RPF Goes Mainstream – Just In Time for U.S. Elections

The Boston Phoenix is hosting a political slash challenge! In their article, Move over, Kirk/Spock: time for politislash, the paper asks for readers to submit art or stories featuring political slash pairings, and give as examples, “Is Obama turning to Biden for comfort in the aftermath of Rahm’s betrayal? Have Carly Fiorina and Maxine Waters shared a tender moment or two? Can you picture some proper Blair-on-Brown action? ” (Of course we can.)

Editor Sara Rosenbaum notes, “We’ve put out the above call to our readers here in Boston — but we really want submissions from slash fandom, too. This isn’t a make-fun-of-slashers deal; it’s more in the spirit of a crack prompt. So please, help us out.”

Submissions of 400 words (fiction) or 300-dpi jpg (art) should be sent to letters@phx.com by October 22.

Fan Response to Salon Article

OTW News recently highlighted Salon’s discovery of (movie) fanart (created by men). Fanartist Betty Anne not only contributed to the discussion there but also chose to share a more formal response, now available on Transformative Works and Culture’s Symposium blog.

Among the points Betty Anne makes:

The difficulty in categorizing fanart is that there isn’t even a good definition for most art being created today — labels like “post-post-modern,” “contemporary art,” or “new modern” are just that: labels intended to help people niche themselves.

Read more over at TWC’s Symposium Blog!