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OTW Fannews: Mashing up Platforms

  • Fast Company was among those promoting Wikia’s plans for a multifandom platform. “[T]he leadership at Wikia looked at what their competition was—and found it wanting. ‘What we started to realize is that there’s a very crowded ecosystem among entertainment media companies that cover celebrities and fashion, but our fans were different from that…They were interested in the IP itself—Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter. For people trying to keep up with that, where would you go every day? It didn’t really exist, is what we found. It was kind of a white space. So this seemed like an opportunity to co-create with our user base, as a new kind of media platform to create a new kind of media site.'” Even Fast Company pointed out this isn’t the case, noting “there are plenty of websites that speak to Game of Thrones and Star Wars fans” but still focused on commercial spaces only, citing io9, Entertainment Weekly and Comics Alliance.

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Stub September is Here Again!

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Fans are welcome to edit Fanlore at any time of the year, but this month the Wiki Committee is organizing a special event. Stub September is a challenge for everyone, newcomers and seasoned Fanlore editors alike, to pick a stub and expand on it. A stub is an article on Fanlore that is under-developed and missing important information.

Right now, there are over 1900 existing pages on Fanlore that are already identified as stubs. You can use the list to find a page where you know something about the topic, and edit the page to add your new information. Simple!

In addition to these stubs, there are two other types of articles that need more information: Pages that need expansion and Examples wanted.

Pages that need expansion are pages that are too long to be considered stubs, but are still missing crucial information; e.g., there may be some empty placeholder sections that need filling in.

Examples wanted are pages that are missing specific examples to define or illustrate the topic. This category is much shorter and needs more specific information. If you know of any examples, please just add them to the page!

To help you decide what to work on, we will spotlight specific types of stubs during each week of the month. Don’t worry! You are also welcome to work on any stub (or any other article) at any time. There will be new themes each week of September, so visit Fanlore’s Dreamwidth account for more information.

Feel free to post links to the articles you work on and let others know about the project! You can tweet at the Fanlore twitter account to let us know how you’re doing.

If you haven’t tried writing something for Fanlore before, Stub September is a good time to add more information to existing Fanlore articles without having to start your own page from scratch.

To help newcomers get started, the Wiki Committee will be organizing an editing party on Saturday, September 12th at 17:00 UTC (what time is that in my timezone?) in the Fanlore chat room where you can come and ask questions or just work on entries alongside other people.

If you’re unable to attend the editing party but have questions about Fanlore or how to get started, you can contact the Wiki Committee or visit their Dreamwidth account.