Fanlore Chat Now Open!

The Wiki committee is pleased to announce the opening of a permanent chat room for the Fanlore community. You don’t need to be a member of OTW to get into the room. It’s open to everyone and can be accessed from the Main Page of Fanlore. Best of all, it’s open 24 X 7, so it’s always there for you to come in and chat about edits and articles with other fans at any time, day or night.

FYI — There will be a log of the chats kept, but it will be purged on a periodic basis.

Other cool things we’ve done recently include the Fanlore Live panel at Escapade. We invited several fans who have been around a long time (think decades rather than a few years) to talk to us about how they got into fandom. We have our notes put up here. Check it out.

And be sure to watch this space for more information on participating in our Oral Histories.

–The Wiki Committee: Rache, Melina, Anatsuno, Betty, Meri

To Our Friends On LJ

Don’t panic! Livejournal isn’t in any imminent danger, despite today’s news (many of us here at OTW are archivists, and we know how long it takes for sites, even unattended ones, to degrade.) We’ll all still be here tomorrow!

That being said, we do want to remind LJ-based fandom that:

* You can create a User: page for yourself on Fanlore. (All those “If LJ goes away” posts on LJ are kind of useless if LJ actually goes away!) You can put all your pseuds, journals, websites, and other contact info on your User: page, and the wiki is searchable and obviously updatable, so folks will always know where to find you. (See examples here, and there’s an easy “create account” link in the left side toolbar of every page.) (Please note that the User: page is different from a regular wiki page. You control the content of your User: page: it’s more like a LJ profile page, whereas regular wiki pages about individual fans are collaborative and editable; generally, others will make and edit these pages.)

* You can also document fannish information and resources on Fanlore. LJ hosts a number of irreplaceable fandom overviews, rec lists, newbie guides and the like, so take a minute to add some information to your fandoms’ main pages, pairing pages, etc. Document fannish lists, communities, fanon, writers, artists, vidders, stories, kerfuffles, debates, and other fanworks. It’s really easy. (Ask me how!)

* The Archive of Our Own has been steadily giving out beta accounts a few at a time; help us out, whether by giving us useful feedback on the workings of the beta-archive (there’s a handy feedback form) or by volunteering to work at with us in some other way, and we will totally put you at the head of the line (er, as long as you’re up for the creakiness of beta. Hey, we’re working on it!) If not, we hope to be offering more general invites soon, after the next few rounds of code revisions. (We’re at 953 on the public; 1012 is in the can; more coming soon!)

Remember, too, that if your fic is archived on LJ, and all the fancy backups alarm you, you can just go to your stories on LJ and save them as HTML pages on your hard drive — then, in the worst case, even if LJ vanishes in the meantime, you’ll be able to just copy and paste those files into the archive software once you do have an account.

Welcome to Fanlore!

The Wiki team is pleased to announce the launch of the beta version of Fanlore!

Fanlore – []

Fanlore is a wiki in which fans can share knowledge and interpretations of fan communities and their histories.

All fans are welcome to add both facts and experiences of fandom to the wiki. Together we hope to build a valuable resource that will serve many different purposes within fandom over the coming years.

To register as a contributor, visit the account creation page.

If you have never used a wiki before, or you’re not sure where to start with this one, the New Visitor Portal will help you. It contains shortcuts to handy links and explanations.

Our hard-working Wiki Volunteers and other OTW staffers have already made a start in seeding Fanlore with content, but we need your help to make the wiki flourish and grow.

What is Fanlore?

The mission of the Fanlore wiki is to engage fans from a wide variety of communities that create and enjoy fanworks, and to provide them with a platform to record and share their histories, experiences and traditions, for both themselves and others.

Currently, Fanlore is in beta, which means that we’re still working on the admin stuff — polishing up our policies, refining our logo and interface, developing the ways in which we hope to make the wiki as user-friendly as possible. You can find out more at Fanlore:Beta.

Fanlore’s policies are based on principles of diversity, multiplicity, and on the value of keeping a constantly-updated record of fans talking about fandom. The main way in which this will work is through the wiki’s Plural Point of View (PPOV) policy, which sets Fanlore apart from Wikipedia and its Neutral Point of View.

The Plural Point of View policy values each fannish voice; we recognise that there is no single history or “truth” in fandom, but many differing experiences, and we welcome each perspective and interpretation.

We want to make all of our policies as transparent and adaptable as possible. We have tried to provide examples, plain English guidance, and in-depth reasons for the choices we made. During the beta period we hope that you can give us feedback on whether we’re reaching these aims.

Get Involved

In addition to regular contributors, Fanlore needs Gardeners. These are the people who monitor, clean up and organize content, and generally make sure everything is running smoothly.

If you’re interested in becoming a Gardener, you can find out more on the Fanlore:Gardeners page.

We hope you will find Fanlore a useful resource as it continues to grow and evolve, whether you just pop by for a visit, decide to sign up and add your own perspective, or become a Gardener.

We can’t wait to see the awesomeness that grows within Fanlore’s pages, with your help, for all of us to share.

The Wiki Committee –

Hope (Chair)

If you have questions or feedback for the Wiki team, contact us at