videon förklarar för folk som inte är bekanta med fandom och verk av fans vad OTW egentligen gör. Det definierar transformativa verk och erbjuder en överblick över våra projekt såväl som en inblick i vad fans skapar.

    Vi hoppas att ni vill dela videon med både fans och icke-fans. Ni kan hitta den på YouTube, Vimeo, och Critical Commons, samt på OTWs hemsida.

    OTWs volontärer i översättningsteamet arbetar för närvarande på textning av videon till arabiska, kinesiska, holländska, finska, franska, tyska, indonesiska, italienska, polska, portugisiska, spanska, svenska och turkiska. När varje översättning är färdig kommer vi att skicka ut tweets och tumblr-inlägg för att göra reklam för det.

    Vi vill också gärna få berättarröster till videon på så många språk som möjligt! Kan ni hjälpa till? Om ni talar ett eller flera andra språk än engelska flytande och vill hjälpa till att spela in berättarröst, så var vänlig kontakta oss. Vi vill jättegärna arbeta tillsammans med er!

    Deltagandet och samarbetet mellan fans över hela världen är vad som håller igång OTW och alla dess projekt. Tack för att ni är en del av det!

  • قم بمشاطرة الفيديو الخاص ب OTW

    Priscilla Del Cima on Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 4:56pm
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    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    لقد إنتهت رسمياً حملة شهر أبريل للعضوية لمُنظمة الأعمال التحويلية (OTW)، و نحن نرغب في شكر كل من ساهم في دعمها. كرمكم و مجهوداتكم في نشر الخبر هي ما جعلت هذه الحملة الأنجح من أي وقت مضى! بدأً من ٣ أبريل تلقينا أكثر من ٢,٨٠٠ تبرُع فردي ليكون المجموع الكلي أكثر بقليل من ٦٣,٠٠٠ دولار. و لقد إرتفعت عضويات OTW إلى ٤,٨٦٩ أشخاص على الأقل!

    شكراً جزيلاً لكل أعضاءنا، متبرعينا، و لكل فرد ساعد في نشر الخبر لجعل الحملة تلقي هذا النجاح المبهر. نريد أيضاً أن نشكر موظفين و المتطوعين OTW الذين دعموا الحملة من خلال إنشأ، ترجمة و نشر المحتوى، الرد على إستفسارات المتبرعين، تصميم الجرافيكس، إرسال الإيميلات، رصد إيصالات التبرُع، و الكثير من المهام الأخرى التي لا تعد و لا تحصى. شكراً لكم لجعل هذه الحملة ممكنة.

    بالرغم من أن الحملة قد إنتهت، فنحن نقبل التبرُعات مع الشكر على مدار العام. هذا العام كان لدينا أيضاً مشروع مميز نرغب في أن نشاطره معكم، و الذي يمكن أن ترغبوا في إستخدامه إذا أردتم إخبار الأخرين لماذا تقومون بدعم OTW.

    بفضل مهارات المونتاج الرائعة ل Ash48، و مساهمات أعمال المُعجبين من قبل العشرات من المُعجبين، نحن فخورون لتقديم فيديو عن مقدمة OTW.

    الفيديو الخاص ب OTW يشرح للناس الغير معتادون على الفاندومس و أعمال المُعجبين ماذا تفعل OTW. و يقوم بتعريف الأعمال التحويلية، و يقدم لمحة عامة عن مشاريعنا و كذلك فكرة عن ما يقوم المُعجبين بإنشاءه.

    نحن نأمل أن تقوموا بمشاطرة الفيديو مع المُعجبين و الغير المُعجبين على حد سواء. يمكنكم أن تجدوه على يوتيوب (Youtube)، فيميو (Vimeo)، و المشاع النقدي (Critical Commons)، و كذلك على الموقع OTW.

    متطوعون لجنة الترجمة لدي OTW يعملون حالياً على الحاشية السينمائية للفيديو للغة العربية، الكتالونية، الصينية، الهولندية، الفنلندية، الفرنسية، الألمانية، الإندونيسية، الإيطالية، البولندية، البرتغالية، الاسبانية، السويدية و التركية. عند الإنتهاء من العمل على كل ترجمة، سوف نقوم بإرسال تغريدات و مشاركات على تمبلر (Tumblr) للدعاية عنها.

    يُسعدنا أيضاً أن نحصل على فيديو مُدبلج بأكثر من لغة ممكنة! هل تستطيعوا مساعدتنا؟ إذا كنتم بطلاقة اللسان في لغة (أو أكثر!) غير الإنجليزية و ترغبون في المساعدة في تسجيل المسار الصوتي، من فضلك تواصل معنا. سنكون سعداء للعمل معكم!

    إن مشاركة و تعاون المُعجبين في كل مكان هما ما يجعلان OTW قائمة و مشاريعها مستمرة. شكراً جزيلاً لكونكم جزء منها!

  • Verbreiten Sie das OTW Video!

    Priscilla Del Cima on Thursday, 10 April 2014 - 4:55pm
    帖子分类 :

    Banner by Diane with the outlines of a man and woman speaking with word bubbles, one of which has the OTW logo and the other which says 'OTW Announcement'

    Die Mitgliedschaftskampagne April der OTW ist nun offiziell zu Ende und wir möchten uns bei allen bedanken, die sie unterstützt haben. Ihre Großzügigkeit und Ihr Einsatz, die Informationen zu verbreiten, haben dazu geführt, dass dies unsere bisher erfolgreichste Kampagne wurde! Wir haben seit dem 3. April über 2.800 einzelne Spenden von insgesamt über 63.000 USD erhalten. Die Mitgliederzahl der OTW hat sich ausserdem auf mindestens 4.869 Personen erhöht!

    Vielen Dank an alle unsere Mitglieder, SpenderInnen und an alle, die dabei geholfen haben, die Informationen zu verbreiten, sodass diese Kampagne so ein spektakulärer Erfolg wurde. Wir sind sehr dankbar für Ihre Unterstützung! Wir möchten uns auch bei allen Freiwilligen MitarbeiterInnen und HelferInnen der OTW bedanken, die die Kampagne unterstützt haben, indem sie Material geschaffen, übersetzt und gepostet, Spenderanfragen beantwortet, Grafiken entworfen, Massen von E-Mails verschickt und Spendenquittungen überwacht haben, und unzählige weitere Dinge. Vielen Dank, dass ihr die Kampagne möglich gemacht habt.

    Auch wenn die Mitgliedschaftskampagne vorüber ist, akzeptieren wir dankbar das ganze Jahr über Spenden. Dieses Jahr haben wir noch ein ganz besonderes Projekt, das wir mit Ihnen teilen möchten und welches Sie vielleicht nutzen möchten, wenn Sie Anderen erzählen, warum Sie die OTW unterstützen.

    Dank der erstaunlichen Vidding-Fähigkeiten von Ash48 und den Fanwerk-Beiträgen von dutzenden Fans, sind wir stolz, eine Video-Einführung in die OTW vorzustellen.

    Das OTW-Video erklärt Menschen, die nicht wissen, was Fandoms und Fanwerke sind, was die OTW macht. Es definiert transformative Werke und liefert einen Überblick über unsere Projekte sowie eine Einsicht in das, was Fans kreieren.

    Wir hoffen, dass Sie das Video mit Fans und Nicht-Fans gleichermaßen teilen. Sie können es auf YouTube, Vimeo und Critical Commons sowie der OTW-Webseite finden.

    Die freiwilligen ÜbersetzerInnen der OTW sind gerade dabei, an Untertiteln in Arabisch, Chinesisch, Deutsch, Finnisch, Französisch, Indonesisch, Italienisch, Katalan, Niederländisch, Polnisch, Portugiesisch, Schwedisch, Spanisch und Türkisch zu arbeiten. Sobald eine Übersetzung fertig ist, werden wir Tweets und Tumblr-Posts darüber verschicken.

    Wir würden dieses Video gerne auch in vielen Sprachen synchronisieren! Können Sie uns dabei helfen? Falls Sie eine der oben genannten (oder andere!) Sprachen flüssig sprechen und gewillt sind, uns bei der Aufnahme einer Voice-Over-Spur zu helfen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte. Wir wären begeistert davon, mit Ihnen zu arbeiten!

    Die Mitwirkung und Zusammenarbeit von Fans von überall her ist es, was die OTW und alle ihre Projekte weiterlaufen lässt. Vielen Dank, dass Sie ein Teil davon sind!


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